I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 37 part 1

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Chapter 37 – My popular sister (1)

The parents of the Chu family were not present. Chu Yin had not seen them since she came home from B province.

Their biological daughter had been away for ten years and she had only been at home for more than half a year. They should have some guilty conscience as her parents. Since Chu Yin never made the effort to be close to them, their feelings of concern gradually faded after seeing that Chu Yin was having a good life.

Of course, they didn’t have any intention of throwing a celebration banquet for Chu Yin. They were probably too busy arranging the engagement with the Chen family. Chu Yin didn’t care about either of these.

Because the marriage was settled, Chu Qiuqiu felt that she was above Chu Yin. When she learned that Chu Yin won first place in the winter camp, she sincerely congratulated her with a smile, which was rare.

“Sister, you study so well. When you just came back from the countryside, I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to keep up.”

Chu Yin heard this line too many times from Fu Mingxuan. 

She replied, “Sister, I’m flattered. I also envy your good judgment.”

Chu Qiuqiu looked very proud.

What’s the use of Chu Yin envying her now? Chu Qiuqiu had already grasped the opportunity with her hand!

Although Chen Xuanyuan was not very good and would occasionally act strangely, his appearance and family background were both good. Chu Qiuqiu could already predict her enviable future.

Even if Chu Yin regretted it now, she (CQ) would never let her (CY) snatch the opportunity again. Chu Qiuqiu often visited the Chen family while Chu Yin was at the winter camp. Now, the Chen family had started to treat her like their daughter-in-law.

Looking at her expression, Chu Yin could guess what went through Chu Qiuqiu’s brain just now.

She smiled while sincerely wishing: I hope you and Chen Xuanyuan can break away from the plot and grow old together! Best wishes!

Chen family.

Chen Xuanyuan sat in the living room, shouting: “I want her!”

Father Chen slapped his shoulder, “Don’t shout!”

He now had psychological trauma from Chen Xuanyuan’s shouting incident.

“What’s wrong with Qiuqiu? Well-behaved, beautiful, and sensible!” Father Chen looked serious. “When you suddenly yelled at the banquet that day, Chu Yin avoided you. It was only Chu Qiuqiu who didn’t show any change in attitude! A girl this cultured and sensible is suitable to be the young lady of the Chen family!”


Chen Xuanyuan’s face showed pain.

But why would that woman still linger in his mind!


——No! He would never fall in love with a woman so easily!

Chen Xuanyuan showed a struggled expression. He sneered, “Could it be that I, Xuanyuan–”

“Chen Qiang! Give me some damn peace!” Father Chen finally got angry and purposely called out his son’s name from before their family was rich. “Don’t think you’re powerful just because you changed your name to Xuanyuan! I have the final say in this family!”

Chen Xuanyuan returned to his sane mind, “I understand.”

But somewhere in his heart, he still felt pain.

Damn it!!

Although Chinese New Year was approaching ever since returning from the winter camp, the Chu family had no sense of time at all.

The Chu parents have been extremely busy recently. They didn’t go home until New Year’s Eve. The whole family only had a New Year’s Eve dinner delivered from the hotel.

Chu Yin rarely paid attention to the expressions of her parents. When she noticed it, she saw that they were worried.

They shouldn’t be worried. The marriage between Chen and Chu was under negotiation already. According to her memory in her last life, this time should be the rising period of the Chu family.


The Chu parents would not mention the problem. So, Chu Yin would not take the initiative to ask. Since she won first place in the winter camp, she must get the gold medal in the upcoming exam. For this reason, she should not slack off in her studying, even if it was New Year’s Eve.

After eating, Chu Yin refused her brother’s invitation and directly went upstairs to her room. 

Just when she opened her exercise book, her phone screen suddenly lit up. Chu Yin opened it and found that there were many unread WeChat messages. All of them were Chinese New Year greetings from her friends.

Jiang Yan: [Happy New Year! I miss you! ]

Han Chuying: [Beauty! The new year will be more and more beautiful!]

Song Zhaolin: [Happy new year, Sister Yin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!! PS: This is not a mass text message!!!]

Gu Qiuze: [Happy New Year ~]

Chu Yin answered the greetings one by one with a smile.

In addition to those greetings, there were random messages from her classmates. Although Chu Yin didn’t post to WeChat moments or chat with people, many of her classmates in Class 5 still asked for her WeChat through Song Zhaolin and Jiang Yan.

Scrolling down through the notifications, there was still one unread message. Chu Yin squinted at the username. She couldn’t seem to remember that she added a person with this kind of name?


The display picture was a little familiar–the corner of the building, black and white.

Rndd: [Happy New Year. Study hard.]

It was a simple and peaceful greeting. No redundancy at all. This contact’s circle of friends was cleaner than hers, so she couldn’t guess who it was.

Chu Yin subconsciously typed these letters – the abbreviation had a kind of inexplicable magic. The more you can’t guess the meaning, the more you want to guess it.

Moreover, this was a good way to expose this user’s language skills.

Chu Yin broke down the letters one by one: R, N, D, D and guessed it was: I’ll be your father.


She let go of her phone blankly.

No, I don’t believe it. I’m not so vulgar!!!

Chu Yin blankly picked up her phone again and replied politely, “Thank you. You too.”

Then she looked at her phone. The user appeared in a green dialogue 1 which means he read her message or that he’s online

Sent √

Chu Yin: “…???”

No matter who this WeChat friend was, it’s too much for a father of someone to have this kind of free time during New Year’s?

Chu Yin quickly held down the dialog box, trying to avoid it.

But the other side seemed to have eyes on the phone and replied in seconds!

Rndd: [Your reply is too unenthusiastic.]

Chu Yin: “…..”

At this moment, her eyes suddenly fell on the ‘new friends’ section. When she came back from B province, she added two people in total. Just now, she was also redirected to Gu Qiuze’s moments.

So this is Lu Zhen.

Chu Yin: “….damn it.”

She can’t scold this dog man. He’ll like it if she scolds him. Her good student character can’t collapse yet!

Chu Yin calmed herself before replying: [Wrong number. Sorry. Happy New Year.]

Lu Zhen replied in seconds. [It doesn’t matter. I don’t mind if you sent it by mistake.]

Chu Yin: “…”

Chu Yin directly turned off her phone, puffed her face, and calmed her emotions by answering her workbook.


On the other side in the Lu family’s mansion, Lu Zhen stared at his phone for a long time. After confirming that she won’t reply, he locked the screen and placed it aside.

Then he realized that his heartbeat was beating fast.

Her reply was the only fireworks that made his new year’s night.

The villa area was very quiet. The only sound that could be heard was the faint firecrackers from the distance.



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