I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 38 part 3

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Chapter 38 – Let’s throw up (3)

Chu Yin knew nothing and didn’t care about it. Now she had a very distressing problem.

–Since she won the gold medal in the competition, it became even more difficult for her to obtain small rewards!

In the past, she could get a single word change permission by doing homework. Or she could get a single word change permission by solving a difficult problem. Now all of the tasks have been upgraded!

Chu Yin: Damn! This is the result of the big buff!

Xueji: Yes

Chu Yin needed to solve four or five difficult problems to get a single word change permission. And it’s a new type of question that she had not encountered before.

As a result, Chu Yin was now thirsty for questions. Her curiosity was so strong that the teachers were afraid.

She had become more stingy than before. After counting the script-change permissions in her account, she decided to use them cautiously to avoid wasting them.

So after class, Chu Yin went to see the teacher again.

As soon as she walked out of the corridor, many students glanced at her. Chu Yin was already used to it.

She walked towards the teacher’s office. As soon as she passed the corner, she ran into Lu Zhen head-on.

Lu Zhen’s eyebrows were raised, “Good morning.”

Chu Yin stepped back and nodded, “Good morning.”

Since the last time she overheard her parents’ conversation, Chu Yin spent a lot of time reviewing the timeline of her previous life. There was a 50% probability that Lu Zhen had nothing to do with the bankruptcy of the Chu family. 

But what exactly was going on? She was still thinking about the cause.

Seeing Lu Zhen at this time, she fell into silent thinking.

Since the two famous figures came together, the eyes of the students immediately followed them. 

“My God! My husband is talking to my wife!”

“I don’t know who I should be jealous of for a moment!”

“I’ll pay double the price if you give me ears that can hear what they’re talking about!”

Lu Zhen glanced behind Chu Yin and saw a lot of boys subtly moving their heads, trying to steal a glimpse. 

He suddenly felt sourness in his mouth as he said with great patience, “…You are so popular.”

Chu Yin: “???”

Could it be that what Song Zhaolin said was true? She was so popular now that Lu Zhen, the dog man, had a sense of crisis??

This feels pretty good.

But on the surface, Chu Yin maintained her character – clever and dull. “Oh, yes. I don’t care about it.”

Lu Zhen looked down at her face. The dark eyes hidden in his eyelashes were deep.

Are you pretending to be good?

Are you only pretending to be like this when you’re in front of me?

Lu Zhen’s heart slightly constricted as his fingertips gently curled up. He whispered, “Chu Yin, I don’t like…good students.”

Subtle and faint. Only he knew…even his tone was slightly tense.

But Chu Yin suddenly raised her eyes, pretending to be serious: “I’m sorry, I’m leaving now.”

Lu Zhen was startled: “No…”

After Chu Yin spoke, she immediately slipped away. Her figure was even more lively than usual.

That’s right! You read it right! I am!!

I’m the type you don’t like! Learning all the way!

It seems that her character setting is successful!

Yes! Chu Yin wanted to shake her arms and cheer.

Lu Zhen looked at her back. It took him a long time to realize that his spine was slightly numb. 

He leaned against the wall for a long time and smiled helplessly.

Can you be more obvious next time? 1 Lu Zhen told himself. Like can you just be more obvious and tell her you like her

The engagement banquet between the Chen family and Chu family was set on Chen Xuanyuan’s birthday.

After all, the business marriage was a major event. The two families negotiated for more than a month before finally making a decision.

The birthday banquet of the son of the Chen family and also an engagement party of the Chen and Chu family. Naturally, this would be considered an important event. The invitation letters were sent all over the wealthy circles in the city.

Recently, Chu Qiuqiu became less of a demon in front of Chu Yin and had focused on her new identity. On the day of the engagement banquet, she felt very proud while watching the rows of famous figures coming in.

The Chu family has two daughters. And yet, she was the one who married first. This identity and status were naturally self-evident. Chu Qiuqiu was satisfied.

Moreover, there were many classmates in the crowd. She even saw Zheng Yu, a senior who had shown his kindness before.

Chu Qiuqiu triumphantly thought as she looked at this famous senior. He’s probably sad 2 She’s thinking that he must be lonely since she’s marrying another person (which I find strange like wtf? Where were you when he was chasing Chu Yin?) .

Because the Chen family offended Lu Zhen a long time ago, they also sent an invitation to the Lu family this time. Although they knew they were not qualified enough to invite Young Master Lu, their sincerity must be expressed.

