I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 37 part 3

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Chapter 37 – My popular sister (3)

Chu Yin pointed in that direction and reminded him: “Your uncle is over there.”

Lu Zhen’s eyebrows moved gently.

When he turned back, Lu Linyuan had already come over. He looked at Chu Yin with a gentle smile and said, “We meet again, little classmate.”

Chu Yin: “Hello.”

Lu Linyuan then looked at Lu Zhen and said with a smile, “Last time you said she was not a classmate?”

Chu Yin: “Not really.”

Lu Linyuan raised his eyebrows and laughed. His eyes then fell on Chu Yin’s face.

Chu Yin didn’t want to talk to this uncle and nephew pair. Since the reporters had left, she found an excuse to leave too.

Lu Zhen did not look at her back, but asked Lu Linyuan flatly: “Are you not busy?”

Lu Linyuan knew that his meaning was that he appeared too often. He laughed: “I have to care about you even when I’m busy.”

After a pause, he said with a slight smile, “But I came today with a purpose.”

Lu Zhen: “What’s the matter?”

Lu Linyuan said with a smile: “The will of the old man. He wanted me to take you to see your mother.”

Lu Zhen was taken aback. After a few seconds, his eyes gently lowered.


Because there were too many people outside the examination room, the family car was surrounded. Chu Yin asked her driver to drive forward as she walked to another street to get in the car.

Not far away, Chu Yin suddenly saw a familiar face in the car by the side of the road.

Song Yanchuan propped up his head with one hand. When she hesitated to look over, he raised his eyelids slightly.

——”Little sister.”

Chu Yin: “??”

Isn’t this Lin Lin’s elder brother? Should they know each other?

Maybe because Song Zhaolin babbled so much about his elder brother’s image to her so in her heart, he was depicted as a violent, muscular man. Although he had washed away that impression at the airport last time, Chu Yin still felt a little fear when she looked at him.

She carefully stopped a few meters away and politely responded, “Hello.”

Song Yanchuan’s eyes fell on the car in front of them. Then he glanced at her and said, “Be safe. Don’t talk to strangers.”

Chu Yin: “…?”

Aren’t you a stranger???

Song Yanchuan’s action today was entirely due to the second brother in their family who would always fangirl about Chu Yin every day.

After reminding her, Song Yanchuan’s kindness was now used up. He turned the steering wheel and drove away indifferently.

It took Chu Yin a long time to remember.

Looking at the relationship between Song Zhaolin and Lu Zhen, she could see that the Lu family and the Song family were good friends. In her impression, many of the Song family’s properties depended on the Lu family. The Song family was mainly managed by Song Yanchuan.

When he appeared here today, did he come with Lu Linyuan or did he come with Lu Zhen?

Who was he referring to with his reminder?

The weather was getting warmer in March.

Chu Yin took the time to relax during the last few days of winter vacation before the first day of school started.

This semester would be the final stage for senior high school students before taking the college entrance exam. Although Chu Shi didn’t take part in the college entrance exam, he was busier than ever in preparing for the application and IELTS exam.

When he thought about Chu Yin’s competition results, he knew he would hold a celebration banquet for her regardless of her results.

If their parents wouldn’t do it, he would. He had to for his little Yin.

Chu Yin’s mind was peaceful. She hoped that the results of the winter camp would come out in a week. On the first day of school, Chu Yin put on her loose Huiwen school uniform. 

Meanwhile, Chu Qiuqiu looked very well-dressed. She even added a sense of her intellect to her femininity. She seemed to have adapted to her new identity as a fiancée.

Seeing the familiar rustic dress of Chu Yin, Chu Qiuqiu wanted to say some white-lotus words. 

But after seeing Chu Yin’s exquisite face and remembering her impeccable achievements, Chu Qiuqiu swallowed her words.

Chu Yin: Very good.

Control yourself. Don’t say it.

The weather was beautiful on their way to school. The students on the roadside were all smiling.

This was the life of a student. They like long vacations, but when they see their friends on campus, they would be in a good mood.

In her previous life, Chu Yin had no friends at school because her reputation in school was bad. This time was totally different.

When she got out of the car at the school gate, many people watched her.

“Wow, that’s Chu Yin…”

“Wuwuwuwu…why didn’t she get fat after the Spring Festival? She looks even better!”

“Quickly wake me up! I think I’m going crazy. I suddenly wanted to wear a loose school uniform. What’s wrong with me?”


“Wake up! You can’t dress like that.”

Chu Yin is slender with a well-proportioned body. She’s 1.7 meters tall. Because of that, the loose school uniform on her looked very high-fashion.

Paired with her beautiful face and cold aura, her beautiful face made her even more exquisite.

When a student stepped forward to greet Chu Yin, Chu Yin waved casually before walking inside the school building.

The student was left frozen with a speechless face.

Ah, sister greeted me – !!!

Zheng Yu witnessed the scene of when Chu Yin entered the school gate. He also saw the blushing faces of the boys and girls around him. He felt a sour dissatisfaction.

He wasn’t able to win her heart in the beginning. But now that she became famous, it’s even harder for him to win her over.

Chu Yin entered Class 5’s classroom.

Because of Song Zhaolin’s effort in spreading the winter camp’s result, they all knew that Chu Yin won first place. Seeing her now, they felt the gap between the mortals and immortals.

They were just ordinary people.

Jiang Yan welcomed her happily: “Yin Yin!”

Chu Yin hadn’t seen her for a long time. She patted her head with a smile, “Did you study hard during the winter vacation?”

Jiang Yan said with a smile: “Of course! I want to keep up with you.”

Chu Yin wiped the dusty table and chair with paper. As soon as she sat down, Song Zhaolin rushed in with a gust of wind.

“Sister Yin ~ ~”

Chu Yin watched him sit down on the dusty chair. She covered her eyes, “When you go to the toilet later, remember to pat your butt.”

“Ah? Oh–” Song Zhaolin twisted his butt indifferently and asked expectantly, “Do you want the results to come out? I just passed by the office and heard Teacher Wang mention that the awards will be presented directly during the opening ceremony.”

Chu Yin’s heart beat faster: “Really?”

Song Zhaolin: “As long as you get the silver medal just like Gu Qiuze, you’ll already be getting special treatment. Look at how Gu Qiuze was treated. You’ll be the campus goddess.”

Although Chu Yin had no interest in being a campus goddess, she wanted to have those medals.

Silver was not enough. She wanted gold.



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