I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 36 part 2

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Chapter 36 – I got it! (2)

This journey was something she had not experienced in her previous life.

Things change and disappear. Only knowledge could be your own and your lifelong aid.

Chu Yin thought that the knowledge she had learned in her last life was because of Lu Zhen. 

But these things she had in this life were all thanks to herself.

Xueji chimed in her head: “And the system.”

Chu Yin laughed: “That’s right.”

This golden finger system was indeed a big motivation for her learning.

The final evaluation results would be announced at the graduation ceremony tomorrow. They were given a day to relax. 

It would also be their last night to stay in the dormitory. This time, they didn’t need to stay up to study but rather they could pack their bags to move out tomorrow.

Song Zhaolin sent a lonely WeChat message:

[Sister Yin! It’s now over! Do you want to play!]

[It’s so fun here. Sister Yin, even if you’re not interested in me, there’s still Brother Zhen!]

[Sexy handsome guy! Play with us!]

Chu Yin calmly replied: [Be careful, I’ll expose the screenshot.]

Song Zhaolin: [Dad!!!! Spare me!! *panic* *panic* *panic*]

Chu Yin: [I don’t have a silly son like you.]

She didn’t even add Lu Zhen in WeChat, OK?

Chu Yin shook her head. Song Zhaolin was the most naive person she had ever seen.

In the hotel, Song Zhaolin put down his phone and sighed, “Ah! I can’t convince her to see us.”

Lu Zhen sat in the leather chair with his slender legs on his knees and his hand supporting his temple.  “What did you say to her?”

Song Zhaolin guiltily said, “Nothing, nothing.”

Lu Zhen’s eyebrows raised, “Show me.”

Song Zhaolin hugged his phone to his chest: “No way!”

After half a minute.

Lu Zhen looked down at the chat record on Song Zhaolin’s phone.

After Song Zhaolin sent many convincing and lonely WeChat messages to ‘NDCY’, she only replied with a single threatening message.

With Chu Yin’s usually inhuman tone, Lu Zhen could even imagine her subtle expression on the other side of the screen.

After a while, Lu Zhen threw the phone back to Song Zhaolin.

Then he couldn’t help clicking on his friend request he sent in the past.

Should he send this little nerd a screenshot?

Accept my friend request.

In the female dormitory.

Han Chuying sat cross-legged on the bed, tidying up the earphone cable, pillow, and some paper balls beside her bed. She sighed with emotion: “I’m still a bit reluctant to leave.”

Chu Yin sat down to sort out the book, “Yes.”

Their female roommate joined their conversation, “Me too.” 

When Chu Yin heard this, she raised her eyes and said with a smile, “I’ll see you again when I have a chance.”

Han Chuying added positively, “It’s fate that we were assigned to the same dormitory. Let’s add each other in WeChat. It’s not bad to know each other.”

The female roommate showed a shy and simple smile as she looked at them: “Okay.”

They chatted with WeChat for a while.

Before turning off the light, the female roommate took a look at Chu Yin and said seriously, “You are really good-looking. You are the first one I have ever seen that is so beautiful yet still working hard.”

In their school, beautiful girls only care about their fashion style. It’s the same with the boys too. For them, having a beautiful face was the only requirement. They would attend school without studying hard.

But this girl named Chu Yin was not.

Those so-called school’s flowers in their school were not as beautiful as her. 

After hearing her words, Chu Yin was slightly stunned.

She raised her hand to touch the tip of her nose, embarrassingly thinking that she was that kind of girl in her last life. She didn’t like to study and preferred to dress up. She was beautiful, unruly, and valued her reputation.

She provoked the wrong people.

It turned out that her past self, in the eyes of others, was like this.

Chu Yin loved the change she made in herself.

She gently smiled, her peach blossom eyes were cunningly beautiful: “Maybe because…I’m older.”


The next day, the closing ceremony was held as scheduled. 


The atmosphere was tense as the ranking was slowly being announced. The organizer made it more exciting by announcing it from 10th place. Every student that was called burst out in surprise joy as the audience applauded.

