I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 34 part 3

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

Chapter 34 – Shake! (3)

Because of Song Zhaolin’s final results, he was punished by his brother. He escaped with no money. 

Despite staying in the city for several days, no one accompanied him to play. He finally caught them during their break time.

He first set up a WeChat group.

As the common friend of all Huiwen students, he consciously acted as the bridge.

Chu Yin, Lu Zhen, Gu Qiuze, and Liang Yueqi were all invited to this group. When Chu Yin saw this, she almost killed him.

After a while, Song Zhaolin got Han Chuying’s WeChat and invited her in. A small group of six was united together.

[Dear ones!!!]

[We, Huiwen students, should unite in a foreign land!!]

After a while, Liang Yueqi replied to him: [Hello *shy face*]

Chu Yin, Han Chuying, and Liang Yueqi were all in the same dormitory. It was only Liang Yueqi who wasn’t answering the review materials and was just looking at her mobile phone.

After a while, Gu Qiuze also replied: “Hello, school mates, you’ve worked hard.”

Liang Yueqi: [Thank you for your concern [happy] ~]

Han Chuying stealthily sent Chu Yin a message: [I don’t want to talk in the group]

Chu Yin: [Then don’t talk.]

At this time, in the hotel room, Lu Zhen was also looking at the mobile phone. 

Song Zhaolin was in his room. Lu Zhen watched him invite Chu Yin in the group.

Lu Zhen opened the group and looked at the picture called “NDCY”.

His fingertips flushed as it touched the mobile screen.

Her display picture was a laughing dog. But it didn’t seem to be Chu Yin’s personality? Lu Zhen stared at it for a long time.

He thought for a moment before adding it.

On the other side, in the dormitory, Han Chuying gave a strange “eh” and asked, “Lu Zhen added me?”

Liang Yueqi suddenly raised her head from the bed.

Chu Yin was relieved when she heard it. She just looked at the friend request from the dog man. 

She was a little worried about his intentions. It seemed that he would also add other people.

Han Chuying looked over: “I don’t know him. Are you familiar with him? Do you want to add him instead?”

Liang Yueqi raised her ears again.

Chu Yin’s face was cold: “Not familiar. Won’t add.”

Liang Yueqi listened with a smile.

According to her observation for many days, Chu Yin was a complete nerd who only knows learning. Now she couldn’t help but doubt whether her previous guess was true.

Is Lu Zhen interested in this kind of girl?

“Lu Zhen generally does not add people,” Liang Yueqi said with a familiar tone, “This time maybe because of so many unfamiliar faces in this province, so he added you ~ there is no pressure.”

Liang Yueqi’s attitude satisfied Chu Yin.

Come on, keep developing your love, don’t stop!

Song Zhaolin was still chatting in the group.

[Since it’s break time, we should go somewhere! There’s a place in Chunhai Park, three kilometers away from here, that offers air bike sports! Two people can sit in one car.]

Liang Yueqi: [Sounds very interesting! ]

Gu Qiuze: [I can go with you to play *laugh*]

Song Zhaolin raised his head and asked Lu Zhen, “Brother Zhen, come and play together.”

Lu Zhen was still waiting for the reply of others.

Song Zhaolin was excited: @Chu Yin and Han Chuying: [Are you coming?]

Han Chuying was not interested, “Yin Yin, are you going?”

Chu Yin looked back and saw that their top student dorm mate was still studying in the corner. She didn’t even relax even though it was break time. 

Chu Yin was about to coldly refuse but Gu Qiuze suddenly tagged her: [Little Yin, come and play, I’ll join you.]

Chu Yin: “…”

Lu Zhen who saw the news: “….”

Song Zhaolin was in excitement——

He thought it was a perfect match for three men and three women! Brother Zhen and Miss Liang must be in the same group. Then Gu Qiuze and Han Chuying are in the second group, and he and Sister Yin in the same group! Perfect!

What’s wrong with Gu Qiuze?!

Chu Yin was silent.

She could refuse Song Zhaolin, a silly son, at will. But Gu Qiuze who came here to deliver things her brother gave…she couldn’t refuse easily.

Chu Yin wanted to stay to study.

After a long struggle, Chu Yin silently took out the script.


Since she couldn’t refuse directly, she had to create factors.

After more than ten minutes, Chu Yin in the group finally replied: [It seems that the weather is not good today.]

At this time, Song Zhaolin had already gone out of the hotel. He looked up at the big sun in the sky and scratched his head.

“It’s not? Sister Yin’s reason not to go is too careless!”

Song Zhaolin hopped in the sun: “It’s a beautiful day!”

Lu Zhen was standing outside the hotel building, frowning at the message sent by Chu Yin in the group.

He looked at his phone. Seeing that the other party hadn’t accepted his friend request yet, he chuckled grimly.

After locking the screen, he looked up and suddenly saw drops of water slowly trickling down Song Zhaolin’s face.

Lu Zhen: “?”

Song Zhaolin: “?”

“……” Lu Zhen was silent for a moment, “Do you really want to go?”

Are you crying?

Then there was another drop of water on Song Zhaolin’s face, as if in tears.

Lu Zhen: “…”

Song Zhaolin wiped his face and said, “No, it seems to be raining.”

In the dormitory.

Chu Yin put away the script of “sunny weather” to “heavy rain with snow”.

She took out the math paper with ease.

She’s really a qualified script artist! Not only can she make knives rain down the sky, but can also dominate the weather! Summon the wind and call for the rain!

Tremble, world!

This is her power!!



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