I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 36 part 1

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Chapter 36 – I got it! (1)

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The huge classroom suddenly became harmonious.

Although everyone’s eyes were fixed on the paper, their ears were alert.

“How’s it going? Can you understand what I just said?”


“What you’ve done is right. Just keep doing this~~”


Lu Zhen’s body showed his obvious rejection.

His thin lips were tight, his eyebrows were folded, and his limbs were as far away as possible from Gu Qiuze.

Endure it, Lu Zhen. 1 He’s talking to himself

Chu Yin bowed her head to do the math problems. Her face was tranquil. It was as if this matter did not concern her.

Her heart suddenly felt a trace of regret because of the script. It was written as a unilateral line of ‘Gu Qiuze teaching Lu Zhen’, but if the dog man Lu Zhen also took the initiative, it could become a picture of loving each other! Ah!

After Gu Qiuze dutifully finished the topic, he also felt very strange.

Even though he felt the urge to fight with Lu Zhen in public, he couldn’t understand why he suddenly became gentle.

What’s going on?

Gu Qiuze was indeed a person known for his gentleness. But this gentleness had never been aimed at Lu Zhen. He had no intention to begin with.

But inexplicably, as soon as the words left his mouth, they automatically became very kind.

Has he matured to such an extent?

The whole class silently lowered their heads, pretending they only had learning in mind.

In the other group, Han Chuying looked at this scene that suddenly became emotional and was very satisfied.

Men should play with each other! Leave my beautiful sister alone!


So, in the next two hours, Chu Yin finally got what she wanted and finished it quietly.

After a friendly interaction between the two elementary school kids, they finally behaved. They didn’t bother her anymore.

Nice 🙂


With the experience of sharing and teaching as the dividing line, the winter camp had entered the final stage.

All the lessons they learned would reflect in the final assessment questions. After the final level test and final evaluation, the winter cup qualification results would be posted.

They would be competing for the standing of gold, silver, and bronze medals this year.

“Ding~ another system task! After passing the final evaluation, you will be qualified for the [Hope Cup Qualification] with a three and a half degree of difficulty. After that, you can get permission to change a single sentence~”

Chu Yin waited for a while and found that the system didn’t release any more tasks, “Wait, why is there no special reward? And how are the rewards lower than the level test?”

Xueji: Why are you questioning the rewards!

A certain host gave herself buffs and made herself too powerful! 

She became so powerful that the whole system adjusted her assessment. The top five in the last proficiency tests had a difficulty degree of four stars. The host did not exert too much effort to get third place. Therefore, this task’s reward was greatly reduced.

“And because the host is too strong, the system judges that this task is easier for you, so there is no special reward card~”

“Besides, I would like to remind you that there are two props cards in the host’s account ~ remember to use them within the warranty period~”

Chu Yin: “…”

This stingy chicken!!!

Although these prop cards were useless, this kind of good thing would never be too much ah!

“You’re getting more and more stingy.”

Xueji: “The wind is strong, the signal is bad…can’t hear you clearly”

Chu Yin: “You want a fucking signal!”

She also knew that it wasn’t difficult for her to get the qualification.

There are a total of ten people who could qualify for the competition. She was doing very well now. After completing the questions, she could even find time to coach Han Chuying.

Han Chuying had no ambition for this qualification, but she was very active and progressive in her learning!!

She appreciated Chu Yin’s high-definition beautiful face and super high logic teaching. 

Who can enjoy this treatment except her!! Who can!!

After so many days of getting along, Han Chuying felt that her friendship with Chu Yin made some progress! When the next semester begins, she would probably become the envy of many people. Ah, this winter camp was just right!

In the next few days, the teachers would stop teaching. The students would then be left to review by themselves.

After the initial testing, the campers had made rapid progress.

Among these people, Chu Yin’s foundation was not the best, but her progress speed was the fastest.

She worked hard enough. Her ability to understand and apply knowledge was improving. In the last few classes, her speed could even beat Wang lei, the first in the whole camp, which made many teachers deeply impressed by Chu Yin.


The teachers didn’t have any prejudice against Chu Yin because of her outstanding appearance. At the end of the discussion, Chu Yin would sometimes stay in the classroom to continue studying. Some teachers were even willing to take the initiative to stay and tutor her alone for a while.

In this regard, Chu Yin couldn’t help but seize the opportunity to ask the teacher about the math exercises during the day.

Outside the classroom, the administration teacher looked at the tall and handsome young man in front of him: “Young Master Lu, Mr. Jiang has researched the models mentioned today. She is tutoring the girl in your school now. If you want, you can listen to it together. “

Lu Zhen glanced into the classroom.

The young girl sat in the middle of the classroom. Her figure was very small. The afterglow of the setting sun filled her shoulders. Although her side profile was blurred by the sun’s warmth, Lu Zhen knew that her expression was serious and focused.

He had silently seen her countless times like this.

“No.” Lu Zhen said softly.

Let her study hard.

Don’t bother her.

Finally, the campers reached the final evaluation.

After finishing a set of extremely difficult papers, they would be questioned independently. After a whole day of tension, the journey came to an end.

Han Chuying walked out of the classroom. She said to Chu Yin as she collapsed on the bench: “It’s finally over!”

Chu Yin breathed softly as she stood looking up at the sky.

Now there was no need to think about the result. The knowledge she learned in the past made her feel secure and at ease.



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