I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 37 part 4

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Chapter 37 – My popular sister (4)

Not long after, the math class representative came over and called Chu Yin, “Classmate Chu, Teacher Wang asked you to go to the office.”

Song Zhaolin and the rest of Class 5 all stared at Chu Yin with bright eyes.

“Sister Yin, we’ll wait for your good news!” Song Zhaolin made a cheering gesture on his head.

In the office, Teacher Wang’s excited expression was beyond words. As soon as she saw Chu Yin, she gave her a strong hug.

Her happy voice exploded in Chu Yin’s ear, “Gold medal, Chu Yin! You won the gold medal!”

As far as the management department was concerned, it was a rare honor for liberal arts students to win competition prizes.

Teacher Wang never expected Chu Yin to win the gold medal after only a short winter vacation! Huiwen hadn’t won a gold medal in Literature and Mathematics in ten years!!

All the teachers in the office looked at them and applauded.

Chu Yin’s heart was filled with excitement and joy after recovering from the news – She did it!

The International Class’s Math teacher admired her while holding his teacup, “This child has an unlimited future.”

The teacher next to him said with a smile, “Teacher Chen, the child in your class is also very good. Our school is excellent this year.”

A gold medal and a silver medal! It’s a record-breaker!

Teacher Wang patted Chu Yin’s shoulder enthusiastically, “Wait for the school opening ceremony. The award announcement will happen after the lifting of the national flag. Let the whole school remember your name!”

Chu Yin laughed: “Thank you, teacher.”

She felt overwhelming happiness and an urge to answer ten more sets of questions immediately.

How nice to study! She loves learning!!

The opening ceremony began at nine o’clock. The students went to the large playground and stood with their class.  

At this time, everyone’s eyes fell on the figure under the national flag.

Chu Yin’s face was calm as her slender figure stood in the warm spring wind. Her brown hair fluttered gently with the wind.

After a while, another eye-catching figure stood under the national flag.

Lu Zhen walked to her and stopped. The two of them were a little apart, facing the teachers and students of the school side by side.

Lu Zhen had a light smile as his clear voice floated in the wind, “Congratulations, good student.”

Chu Yin’s lips raised silently.

For the first time in her life, she stood beside Lu Zhen, calm and even a little happy.

Because she knew she was the winner.

This time, she firmly pressed Lu Zhen’s head.

For a moment, Chu Yin came up with a bizarre idea– If Lu Zhen was also reborn, how would that crazy and paranoid man behave when he was severely suppressed by her?

But it was only for a few seconds. Chu Yin drove away from the terrible idea.

She would like Lu Zhen to be like this forever.

After the routine process of the school opening ceremony, it was time to present the awards. The awards would be presented by the principal.

They first announced Lu Zhen’s result – The silver medal in this year’s Hope Cup competition! Huiwen’s second silver medal in recent years!

In the area where the third-year senior students were, Chu Shi applauded reluctantly.

He glared at Gu Qiuze, “What’s the use of you! Why can you only tie him!”

Gu Qiuze: “…??”

All the girls in school were boiling with excitement as Lu Zhen received the prize. They always thought that Lu Zhen only had a good face and that Qiuze was better in terms of intelligence! Now, Lu Zhen also won the silver medal!!

But at this time, the attention shifted to the girl who had not yet taken the stage to accept the award.

Most of the time, the champions were announced last. Since Lu Zhen won the silver medal, then Chu Yin…

“Next, let’s congratulate Chu Yin of second-year class 5 for winning the gold medal in the Hope Cup Mathematics Competition!”

The whole school was in an uproar. Class 5 cheered loudly. Of course, Song Zhaolin alone accounted for 80% of the volume.

Now, Chu Yin’s intelligence was announced to the whole school. Her status would be different from her past.

The Huiwen students looked between Lu Zhen and Chu Yin who stood on both sides of the principal. They fell into a heated discussion.

“What to do? I suddenly can’t choose anymore…”

“To tell you the truth, me too…”

“One is my husband and the other is my wife. Is there any problem?”

“So shameless?? I like it!”


That evening, a post appeared on the Huiwen forum.

[Now the school’s flower and school’s apollo can be settled??】

The photos taken today were attached to the forum. The two winners who stood in front of the camera looked like a god and goddess.

Anonymous 1: Why are so many people fangirling over the current school’s flower?

Anonymous 2: +1


Anonymous 3: Chu Yin’s legs are slender

Anonymous 4: @3, truly.

As soon as the post came out, the forum became lively.

Anonymous 20: These days, there are still many people who are sour towards beautiful girls.

Anonymous 22: Excuse me, putting both Chu Yin and Lu Zhen side by side is a bit of a mismatch.

Anonymous 25: @22, What’s wrong with you? Do you need me to remind you that Chu Yin is the gold medalist and Lu Zhen is the silver medalist?

Anonymous 26: Don’t fight! It’s nonsense! I love both of them!!

After dozens of replies, there was still a person in the forum who was bitter at Chu Yin.

Anonymous 88: Next time if she won another prize, would you all lick her feet?

Anonymous 89: @88, Who are you that you dared to say that?

Anonymous 90: @89, Why should I reveal my identity?

Song Zhaolin angrily held his phone. He was going to blow up. What an idiot!

On the other hand, Chu Yin received Han Chuying’s WeChat:

[Sister, you’re really famous! The forum is going crazy because of you!]

[Song Zhaolin is a stinky sister in the forum. His posts are so obvious!1 Han Chuyin said that even though the forum is anonymous, she still knew the posts of Song Zhaolin. I can’t bear to see it!]

Chu Yin’s eyebrow raised. This garbage anonymous forum really should be fixed.

She found the post and looked at it. After reading it, she refreshed it again. There were two more replies at the bottom.

Anonymous 91: You rely on anonymity to talk badly about people here! Believe it or not, we’ll find out your real name!!

Anonymous 92: Ha ha, I don’t believe it!

Chu Yin: Oh, you don’t believe it 😏

She opened the script, thinking: I want you to look good since you bullied my son. Ha ha.

In a minute.

The entire anonymous forum had collapsed.

After the collapse, everyone saw their real names again——

Anonymous 91 (Song Zhaolin): You rely on anonymity to talk badly about people here! Believe it or not, we’ll find out your real name!!

Anonymous 92 (Zheng Yu): Ha ha, I don’t believe it!


Anonymous 99 (Han Chuying): Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaa!! This is public execution!!

Anonymous 100 (Tan Ke): Song Zhaolin?? Have you become a prophet??

At this time, Song Zhaolin also covered his mouth in shock.

What kind of supernatural phenomenon was this? Do I have a powerful spirit! I’m too strong??

He touched his lips as his fingertips trembled – Has the power inside me finally awakened!?

Song Zhaolin excitedly rushed out of the room and met Song Yanchuan who just came back from work.

“My mouth is awesome! I am a prophet!”

“Brother, you will become a pig after ten o’clock tonight! Hoo hoo hoo! The black devil will be transforming!” 

Song Yanchuan looked at him blankly, “Prophet?”

Song Zhaolin: “Yes.”

Song Yanchuan: “Then I predict that you will be beaten by me.”

Song Zhaolin: “Yes.”

Ten minutes later.

Song Zhaolin, with a big bump on his forehead, crouched in the corner and shed tears.

Song Yanchuan: Effective √

┈ ✁✃✁✃✁✃✁✃✁ ┈┈

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