After hearing that the eighth place is not her own, Han Chuying gives up and makes salted fish on one side with peace of mind.

After hearing that she was not in 8th place, Han Chuying gave up. She became a salted fish 1 Chinese internet metaphor that refers to people without dreams. This means Han Chuyin isn’t expecting to win any medals with peace of mind.

She fully knew her ability. Since she didn’t rank in eight place, it was impossible to go further.

So now, she shifted her attention to other people’s achievements.

Their female roommate sat beside her, clenching her fists tightly while looking nervous.

Han Chuying patted her fist and whispered, “Don’t worry, you can do it.”

She nodded stiffly.

Seventh, not her. Sixth, not either. Her face grew paler as the rankings were announced. At this time, Chu Yin, who was in front of Han Chuying, gently touched the female roommate’s palms.

“Extend your hand.” Chu Yin said.

She opened her hand subconsciously.

Chu Yin put a small mint candy in her palm: “It will be you, soon.”

The female roommate suddenly raised her head. At this moment, she suddenly heard the teacher announcing her name in the fifth place.

She stood up excitedly, her face turning red. Her ranking was even better than she expected!

Next to her, Chu Yin smiled lightly as she clapped her hands, sincerely congratulating her.

Although Han Chuyin was also among the audience who clapped their hands, she was mostly in a trance.

Too much, too much, too much. 

Chu Yin’s invisible charms are fatal!!!!!– Ah! Can I also ask her to give me some candy!!

Her beauty could even entice both men and women in Huiwen?! Ah, ah ah–

When the fourth place was being announced, Chu Yin sat up straight. From this ranking, her name may be called.

Wang Lei, Chu Yin, and Lu Zhen were the only top players who had not been announced.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the three of them, even Gu Qiuze showed an expression of interest. 

There was a little tension in Chu Yin’s heart.

Would there be progress? Or would she stay in third place?

If she would be called in third place, would it mean that the dog man surpassed her?!

Chu Yin reviewed her efforts over the past few days, silently looking forward to second place.

The teacher understood the suspense the students were feeling. She smiled as she dragged out her voice, “Then, the third place is—”

“Lu Zhen! Congratulations.”

Chu Yin’s eyes widened.

——She won again!!

The joy of victory floated in her heart. Her body seemed to be paralyzed as her smile climbed up from the bottom of her eyes.

Lu Zhen didn’t care about the rankings. He got up and went on stage to receive the prize. He also looked flat when facing the camera.

But after returning to his seat, Lu Zhen turned his head slightly and saw the slightly bulging apple cheeks of Chu Yin as she laughed 2 Admit it, you guys! You find this adorable!!! I’m squealing..

He suddenly wanted to laugh, too.

Chu Yin was satisfied and waited for the teacher to announce her name.

“The second is also a famous student in the winter camp! Everyone is familiar with this name.” The teacher blinked and read out: “The second place goes to—Wang Lei!”

There was a commotion in the scene – the most intelligent student in the camp is ranked second?!

Han Chuying was stunned, then suddenly grabbed Chu Yin’s arm excitedly: “Yin Yin! You are the first place!”

Chu Yin was also startled.

She knew that she had made a lot of progress, but did not expect that she would place first.

“Now everyone can guess who the first place is? – Yes! She is Chu Yin from Huiwen Private Middle School! Congratulations! Everyone Applaus!”

As soon as the voice fell, the whole lecture hall burst into thunderous applause.

Chu Yin took a deep breath, stood up, and walked to the podium in the eyes of countless people.

After receiving the certificate of completion from the teacher, Chu Yin turned to face the camera and countless envious faces. She showed a genuine smile, just like a blooming flower.

It’s great to learn.

“Ding – congratulations to the host for completing the task and getting the [Qualification for the Hope Cup]. You received the [modify sentence] permission~”

“Knowledge changes fate, learning can break everything~Host, you are really great~”

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