I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 36 part 3

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Chapter 36 – I got it! (3)

Gu Qiuze stood in the corner, smiling and clapping. He now realized that Chu Yin’s competition results could even surpass him.

Lu Zhen raised his chin slightly. As his eyes fell on the smiling girl, the corners of his lips curled up.

Great, great.

At this point, Chu Yin’s winter camp journey drew a complete end.

Huiwen Private Middle School won a total of two medals, which was considered an excellent achievement for the school.

Chu Shi had known the news of his little sister’s first place through Gu Qiuze.

Chu Yin felt like she won a battle after being bombarded by numerous WeChat messages from him. But she was still in a good mood.

Han Chuyin stayed with her relatives in B province for two days, so she couldn’t go back with Chu Yin.

Chu Yin was fine with it since she already traveled alone to B province when the Winter Camp just started.

Thinking like this, Chu Yin took a taxi to the airport. As soon as she entered the lobby, she saw three familiar faces.


Lu Zhen, Gu Qiuze, and Song Zhaolin all looked at her.

Chu Yin: “…Hi.”

What a coincidence.

Coincidence, coincidence – you’re a coincidence!

Chu Yin silently dragged her luggage to change the boarding pass. Three people stood behind her in a line. It seemed that everyone was on the same flight and in the same business class.

Song Zhaolin consciously began to convince: “Sister, sister Yin, would you like to sit with me?”

Chu Yin smiled gently: “Shut up.”

She went to the check-in counter, handed her ID card, and chose a window seat.

Gu Qiuze walked behind her and helped her lift the bag to the conveyor belt. Then he waved his mobile phone with a smile: “Xiao Yin, your brother told me to take care of you, so do you want to sit with me?”

The check-in staff breathlessly looked at the handsome face. They wanted to agree on behalf of the little girl.

The little girl hadn’t replied yet when suddenly a handsome and cold-expressionless face appeared behind her.

Staff: “!!!”

Lu Zhen looked down at Chu Yin. 

He then squinted at Gu Qiuze indifferently and said with an impatient expression. “You sit with me 1 so he basically saying he wanted Gu Qiuze to sit with him .”

Gu Qiuze: “?”

Chu Yin: “?”

Staff: “?”

Did they misunderstand something???

Ten minutes later, everyone changed their boarding passes.

Chu Yin sat by herself, Song Zhaolin sat by himself, Lu Zhen and Gu Qiuze sat together.

Chu Yin sincerely said, “Your relationship is really good.”

As expected of the two people who had been taught by love! Chu Yin thought with satisfaction.

Lu Zhen: “…”

Gu Qiuze: “…”

After boarding the plane, the business class was still relatively empty. Although they weren’t sitting together, they were not far apart.

Gu Qiuze turned over and looked at Chu Yin: “Little Yin, don’t you look at your phone? How about accepting my friend request?”

The indifferent Young Master Lu suddenly changed his posture.

It turned out he was not the only one who wasn’t added.

“Oh, I forgot.” Chu Yin cursed inwardly.

It would be difficult for her to refuse when she was called out like this. She didn’t accept Lu Zhen’s friend request. If she only accepted Gu Qiuze at this time, it would seem strange and special.

Lu Zhen is a dog man. If she deliberately showed special rejection, his interest would grow instead.

Chu Yin helplessly said, “I’ll add you once I get off the plane.”

The journey was short. After more than two hours, the plane landed on the apron.

The Lu family bowed respectfully, opened the door, and waited for the young master. The situation of the Gu family was similar.

As soon as Chu Yin saw her brother’s face, she walked over with a smile.

Only Song Zhaolin had a mourning look on his face.

Chu Yin finally met the legendary older brother of Song Zhaolin. He was unexpectedly handsome. With a cold temperament and calm eyes, he directly nudged Song Zhaolin, who had been wandering for many days, back into the car.

Chu Yin gleefully rushed to the leaving luxury car and waved.

After seeing Lu Zhen outside the airport, Chu Shi quickly abducted his sister.

“Are you tired? Were you overworked?” 

In the car, Chu Shi looked at Chu Yin as his eyebrows twisted, “How did you become thinner?”


Chu Yin said with a smile, “Why do you exaggerate? The food in H university is really good.”

Chu Shi: “You didn’t reply to all my WeChat messages. That scared me, thinking you were captured by bad people.”

Chu Yin: “There are no bad people.”

After being reminded, she remembered that she hadn’t turned on her phone yet. After she did, a pile of WeChat messages popped out. She subsequently went to the friend requests area after clicking all the little red dots.

One was called GQZ and the other was called Z, the style was exactly the same.

Seriously, are you two not really a couple??

The seed of love that Chu Yin planted would probably bloom.

On the other side of the speeding car, Lu Zhen stared at his mobile phone and saw the newly added dialog box. His dark eyes showed a hint of joy.

[I passed your friend verification request, now we can start chatting.]

Lu Zhen’s heart was slightly hot.

After a long time, his eyes fell on the abbreviations of Chu Yin’s name, and his eyelashes shook slightly.


Song Zhaolin endured an afternoon of being disciplined at home.

After his brother finished, he listened to his father’s discipline, then his mother’s discipline. Song Zhaolin was nagged to death, that he began to reflect on his actions. 

After being educated, Song Zhaolin went back to his room and cried to his friends.

He first cried and howled about his bitter experience with Tan Ke, and then planned to find Brother Zhen.

He opened his message list and couldn’t find the name Lu Zhen.

After a long time, he found Lu Zhen through his display picture and circle of friends.

—Why did you change your name??


What does this mean??

For a moment, Song Zhaolin forgot his original intention of crying. He sent a message to Lu Zhen: [Brother Zhen, what does your WeChat name mean?]

When Lu Zhen’s mobile phone vibrated, he opened and read it.

What do these four letters mean?

NDCY。 Because someone wants to be a father.

If she’s really that wild.


RNDD 2 Chinese term Lu Zhen used for this is 让你当爹. The pinyin is Ràng (Let) Nǐ (you) Dāng (be) Diē (father). Which then formed the word RNDD . Let you be a father.

Lu Zhen did not respond for a while.

Lu Zhen: [Chatterbox 3 Lu Zhen is saying that Song Zhaolin is like a nagging mother-in-law ?]

[Brother Zhen, you’re not talking about me, are you?]

[I know I talk a bit too much, but am I not cute? *grief*]

Lu Zhen: “…”


Song Zhaolin: [Oh, that’s good.]

[What does it mean?? What is it?]

Lu Zhen didn’t reply to him.

Song Zhaolin gradually became quiet, as if he had given up with his guesses.

Lu Zhen didn’t bother with him anymore.

But after a few minutes, Song Zhaolin suddenly sent another WeChat

[I know now!!!] He seemed excited.

Lu Zhen’s heart tightened for a second without any reason.

Then would she know?

Soon, a new WeChat popped up:

[I see! It means -]

[I’m your brother 4 RNDD can also mean 日你弟弟 in which the pinyin is Rì (I’m) Nǐ (your) DìDì (brother). Which can also be formed as RNDD !!!]

Lu Zhen: “…”

[hahahaha! What a good meaning!]

Lu Zhen ended the chat.

The author has something to say: that night, Song Zhaolin changed his name to KALL 5 This is also cute. The Chinese term Song Zhaolin used for this is 可爱霖霖 in which the pinyin is Kě Ai Lín Lín (KALL) that means Lovely LinLin (Lovely LinLin)

Song Zhaolin: Brother Zhen, Brother Zhen, look at my name and your name!

Lu Zhen: (moved this person into the blocklist.)



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