I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 37 part 2

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Chapter 37 – My popular sister (2)

Lu Zhen’s father had passed away. His mother was away. And Grandfather Lu had slept early. The Lu family, which was the envy of many, was just an ordinary family in this new year.

Lu Zhen stared in the direction of the Chu family’s house outside the window for a while.

She probably can’t guess.

Whenever she worked on her questions, time always seemed to pass quickly. Chu Yin was self-disciplined at home. She went to bed early and got up early. She answered questions while eating three meals a day. In a blink of an eye, it was the day of the Hope Cup Competition.

They had to go to the neighboring province to participate in the training camp. But for the final competition, they only needed to go to the provincial examination center. The examination papers of all the participants would be directly distributed to each examination center.

Coincidentally, this year’s test center would be held in the neighboring school of Huiwen’s Private School. The journey was convenient.

Chu Yin was looking forward to the examination- because the reward of this task might be the highest authority that Chu Yin could have access to.

Xueji: “Ding ~ releasing a big task – win the gold medal in the Hope Cup mathematics competition. This has a difficulty degree of five stars. After the task is successful, you can get permission to change a single paragraph!!]

Chu Yin’s eyes lit up – the authority extended to a whole paragraph!

This meant she could control a wide range of the plot. In the past, she could only change a sentence at most. The plot following the change is random and she couldn’t control the result.

But now, changing a whole scene…she could control the cause, process, result of things, and make them go in the direction she wanted.

Chu Yin was ready.

——Gold medal! Go, go, go!

On the day of the exam, to ensure today’s success, Chu Yin unlocked the script in advance. The dog man didn’t have a role, and the little gangsters in the neighboring school that liked to play with poop didn’t have any roles either.


As a large school with a big test center, this school not only had senior high school contestants but also some junior student contestants. The entrance of the school was busy and crowded.

 Chu Yin asked the driver to go to an area a distance away from the school gate. She squinted outside the crowd to see her examination room and seat number on the bulletin board. She pulled away from the crowd and directly went to the examination room.

After checking her ID card and supplies, Chu Yin came into the classroom and sat down.

Before long, Lu Zhen also walked into the same classroom.

After the proctor’s inspection, Lu Zhen’s eyes looked over Chu Yin, who was sitting against the wall.

Since the end of the winter camp, they hadn’t seen each other for about a month. Her hair had grown a bit and she wore a beige sweater, which looked very soft.

As if noticing his gaze, Chu Yin’s nose wrinkled imperceptibly.

The corners of Lu Zhen’s lips couldn’t help but curve upward. After all, he didn’t want to affect her game state, so he quickly looked away.

Five minutes before the start of the exam, the proctor opened the sealed paper and began to distribute it. Chu Yin clenched the pen in her hand and took a deep breath before slowly exhaling. She then sank herself in after getting the paper.

She would finally see the results of all her efforts today. Her solid knowledge and strong logical deduction made her invincible as she answered the questions.

After two hours.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the exam. Chu Yin put the cap on her pen, leaned back in the chair, and breathed a sigh of relief.

Although school was about to start, Chu Yin felt like she was finally on winter vacation.

It was the most fulfilling holiday of her life.

After the paper was put away, Chu Yin grabbed her backpack and slowly walked out of the school.

More people were waiting outside the examination room. After looking carefully, she realized that those people were from the TV stations. They carried cameras and were enthusiastically interviewing students who were passing by.

Chu Yin half-covered her face and walked silently on the other side.

But the people in the TV station seemed to have eagle eyes. At one glance, they saw this girl with an outstanding charm and appearance from the crowd——

Their eyes lit up immediately!

In the previous years, they could only see beautiful candidates in art examinations. They didn’t expect to see a beautiful candidate in the math competition.

After they immediately abandoned the students wearing red scarves, they rushed to Chu Yin with their long and heavy cameras.

Chu Yin didn’t understand the situation after being surrounded. It wasn’t until a pair of sincere eyes and cameras were aimed at her that Chu Yin realized the situation.

“Classmate! What grade are you?”

“How difficult are the exam questions this year? How sure do you think you are?”

“Classmate! Which school are you from? Are you the school’s flower? You are so talented and beautiful!”

Chu Yin was silent.

The environment made her feel uncomfortable.

Although these reporters had no malice, Chu Yin knew clearly that they came because of her face.

If her photo were to be taken, it would be very eye-catching in the newspapers. But her strength and efforts would be marginalized.

At this time, Chu Yin didn’t dare to change the script so she had no choice but to break from the crowd of reporters.

Just then, a cold and indifferent voice sounded from behind, “Let go of her.”

A tall figure appeared in front of Chu Yin. He stood straight, blocking all the cameras towards her.

The reporters were surprised again – what happened this year?!

In addition to this most beautiful candidate, there’s also this most handsome candidate?!

They excitedly raised their camera and were about to bombard him with questions, but suddenly the young man raised his hand and quickly covered their camera lens. His eyes were cold and fierce, “No recording.”

When a single reporter recognized him, his face suddenly changed. He poked his colleagues and whispered something.


Soon, the reporters ran away one by one.

Lu Zhen turned back and looked down at Chu Yin: “Are you okay?”

Chu Yin looked at Lu Zhen who was in front of her for a moment.

Well, she had to say that Lu Zhen, who was still 17 years old now, looked like a man.

“Thank you.” She nodded.

Lu Zhen’s lips hooked and a little smile appeared at the bottom of his eyes: “Should I say you’re welcome?”

The little nerd who wanted to be a father…is she pretending or is she hiding something?

Chu Yin didn’t know what Lu Zhen was thinking, but she suddenly saw that not far behind Lu Zhen was his uncle who was smiling and looking at them.

Meeting her eyes, Lu Linyuan gently waved his hand, making a very elegant gesture.



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