I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 39 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Edited by: Chris

Proofread by: Jin

Chapter 39 – Losing her skin (2)

Chu Yin didn’t know what happened in the class. She went to the classroom of Class 1, stood at the back door, and looked inside.

The boy sitting at the back door turned his head inadvertently and suddenly saw Chu Yin. He was so surprised that he almost fell out of his chair.

All of a sudden, the whole class’s eyes turned and everyone saw the figure at the back door.

Han Chuying’s eyes suddenly lit up and waved wildly: “Yin, come in!”

Several friends beside her were all a little nervous.

Ah, is Chu Yin coming inside?

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! This is the first time they were so close to their wife!

Chu Yin hesitated and went in. 

She went to Han Chuying’s desk, stopped, and slightly bowed her head: “Hello?”

As soon as Han Chuying saw her friends’ reactions, she felt superior. “I’ll introduce them to you. They are all my friends and they all like you.”

Several boys’ and girls’ faces turned red instantly.

Why are you so straightforward!!

“This is Zhao Qingyao. She is the chief planner of the festival.”

Chu Yin said hello to them with a smile, and then raised her eyebrows: “You are so talented.”

Zhao Qingyao: !!!

Holding a book, Zhao Qingyao blushingly looked at Chu Yin’s face and asked expectantly, “Classmate Chu Yin, will you participate in the art festival?”

When she asked, several faces looked at her.

They were like sunflowers. Turning their heads towards the sun.

Chu Yin didn’t expect to face a dozen expectant faces, so she felt more uneasy. 

She raised her hand to touch her nose: “Maybe not…”

Zhao Qingyao was disappointed. Class 5 announced that there was a female dance group will perform.

She was still dreaming with Han Chuying just now. If Chu Yin came out and danced with Class 5, they would surely faint!

Alas, they thought too much. After all, they didn’t know whether Chu Yin could dance.

Han Chuying took out the exercise book, handed it to Chu Yin, and said sincerely, “It doesn’t matter. It’s fine if you don’t perform. As long as you participate..”

Chu Yin: “Why?”

Han Chuying: “Because even your still-figure is a work of art! I can watch it all the time!”

Chu Yin: “…”

I can’t stand it. 

Overbearing Chuying and her aggressive fangirling.


After returning to class, Song Zhaolin had understood the whole story of what happened, and once he saw Chu Yin, he reported to her.

When Chu Yin heard what Jiang Yan said in front of others, she was suddenly moved.

As soon as she was moved, her already precarious conscience became even more uneasy.

“Elder sister, elder sister Yin,” Song Zhaolin scratched his head and came over, “Are you really not going to participate? There are ten roles in our class’s play. You can claim the one with the most leisure time.”

Chu Yin finally wavered: “Is there a role with fewer lines?”

As soon as she wavered, Song Zhaolin said, “Hurry up, little Yanyan, choose a role for Sister Yin!”

Jiang Yan blinked her eyes, surprised: “Really?”

As soon as Chu Yin saw her happy appearance, she didn’t refuse and only replied with a smile, “Really.”

Song Zhaolin pointed to the script and suggested, “I think this Ms. Wang is very suitable for you. She’s my girlfriend in the play.”

Chu Yin: “Go away.”

Song Zhaolin’s role was the protagonist. He had a lot of lines, and the play was very eye-catching.

Chu Yin only wanted to choose a background role with fewer words, less drama, and less attention.

“Then…” Jiang Yan hesitated and said, “There’s a role that fits well, but it’s a male role!”

And it’s the scum man in the script. How can Yin Yin play such a role!

But Chu Yin’s eyes suddenly brightened: “That’s it!”

She didn’t want to release her charm on stage. It’s just right for her to dress up as a man!

Even if Lu Zhen, that dog man, saw her, he wouldn’t be interested! 

Perfect √

Finally, at the strong request of Chu Yin, it was decided that she would play the role of “scum man”.

Song Zhaolin gave her a wink: “Since you’ll also be wearing men’s clothes, we will be competing on the same stage. Sister Yin, don’t lose to me.”

Chu Yin: “Haha”


The characters in the play of Class 5 were soon finalized. It was organized by Jiang Yan and rehearsed in different stages.

Chu Yin received her paper script. It turned out that the “scum man” role she chose for herself was the right choice. She only had a few lines!

In this urban emotional drama, Chu Yin as the scum man was responsible for destroying many girls’ hearts.

Chu Yin felt that after experiencing the double hot eyes of Zheng Yu and Chen Xuanyuan, she would be able to grasp this character’s essence.

So when it came to her acting, she was very confident.

Her target as a ‘scum’ man was the little girl in her class.

Chu Yin stepped forward, bowed her head, and got closer.

Learning from Chen Xuanyuan’s evil charm, she copied his smile by curling her lips and said, “Why do you want to resist your own heart? Won’t you be honest with yourself?”

Since the rehearsal room was empty, she lowered her voice. But this made her voice sound a little hoarse.

Then, the girl who should have pushed her away and yell, “You shameless”, suddenly had her face turn red.

Not only her, but a large group of people who were watching covered their mouths.

Ah, help! How handsome!!!

Wouldn’t it be great if she became a male model?!

Chu Yin: “…”

I’m a scum! Scum man!

Chu Yin was slightly frustrated.

She didn’t expect that she couldn’t even play such a supporting role!

For a competitive person, this was absolutely not allowed to happen. So Chu Yin, who agreed to give only a little energy to the program, could not help but begin to figure out her own character setting.

Walking in the corridor, she was suddenly slapped on the back: “Sister Yin ~ ~”

She was caught off guard. She turned around and almost scolded him with swear words, “You stupid–”

Before her cussing words came out, she suddenly saw Lu Zhen standing beside Song Zhaolin.

Chu Yin: No, I’m just a normal good student.

She immediately swallowed the words back and put on a new face: “Melon 1 Since he’s a melon-seed eating Song Zhaolin, Chu Yin is calling him melon as a nickname .”



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