I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 35 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

Chapter 35 – Let the world be full of love! (1)

Song Zhaolin stood at the door of the hotel, looking at the crackling sleet.

At this moment, his heart was like the weather – bitter wind and rain.

He just wanted to be a kid 1 since they planned to go out and play ! Why is it so hard!

Lu Zhen stood beside him, slightly frowning. No one could tell what he was thinking.

Although it’s normal for the weather to change suddenly, this rain suspiciously came at the right time.

Song Zhaolin looked down at his phone and sighed: “I asked Sister Yin how she knew about the bad weather.”

Lu Zhen frowned as he turned his head: “What did she say?”

“She called the weather observatory.” Song Zhaolin said with a dull expression.

Lu Zhen didn’t speak. His eyes lowered as he turned on his phone and looked at the weather forecast.

The forecast really showed rain and snow. 

The weather changes from time to time. It doesn’t seem unusual for something like this to happen.

But Lu Zhen couldn’t understand the reason strange things kept on happening. At this moment, Lu Zhen had an absurd idea.

Can all this be happening because of Chu Yin? The weather got affected because she didn’t want to come?

But then he realized how impractical the idea was.

How can the weather be controlled by an average person? People can’t even predict it accurately. 

If Chu Yun really had this kind of power, he could easily be destroyed by her.

Compared with those absurd assumptions, Lu Zhen was more concerned about another thing at this time.

“When did you add her?”

Song Zhaolin gave an “ah” and scratched his head: “When…I think – maybe when I became a school flower?”

Hee hee, I’m sorry~

Lu Zhen’s mood became bad.

He looked down at a certain member of the group, NDCY.

It’s you, yes, Chu Yin.

Lu Zhen’s eyelashes drooped. The brown and red tear mole could be seen. These four letters were reflected in his eyes.

After a long time of deep thought, he raised his eyes and pretended to act indifferent, “So NDCY is Chu Yin?”

Song Zhaolin responded: “Oh, yes!”

Then he suddenly remembered something. He squealed in excitement, “Do you know what it meant? I looked it up and it meant ‘rarely confused’ 2 When ignorance is blissful, it’s foolish to be wise and ‘sincere’. I asked Sister Yin about it…”

Lu Zhen turned his head, looking indifferent, “so what is it, actually?”

Song Zhaolin laughed like a broken record, “Your father Chu Yin! 3 The Chinese word for this is 你爹楚殷 and the pinyin (or pronunciation) of this is Nǐ (Your) Diē (Father) Chǔ Yīn. This made up the word NDCY. Hahahahahaha!”

Lu Zhen: “…”

Song Zhaolin couldn’t see Lu Zhen’s face anymore since he fell on the elevator floor while laughing. 

His character was like this. It’s easy to make him happy – Even if it stormed and rained outside. Even if his father Chu Yin just refused his invitation!

Lu Zhen doubted life in this short time. The person he thought was clever, dull, low-key, and only had studying in her mind. This little nerd…

It turned out she could be wild?

Was it because his perception was wrong? Or was Chu Yin deliberately hiding from him?

Lu Zhen didn’t know why, but…

He suddenly felt a sense of inexplicable pleasure at this possibility.

With the miserable weather, Chu Yin spent the afternoon in the dormitory working on her math problems.

Han Chuying also followed in her footsteps. Since Chu Yin, her goddess, was reviewing math problems, she also dared not be complacent.

Their roommate was also the same. She worked as hard as them to the point that her body reflected burning flames.

Liang Yueqi felt out of place.

She chose to live in the dormitory because she wanted to closely observe Chu Yin. But now she felt she was wronged.

These people were not normal. They only knew studying. They did exercise problems every day. When facing them, Liang Yueqi felt a sense of superiority.

She didn’t need to fight a person (Chu Yin) who’s like this.

For example, their dormitory mate, whose family background was not good. Even if studied hard all her life, she would not be better than her.

Liang Yueqi had the time to go out this afternoon. But because of the sudden bad weather, she had no choice but to stay here and watch them study.  She sat in her seat and watched the female student next to her, “You’ve been studying all day. Take a rest. It’s useless to study like this.”

The female student silently looked at her then lowered her head again to resume her math problems.

Han Chuyin happened to be resting at this time. When she saw this scene, there was joy in her heart.

The female student’s actions could be expressed as: After seeing you, I feel that studying is more necessary.

Liang Yueqi was unhappy. How can this person not appreciate her kind actions?

Chu Yin finished a set of questions and drank her drink during her break. 


She couldn’t understand the significance of Liang Yueqi staying in this dormitory when her priority wasn’t studying. Since her main purpose was Lu Zhen, shouldn’t she go and look for Lu Zhen to develop their relationship?

Can this heavy rain and snow stop your love?

It should not be.

No one in the dormitory answered Liang Yueqi for a while.

She had never lived in a dormitory before and had never been treated so coldly. For the first time in her life, she felt the feeling of being excluded.

Liang Yueqi frowned. Thinking that she was reasonable, she continued, “I care about you. I’m not saying this to harm you. I just felt that the teaching method of this winter camp is not reasonable. It’s meaningless for you to continue learning like this. What’s more, there are many competitions. Since you can’t possibly surpass them even if you study hard, what’s the point?”



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