Chu Yin read the script in advance. There was an interesting description that caught her interest.

The invitation was delivered to Lu Linyuan. He took it and asked Lu Zhen if he wanted to come. Lu Zhen took a look and coldly refused.


This phrase wasn’t the main content. She didn’t know why this was included in the script.

However, if Lu Zhen didn’t come, Chu Yin could safely go——

To prevent Chen Xuanyuan, the strange man, from acting like a demon, she had to stand her ground.

Even though she didn’t know the specific situation of the Chu family’s business or when the Chu family would go bankrupt, she didn’t want to get involved in Chen Xuanyuan’s affairs.

Chen Xuanyuan, Chu Qiuqiu, you two must give it your all! I’ll lock you two together forever!

And swallow the key!!!

Soon the process of the engagement banquet started. The engaged couple and the parents of both parties were the main characters. Chu Qiuqiu was dressed beautifully as she smiled shyly on the stage. Meanwhile, Chen Xuanyuan’s eyes were bleak and lonely.

Chu Shi stayed with Chu Yin until the engagement process was completed. When the dining cart was rolled up, he left to get some food for Chu Yin.

Under the eyes of everyone, the marriage between the Chen and Chu families was officially set. However, when Chen Xuanyuan stepped down, his bleak eyes suddenly focused on Chu Yin in the corner.

“???” Chu Yin suddenly had an ominous premonition.

At this time, another fiery sight fell on her.

Zheng Yu also looked at her deeply, as if he had something to say.

Chu Yin: Two indecent men made this garbage plot even worse.

“Show me the script…” Chu Yin fragilely knocked on the system.

【Location: Banquet Hall. Characters: Chu Yin, Chu Qiuqiu, Chen Xuanyuan, Zheng Yu.】

【Chen Xuanyuan’s heart was aching – Why is she looking at me with those painful eyes? She must be thinking: “Why is the person standing beside Xuanyuan my sister and not me?” 】

Chu Yin almost collapsed after reading this sentence.

She forced herself not to vomit and read two more lines.

【Chen Xuanyuan knew this was wrong. He just got engaged to her sister, but if he didn’t say something now, he may not have a chance in this life! He made up his mind and strode towards Chu Yin.】

【Chen Xuanyuan stared at her as he arrogantly and wildly spoke his undying confession from the bottom of his heart.】

As a result of Chen Xuanyuan’s improper behavior, a rumor spread around the wealthy circle that the Chu sisters were at odds with each other and the two girls were fighting over the sameman. 

“….” Chu Yin was about to faint.

What’s more, there’s another critical hit.

【Zheng Yu also decided to take this opportunity to make up for his mistake. He went to Chu Yin and confided his feelings affectionately.】

This group of dogs!!!! Ah, ah, ah, dogs, proper etiquette please!!!!

Chu Yin’s account had a single sentence permission and a single paragraph permission. Now that it’s hard to earn the authority, she was reluctant to use it on these two stupid men.

Xueji: “You also have these prop cards – both a [delete card] and a [phrase card] in the host’s account.”

In the distance, the two men began to move towards her.

Chu Yin: “Quick, delete card–“

She didn’t have time to think about it and directly deleted the words Chen Xuanyuan would say to her. The system then notified her that she had reached the word count of deletion.

Chu Yin: “There’s a limit to the deletion?!”

Xueji: “It’s 140 words.”

Chu Yin: How can Chen Xuanyuan talk so much???

“After the deletion card is used, the remaining plot descriptions are automatically connected. To continue the plot, it will have a certain degree of randomness.”

Chu Yin squinted at the random script.

After the middle content was deleted, the first paragraph and the end paragraph got connected.

It became…Chen Xuanyuan and Zheng Yu facing each other as they shared their heartfelt feelings.


I’m sorry.

*Slipping away*

In the middle of the banquet hall, the two men couldn’t find the figure they were looking for. But in the end, they finally saw each other.

Unsure of what triggered him, Chen Xuanyuan hoarsely said the words of his heart.

Zheng Yu also confided his feelings deeply as if bewitched.

When the lines were finished, the two of them were speechless.

After Zheng Yu recovered: This man is really bold and indecent!

Chen Xuanyuan reacted: This man is really disgusting!

The two people looked at each other for a moment.


Everyone present all spat out.



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