I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 39 part 1

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Chapter 39 – Losing her skin (1)

From that night on, strange rumors began to spread among the rich and powerful families.

Do these two sons of rich families truly love each other?

Did Chen Xuanyuan use this engagement to conceal his true sexual identity?

Having to attend your lover’s engagement…how heartbreaking.

The parents of the related parties pretended that nothing happened. Even if something did happen, they did not dare to admit it. They just wanted to cover up this kind of thing as soon as possible.

“Do you have to shame my dignity to be satisfied?”

“The other day you were talking about a woman! This time, it’s a man?”

Chen Xuanyuan: “I’m not! I didn’t!”

Father Chen: “Shut up! You son of a bitch.”

Chen Xuanyuan was scolded by his father.

In view of his abnormal actions, Father Chen specially invited a psychiatrist and bodyguard to watch him. Once he became strange again, he would be immediately stunned and sent home.

Moreover, in order to ensure the marriage between the two families, Father Chen ordered him to only meet Chu Qiuqiu. If it was another woman or man, it should be in private! No one should see!!

After learning this, Chu Yin clapped wildly at her desk for a minute.

Thank you, Father Chen!

In this life, she finally didn’t have to suffer because of stupid people! Father Chen deserves a huge thumbs up!

Although there were some rumors among the rich and powerful families, few people in the school knew about it. Most people only knew that Chu Qiuqiu was engaged.

Chu Qiuqiu was most concerned about her identity, and the arrival of Chu Yin had always been the source of her uneasiness. 

After getting engaged, no one would guess that she was only the adopted daughter of the Chu family. Even if someone mentioned it again, they would think that Chu Yin, who was not valued by the Chu family, was the fake daughter.

Chu Qiuqiu felt that this marriage was a great event to change her life!

“Qiuqiu, I envy you so much. You are Mrs. Chen now?” Some students who did not receive the invitation came to Chu Qiuqiu to congratulate her.

“I heard that Chen Xuanyuan is very handsome? Do you have any pictures?”

Chu Qiuqiu shyly talked about his fiance with her friends.

“He’s very handsome and also has a good character.”

Liang Yueqi took a boring look at those people and laughed mockingly. A bunch of petty people.

Tan Ke looked at the girls in the class and felt the headache. Chen Xuanyuan? He had seen him. 

Although he’s not ugly, he’s a playboy!

The girls in the class then said: “Qiuqiu, don’t you plan to arrange a fiance for your sister?”

During this break between classes, the classroom was empty. This sentence was not loud, but it was clear enough to be heard by everyone present.

Lu Zhen suddenly raised his head.

Silently, like a predator in the dark.

Chu Qiuqiu covered her mouth with a smile: “My elder sister… All of her aspects…are not suitable for marriage.”

This was very ambiguous. If you think deeply about it, there were a lot of meanings.

But now, Chu Yin’s reputation in the school was completely different from when she first came. 

A male classmate next to her didn’t get the meaning at all. He said frankly, “It’s true! It’s just a matter of time for us to marry 1 Dreaming of marrying Chu Yin one day !”

When Tan Ke heard this sentence, he laughed. “Han Chao, you’re thinking of nonsense!”

Han Chao grinned: “Why, can I even greet her!”

Lu Zhen frowned and coldly glanced at him.

Han Chao suddenly shivered.

Did Brother Zhen glare at me just now? 

Chu Qiuqiu listened to the remarks of the boys and felt uncomfortable.

The girls around also asked with interest, “Do you know if Chu Yin will perform in the Art Festival? I’m looking forward to her performance.”

Chu Qiuqiu’s eyebrows raised again and said with a smile, “This… I haven’t heard of anything about it. I think my sister doesn’t have any talent related to this.”


Chu Yin didn’t want to perform.

Because if she were to go on stage, she had to be responsible for the program. She had to set the content, think about the form, and rehearse several times. It would take a lot of time to plan it. She didn’t have time to do this.

There were two rehearsals for each class for the festival. The planning group of each class was composed of the class monitor and the art committee members. The monitor of Class 5 was Li Jin, and the art committee member was Jiang Yan.

Chu Yin could see that both of them wanted her in the show.

The group of boys represented by Li Jin felt that Chu Yin was the face of Class 5. 

She didn’t need to be a major performer. As long as she was in the show, she would definitely attract a lot of people’s attention.

The art festival was also a competition. Each class performance had a rating based on the audience’s vote. The winning class would get a bonus, which could be a kind of collective honor.

Jiang Yan was also looking forward to Chu Yin’s performance.


But she also knew how much Chu Yin valued learning. So although she was very eager, she was embarrassed to ask Chu Yin.

Chu Yin noticed Jiang Yan’s staring, and silently raised the book in her hand to block her face.

No, my conscience hurts.

She had to do something to calm down.

Chu Yin and Han Chuying chatted last night about sending the dusty exercise book to Chu Yin, so Chu Yin needed to go and get it.

As soon as she left, Fu Mingxuan said with a smile to Jiang Yan, “See? Even though you treat her as a friend, she won’t participate in the activity you organize.”

Xing Lan said: “She’s really cold-hearted.”

Monitor Li Jin said: “It’s not necessary to say that…”

Xing Lan: “Isn’t that true? We all signed up for the show.”

Fu Mingxuan snorted and laughed. She prepared a very fairy-like dance with her friends. Everyone would be wearing a white feather skirt at that time. It would be absolutely amazing!

She hooked her hair: “Isn’t it? When no one paid attention to her before, wasn’t Jiang Yan the first one to take the initiative to talk with her? But Chu Yin doesn’t seem to know how to repay her kindness.”

Li Jin looked embarrassed at their remarks.

Jiang Yan, who usually spoke softly, suddenly looked at Fu Mingxuan and said, “What kind of relationship is this?”

Fu Mingxuan didn’t respond: “What?”

Jiang Yan frowned at her: “Do you have to receive benefits when talking with people? Why do you ask others to repay you for such a thing?”

The class was quiet when her words came out.

If you think about it, she was right!

According to this logic, when Fu Mingxuan and her friends took the lead in isolating Chu Yin, Chu Yin didn’t bother with them at all.

Fu Mingxuan’s face was ugly, and even her friends were embarrassed.

“Besides, it’s entirely voluntary whether you want to perform or not,” Jiang Yan returned to her seat. “If you want to dance, it doesn’t mean that other people have to perform.”

As soon as Song Zhaolin returned to his class, he heard this sentence. With his years of experience in the melon field, he knew she was probably speaking for Chu Yin.

His gossiping mouth opened immediately, “Yes!”

Li Jin immediately laughed: “Lin Zi, did you hear us?”

Song Zhaolin said: “No! But Xiao Yan is right!”

The whole class was amused by him.



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