I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 38 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Edited by: Chris

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Chapter 38 – Let’s throw up (1)

After this battle, Huiwen’s anonymous forum completely changed.

Because of anonymity, the students could act rude and unscrupulous. It was a protective cover that could hide their dark and dirty thoughts. It gave those evil people a sense of security.

——But now, the sense of security is gone!!

Who would dare talk in a place where your real name could be revealed??

At this moment, Zheng Yu felt very humiliated.

His remarks and comments were really rude. Combined with his past deeds, his reputation became even worse.

In the anonymous group, a bunch of people were talking about the incident.

[I’m laughing to death. Hahahaha! Zheng Yu said in the post: Do you want to kneel and lick Chu Yin?]

[When in fact he was the only one in the school who actually “knelt and licked”.]


[Thank you for being laughed at.]

The forum wasn’t fixed for a while. Zheng Yu’s remarks were publicly reprimanded in the post.

Some students took advantage of this period to confess in the forum:

[I hope that my beautiful sister will not be affected! My sister is wonderful QAQ -a freshman younger brother]

[Pretty senior sister, don’t let this incident affect your mood~]

The comments in the forum were surprisingly harmonious, which was completely different from what Chu Yin experienced in her last life.

But soon, someone discovered something unusual.

[Is it just me? The two times the forum crashed were all posts about Chu Yin!]

Anonymous 1: Damn it, really.

Anonymous 2: Has anyone seen the past threads? I remember the time Chu Yin’s report card was revealed.

Anonymous 3: My mother! Is my sister a child of god? 

Anonymous 15: I see! I solved the case! It was Song Zhaolin who had the last comment on those two threads! He is the real son of god!

Having just witnessed this prophetic scene, everyone accepted this truth. The whole forum began to worship Song Zhaolin.

Anonymous 20: Worship Song Zhaolin! [pray]

Anonymous 21: Bless my academic progress this semester [pray]

Anonymous 22: True believer here! I’m willing to exchange ten catties of meat for my future husband/wife to fall in love with me!

Song Zhaolin, who just got beaten, browsed through his phone while feeling wronged. When he saw the male and female believers he had gathered while he was away from the forum, his silly smile immediately came back.

He’s happy once again! It’s so easy to be happy again! Hahaha!

Zheng Yu didn’t show up until the forum was repaired.

He felt bad enough. How could it be that the first time he started posting evil comments, he was immediately revealed? And just after he said, ‘I don’t believe it!’. It’s like someone’s trying to punish him!

Zheng Yu fidgeted with his phone for a while. Just then, a new WeChat came in.

Chu Shi: [Are you still not ashamed of yourself?]

[Now do you know why my sister looks down on you?]

[Because you don’t look like a man at all!]

After reading the message, Zheng Yu felt as if he had been strangled.

The reason why he minded Chu Yin’s matter was that he was uncomfortable seeing boys trying to pursue Chu Yin. He still hadn’t won her heart yet.

After this incident, he didn’t have any chance at all.

Chu Shi frowned after sending the WeChat messages to Zheng Yu. He threw his phone aside with a speechless expression.

He usually didn’t read the forum. If it hadn’t been for the girl in the same class as him who told him about the incident, he wouldn’t know Zheng Yu had done such a disgraceful thing again.

At this time, Chu Shi was playing with a balloon in his hand. Because of his irritation, he popped the balloon with a ‘bang’

Gu Qiuze glanced at him, “Didn’t you say you want to secretly surprise your sister?”

Chu Shi was taken aback. He quickly glanced at Chu Yin’s room on the second floor.

“I’m pissed off by Zheng Yu’s stupidity.” Chu Shi took the balloon again. “I have to talk to him in school tomorrow.”

“But speaking of that, your sister seems to be protected by the heavens.” Gu Qiuze said.

Chu Shi laughed: “That’s not very good.”

They were almost finished with blowing the balloons and decorating the place with ribbons. Two straight men clumsily decorated the living room of the Chu villa, trying to create a festive atmosphere.

After the long and difficult process, the two looked at the new living room.

Gu Qiuze: “Hmmm..”

Chu Shi: “Hmmm..”


How was the Chu family’s celebration banquet arranged last time??

He clearly remembered that it’s almost the same. Why did this look so messy?

Chu Shi sighed: “For my sister’s noble gold medal, I’m sorry.”

Just as he was about to tear down the decorations, the door of Chu Yin’s room on the second floor suddenly opened.

The two brothers were nervous at the same time!

Chu Yin, who was previously in the zone studying, leaned half of her body outside the door. She asked, “Did something explode just now?”

Gu Qiuze couldn’t help laughing, “Your reflexes are fast.”

Chu Yin had heard the sound but she endured her curiosity and only came out after finishing her math question.

She wondered why Gu Qiuze was here. After walking downstairs, she looked at the scattered objects in the living room. After a second of silence, she asked with hesitation, “This…are you setting up the room?”

Chu Shi covered his face.

“We wanted to hold a celebration banquet for you to congratulate you on winning the gold medal in the competition!”

Chu Yin blinked.

She didn’t expect her brother to really hold a celebration banquet for her.

What’s more enjoyable than being honored was that someone remembered and congratulated her on her merits.

Although the celebration banquet was a little childish for Chu Yin, who lived for two lifetimes, she cherished her brother’s heart very much.

“Thank you, brother.” Chu Yin said with a smile.

Chu Shi came over and touched her head with a smile.

Gu Qiuze stood aside, not taking any credits.

Chu Shi prepared a three-tiered cake. Now that Chu Yin came out of her room, he went to the kitchen to get the cake. The servant helped put out other snacks and drinks that filled the table.

Chu Shi opened a bottle of wine from the cellar. 

The wine was drunk by him and Gu Qiuze. Chu Yin was only allowed a glass of coke.

A small party for three people. Although the atmosphere couldn’t compare with the past celebrations, it was still heartily festive.

Chu Yin was urged by Chu Shi to cut the cake and blow out the candle. The two men applauded and cheered, which made it seem like countless people were celebrating with her.

“Congratulations to Chu Yin, the gold medalist!”

“I hope you are happy and healthy every day. The country needs talents like you!”

Chu Yin pressed her hand: “Alright, let’s calm down.”

Chu Shi was very happy tonight. Whenever he was happy, he would drink a little too much.

“Little Yin is promising!” After a few cups, Chu Shi’s voice became slurred, “Gold medalist! You’re better than Gu Qiuze. Even better than that Lu Zhen – you’re more powerful than him! No one can do anything to you…”

Chu Yin sighed: “You drink less, brother.”

Chu Shi waved: “I didn’t drink much!”



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