I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 34 part 2

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Chapter 34 – Shake! (2)

After the proficiency test, the class seat arrangement had been adjusted. Students who ranked first in the test sat in the front row according to the teacher’s guidance.

The first few days in the camp were considered an adjustment period. But after the proficiency test, the difficulty level of the course increased.

This time, the students experienced a term called ‘hardcore learning’

Menelaus theorem, Simpson theorem, strawalt theorem, and deshague theorem. All kinds of theorems piled their brains like ocean waves.

These theorems would only be taught once. After this, they would have to test their level of learning through exam questions. 

Except for Wang Lei, the student who sat in front of Chu Yin, everyone almost died of the pressure.

Han Chuying laid on the table and said, “I’m homesick.”

This is horrible. Woo woo.

Chu Yin also felt the pressure.

And the scariest thing in a place like this was that no matter how hard you try to catch up, there would always be someone who would do better than you.

Chu Yin pursed her lips. She forced herself to keep up with the rhythm. Only when break time came did she lean back in her chair and rest.

If an opportunity arrives, she must give herself a buff that enhances concentration and a good mentality. 

Compared with her, Lu Zhen’s state was much more lacking.

After class, Lu Zhen stood up from his seat. When he turned around, he saw Chu Yin lying on the table alone. The students beside her went out of the room to relax.

The size of the table of this school was very small. The seat was also uncomfortable. Chu Yin held her arms as her shoulder shrunk. She looked very tiny.

Lu Zhen suddenly found her painful to look at.

A stream of notifications popped on his phone.

[Brother Zhen! Where should I go if I want to play with you and Sister Yin! *sobs* ]

[So boring! So lonely! I want someone to accompany me!]

Lu Zhen replied coldly: [Don’t disturb her.]

When the bell rang, the students groaned as they walked back to their classroom. Chu Yin rubbed her eyes and got up from the table. 

Then she saw a can of coffee in the corner of her table.

Chu Yin looked at the space beside her. Did Han Chuying buy it?

She opened the can, drank half of it, and felt more energetic than before. She then plunged herself into math problems again.

After studying for a few days, Chu Yin felt her brain improving. Maybe because the more the brain gets used, the smarter it gets.

The winter camp organizers knew that too much studying would drive these kids crazy so they gave them half a day off in the afternoon.

Chu Shi called Chu Yin every day. When Chu Yin almost finished her class, she received Chu Shi’s WeChat message.

[Thanks for your hard work! ]

[There’s someone who came to see you on behalf of your brother today. He is now downstairs ~]

[Brother asked him to bring you a lot of food, okay?]

When Chu Yin finished reading the message, she sighed and guessed it was Gu Qiuze.

The teacher mentioned before that they invited past outstanding students to share their experiences. Gu Qiuze appearing here was reasonable.

Chu Yin and Han Chuying went downstairs to meet him.

They glanced outside the school building and didn’t find Gu Qiuze. 

But a familiar face appeared out of nowhere, “—Sister Yin!”

Song Zhaolin’s eyes were full of tears.

“……” Chu Yin felt goosebumps on her skin, “Linlin.”

Song Zhaolin was about to jump forward before he was dragged back by the back collar. Lu Zhen frowned as he pulled him away impatiently.

He immediately got upset after hearing Song Zhaolin’s voice screaming Chu Yin’s name. 

Song Zhaolin was forced to express his feelings from a distance: “Sister Yin, didn’t you miss me! I’ve been here a long time! But Brother Zhen said that your studies are very important and I should not disturb you! At last, you have a break today! Wuwuwuwu!”

Chu Yin looked at Lu Zhen and thought that the dog man had done a good thing.

If Song Zhaolin bothered her, she would pack him up and send him home.

However, since she hadn’t seen her deskmate since the holiday started, Chu Yin realized she missed him.

Lu Zhen was listening to their chatters in silence. The more he listened, the worse he felt.

Just then, another voice joined in: “Little yin?”

As soon as Chu Yin looked back, she saw Gu Qiuze carrying a big bag. 

She laughed: “Yes, it’s me.”

Lu Zhen’s face became darker.

Chu Yin felt that this scene was suffocating.

In her last life, Lu Zhen and Gu Qiuze were rivals. For the first time in her life, all three of them gathered together.

Although she knew that this time there were no complication resentments between them, she still felt a little tension in the air. She just wanted to get things done and leave immediately.

Lu Zhen’s aura became cold and dark.


Song Zhaolin instinctively shrank behind Chu Yin.

Lu Zhen looked at Gu Qiuze: “What are you doing here?”

Gu Qiuze raised the bag in his hand: “Giving something to Little Yin.”

Chu Yin said, “I heard from my brother. Thank you for your trouble.”

Gu Qiuze looked at her with a smile: “It was no trouble. I will help you tomorrow.”

Lu Zhen chuckled, but his smile didn’t reach his eyes.

The Lu family and the Gu family were two of the most outstanding young people of the generation. Of course, there would be a natural disharmony between them. 

Chu Yin felt helpless. She didn’t want to have any relations with the mess these two had.

Song Zhaolin whispered behind Chu Yin, “Sister Yin, do you know what this scene looks like now?”

Chu Yin: “What?”

Song Zhaolin shivered: “Shura field 1 Describing romantic relationships, such as polygamy. …”

Chu Yin: “…”

Fix your grandmother’s leg!! 2 This is considered cursing .



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