I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 39 part 3

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Chapter 39 – Losing her skin (3)

Song Zhaolin: “Yes.”

Before Song Zhaolin could say anything, he was suddenly pulled back by Lu Zhen.

Lu Zhen frowned slightly, and his voice was a bit cold: “It’s not light. 1 Song Zhaolin’s slap on Chu Yin’s back

Song Zhaolin realized the power of his palm just now, and quickly said: “I slapped hard? Sorry! Sister Yin, you can swear at me!”

Chu Yin: “??…”

Lu Zhen’s dark vision glanced over, a light glint reflecting in his eyes.

Is the dog man watching me?

Chu Yin was innocent: “I don’t swear.”

Song Zhaolin: Ah???

Chu Yin didn’t know that her pig deskmate told Lu Zhen about the meaning of her WeChat name 2 Remember her name, ‘I’m your father’, it’s actually a swear word in chinese .

She looked friendly: “It doesn’t matter. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go first.”

Sister Yin was so abnormal that Song Zhaolin worried that she was really angry, and quickly held her back: “Are you really not angry? I don’t believe it! You can scold me.”

Lu Zhen: “…”

Chu Yin: “…”

Chu Yin didn’t want her character setting to collapse in front of the dog man, so she began to escape: “I’m not angry. No need to think about it!”

Song Zhaolin: “Impossible! If you don’t scold me, it means you are angry!”

Ah, ah, ah.

Chu Yin wanted to faint. She blocked her ears and said, “The dog barks, the dog barks!”

Then she ran away.

Song Zhaolin’s face was dull: “Is this a curse?”

Lu Zhen stood beside him with a smile on his face. The red-tear mole under his eye was particularly obvious.

Lu Zhen was almost sure that Chu Yin was pretending to be good.

Pretending to be good. So cute.

His heart was burning. Suddenly, there was an unspeakable desire to take off her disguise.

The little nerd in his eyes is wild.

Lu Zhen smiled for a while.

After smiling, he turned his head and looked at Song Zhaolin. 

He looked down as he said in a light tone: “You’re really quite cheap.”

Song Zhaolin: ???Why attack me!

The past few days, all of the classes were preparing for the art festival. 

When Han Chuying and Zhao Qingyao learned that Chu Yin would participate in the drama of Class 5, they happily beat their gongs and drums. They wanted to come and watch her every day.

Chu Yin was under more pressure.

Even if her role was just the supporting scum man, she also wanted to perform this slag man’s character in pure form! [clench]

During the rehearsal, Zhao Qingyao was organizing the layout of the venue, so she didn’t come to see her.

After rehearsing her part, Chu Yin communicated with the props group about her scum man image. Then, she left the rehearsal classroom, intending to go back to answer some questions.

Returning to the classroom, she suddenly met Zhao Qingyao who seemed to be in a hurry. 

“What’s the matter?”

Zhao Qingyao was a little disoriented and said, “Han Chuying borrowed old tables and chairs from the neighboring school. I don’t know what happened but it resulted in a conflict. Just now, someone came back and told me that the students in the neighboring school wanted to start a fight!”

Chu Yin frowned and stopped her: “Don’t go there by yourself. It’s better to find someone. Boys are the best.”

Zhao Qingyao was so flustered. 

Listening to Chu Yin’s voice, she immediately nodded: “I understand!”

Chu Yin watched her run to find someone before going to the neighboring school.

Han Chuying was very smart. She was not someone that would cause trouble. This time, it was obvious that those neighboring school students deliberately found fault.

Chu Yin entered the neighboring school. She didn’t spend a lot of time finding those gangsters.

They were all acquaintances.

A group of people who like to play with poop.

These gangsters were committed to doing evil things every day. Han Chuying probably didn’t do anything to them. They picked a fight just because she was from Huiwen.

The two girls from Huiwen were surrounded while holding the tables. They looked very helpless.

Chu Yin took a few steps forward and moved her shoulder and neck.

She made them play with poop every time without directly hitting them. Because she only did this, it resulted in this kind of problem. Now that they met today, she needed to solve the problem once and for all.

As soon as Chu Yin came into their field of vision, their attention immediately shifted.


“Oh, isn’t this the top student next door!”

When Han Chuying saw Chu Yin, she quickly ran to her.

Why did she come by herself?? Doesn’t she know it’s frightening to provoke them!

Han Chuying looked at Chu Yin’s thin body, and her heart filled with more intense worry.

Ah, what if this beautiful woman gets beaten? No, no!

Chu Yin looked at the little gangsters, raised her chin slightly, and then took the lead in walking behind the school building.

“Elder sister, is this girl challenging us again?”

Han Chuying subconsciously wanted to catch up. But since she was much more rational, she ran back to Huiwen.

It’s no use for her to rush there. She has to find a male student to help them!


Chu Yin confronted the trio of sisters behind the school building.

They smiled with their fists, “You started it this time. We apologize in advance for our impoliteness…”

Chu Yin nodded and suddenly raised her hand.

“I know you like to play with poop, but today, I can’t let you play with them anymore!”

Because – word change permissions are too precious! And you don’t deserve it!

When they realized that she was insulting them, they immediately jumped in to fight her.


On the other hand, Zhao Qingyao was looking for help in school. Many people were angry when they heard that their classmates had been cheated by the students in the neighboring school. They were ready to go to the rescue.

Then, Han Chuying also ran back. She happened to meet Lu Zhen and Song Zhaolin.

The two of them looked very good at fighting. Han Chuying took a deep breath and immediately said, “Go to the neighboring school. They’re behind the school building.”

Song Zhaolin: “Ah?”

Lu Zhen was indifferent.

Han Chuying gasped for air: “Chu Yin was called away by the students of that school. I’m afraid she will be beaten!”

Song Zhaolin: “Ah?”

Before he could even finish speaking, the person beside him suddenly moved.

Song Zhaolin had known Lu Zhen for so long, but just discovered that he could run so fast.

In the blink of an eye, Lu Zhen rushed out of Huiwen’s school gate, so fast that his hair swayed behind his head.

Song Zhaolin panicked for a second. He immediately shook his arms and exclaimed: “Hurry up! Our school’s flower will be bullied! If you’re a man, follow me!”


Finally, a large group of people marched into the campus of the neighboring school.

“Where are they, Lin?”

Song Zhaolin was also a little confused. When he saw Lu Zhen’s back in the distance, he immediately yelled, “Hurry up! Follow Brother Zhen!”

A group of people stormed into the back of the school building.

Song Zhaolin shouted as he rushed forward, “Don’t be afraid! We’re coming!”

He rushed towards Lu Zhen’s back before poking out his head. In the distance, he saw that the girl in Huiwen’s school uniform kicked the gangster girl from the neighboring school.

That leg kick was very high.

From a positive point of view, the legs were extremely slender. The posture of the body was excellent. There was also a kind of aggressive tension.

And there were three people at her feet.

Song Zhaolin: Damn.

Everyone: *Speechless*

Chu Yin retracted her leg.

She just asked Zhao Qingyao to pull a few people at random. Why was it taking so long?

Chu Yin turned around and suddenly saw a large group of stupefied people.

In the middle of the crowd, Lu Zhen stood there, looking at her without blinking.

That pair of black eyes seemed to glint with something.

Chu Yin: “…”


I can explain!

Song Zhaolin stupidly said to Lu Zhen: “Brother Zhen.”

“I think your status as the school’s Apollo is not secure.”

This person can be handsome too?!!



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