I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 35 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Proofread by: Mary

Chapter 35 – Let the world be full of love! (2)

After listening, Han Chuying frowned directly.

Chu Yin gently raised her eyebrows.

These were the words of a young lady who had never experienced suffering.

Chu Yin knew that persuading a person to give up when there are still no results was annoying.

She turned her head and looked at Liang Yueqi. When she was about to open her mouth, the female student who was ‘advised’ by Liang Yueqi, suddenly raised her head.

“Would you shut up, please?” She said plainly, “Do you know that you’re noisy?”

The dormitory was quiet for three seconds.

Then, Chu Yin broke the silence with a laugh.

This female student was interesting. She thought this dorm mate would have a silent character. She didn’t expect her mouth to be so strict.

Liang Yueqi was surprised for two seconds. She then instantly became angry: “Do you know who I am?”

She is the only daughter of the Liang family!

The female student nodded: “I know.”

She paused for two seconds: “You’re ranked last in the whole camp.”

Chu Yin & Han Chuying: “Ha ha ha ha”

Sorry, they couldn’t help it.


Liang Yueqi’s mentality collapsed. She left the dormitory without taking anything.

She was really fed up with these nerds without EQ!

The rain outside had stopped. Liang Yueqi stepped outside with her small leather boots. While walking, she suddenly saw Lu Zhen and Song Zhaolin approaching.

Filled with grief, she quickly walked up to Lu Zhen and looked at him with teary eyes, “Lu Zhen, I’ve been bullied by my dorm mates.”

Song Zhaolin stared: “Ah? Really? By whom?”

Liang Yueqi looked at him and said aggrievedly, “By Chu Yin and her friends.”

“Ah?” Song Zhaolin raised his hand and touched his head.

With his understanding of Chu Yin, she wouldn’t bother excluding others. At that time when she was excluded by Class 5 and he was the only one in class talking to her, Chu Yin didn’t care at all.

Her heart only knew how to study. She simply could not do childish things like these.

“I was not used to living in dormitories, but I wanted to be close to my dorm mates, so I stayed. I didn’t expect I would be excluded… “

Liang Yueqi lowered her head, looking pitiful and weak, which could arouse people’s desire for protection.

But the young man in front of her only looked at her coldly.

“When you were with Fu Mingxuan before, who were you trying to bully?” He asked suddenly.

Liang Yueqi’s face turned white.

Since her grandfather suppressed this matter, the Lu family didn’t go deeply into it. She thought Lu Zhen wouldn’t remember it. She didn’t expect he would mention this matter at this time!

Liang Yueqi reluctantly said with a smile: “That was a misunderstanding…”

Lu Zhen nodded. There were no fluctuations in his eyes: “If that’s the case, you should also think that this time is also a misunderstanding…”

Then he turned and left.

Song Zhaolin caught up with him, “Damn! That was ruthless.”

The latest person he had seen so ruthless was his Sister Yin.

Lu Zhen looked up at the dormitory building and then to Song Zhaolin: “What do you plan to do?”

Song Zhaolin stayed in his hotel and waited for the rain to stop. He insisted on pulling Lu Zhen out to play and had no hope of convincing Lu Zhen but who knew he was actually successful?

Song Zhaolin had an idea: “Let’s go to your classroom and have a look!”

The classroom was usually open. Some students who didn’t want to go to the library would go to the classroom to self-study.

Lu Zhen slightly lowered his eyes: “Let’s go.”

Song Zhaolin went to the school building and looked at the facilities of the University. Suddenly, he caught a glimpse of a red list posted on the bulletin board on the first floor.

“Did you take the exam?” Song Zhaolin walked over, took a look, and then exclaimed: “Damn! Sister Yin is in third place!”

After a second, there was another exclamation: “Damn! Brother Zhen is in fourth! You two are so awesome!”

Lu Zhen’s lips gently tilted. His eyes showed a light pleasure.

Song Zhaolin knew that this place was not Huiwen. Being in the top three in this result could be considered as a ranking in the whole city. Song Zhaolin suddenly got excited. He got his phone and took a photo, “You are too low-key. How can you not brag about this kind of good result! I’ll help you brag~”

Before long, a new thread was posted in the Huiwen’s forum.

[Good news! Let’s warmly celebrate the excellent results of our students in the Hope Cup Winter Camp level test!]

A list of photos was attached to the thread. Several students from Huiwen were in the photo.

Since it was winter vacation, the students were just idling at home. When this thread was published, they immediately read it.

Anonymous 1: Who is LZ? Is he one of the winter camp participants?

Anonymous 2 (LZ): No, I’m just one of the participant’s family members.


Anonymous 3: Ahhh!!! Brother Zhen is in fourth! He’s too powerful! My male god is powerful!

Anonymous 4: Are you blind? Didn’t you see the name of the person who ranked third?

Anonymous 5 (LZ): No fighting! It’s useless!

Fangirling between the school’s apollo and quasi school’s flower then appeared in this thread.

Anonymous 28: Brother Zhen is both handsome and intelligent. What kind of man is this! Mom, I’m in love!

Anonymous 34: I love Chu Yin. My sister is beautiful and strong. Marry me!

Anonymous 35: Since the last time a man surnamed Zheng knelt, no one dared to chase her. After seeing this thread, I now know how many people are waiting in line.

Anonymous 36: +1

Anonymous 37: +2

Anonymous 40: +1008611

Song Zhaolin happily watched his post become hot as two groups of people fangirled on their own. 

He would fangirl in Chu Yin’s group and would then fangirl next in Lu Zhen’s group. He was proud of himself.

But at this time, someone suddenly found a blind spot on the red list.

Anonymous 78: Is it just me?? Is Liang Yueqi the last one???

More and more people found this blind spot as soon as someone pointed it out.

Anonymous 80: You discovered it!

Anonymous 81: Is this true? Next to her name is Huiwen’s Private High School.

Anonymous 82: What is she doing?? I know that she didn’t get the slot in the winter camp.

Anonymous 83: Their family invested so much that she got a slot in the winter camp. Unfortunately, she was beaten by these intelligent students.

The direction of the thread turned into a group of ridicules towards Liang Yueqi.



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