I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 4

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 4 – Lu Zhen left again

Chu Yin got the correct answer?!

Song Zhaolin slipped back to class after sending Lu Zhen off. When he heard that Chu Yin was called, he worried about his table mate for a second. After hearing Chu Yin’s clear and smooth answer, he was suddenly shocked, “New classmate is pretty good!” 

Fu Mingxuan sat not far from Song Zhaolin and was suddenly very upset after hearing her answer.

How could Chu Yin be able to answer?

Fu Mingxuan scored the highest score in the class at the end of last semester in mathematics, which was higher than Chu Qiuqiu. She couldn’t think of a solution to this problem, how could this new student think of it?

Chu Qiuqiu on the stage was also stunned-

Her face was stiff and hot as she remembered what she said to Chu Yin before class, “You can ask me if you have any questions.” 

Yet, Chu Yin correctly answered the questions she couldn’t solve.

The math teacher complimented Chu Yin and asked Chu Qiuqiu to return to her seat.

She restrained her ugly expression and instead showed her elegance. When she went back to her seat, only to see that Chu Yin was playing with her phone, her mind suddenly moved.

Two minutes before class was about to finish, Chu Yin took out her phone to check the time while she leisurely played for a while. She then got up and left when the bell rang. 

Fu Mingxuan came over and asked Chu Qiuqiu: “She did the question just now?”

Chu Qiuqiu answered, her voice not too loud or quiet, but enough for everyone in class 5 to hear, “You can find the answers online.”

Fu Mingxuan breathed a sigh of relief and smiled sarcastically: “Of course, I know.”

The little sisters behind her came together to complain: “Why did she bother to pretend?”

“She isn’t pretty and doesn’t have good manners, maybe she did it to look good in front of others. Let her pretend…her true results will show in the exam!”

“That’s right when that moment comes, Ming Xuan will show her.”

After listening to their conversation, Song Zhaolin showed a face of confusion.

Was Chu Yin not good enough?

What’s more, there were answers on the internet? Why couldn’t he find it??

Chu Qiuqiu did not respond to Song Zhaolin’s doubts. She felt a little uneasy in her heart. She hurriedly walked to a place with no people, looked around, and then dialed an unknown number.

The phone was quickly connected. Chu Qiuqiu lowered her voice, “Find her transcript records and send it to me. I will treat you nicely after it’s done.”

The voice on the other side had a thick accent, and its tone was flattering: “No problem, Miss Chu. Don’t worry!”

When Chu Yin went to school the next day, she felt that the eyes of class 5 looked strangely at her.

It was just that no one bothered to notice her before, but today there were people in the class looking at her with mocking eyes as if they knew everything, pointing out her wrongdoings.

Chu Yin lived her second life again. She would not be affected by this naive behavior at all. Interpersonal relationships are so boring, how can it be more fun than learning? 

She tapped on the system: “What about today’s task?”

Xueji happily said: “Ding– according to system detection, today’s learning task is~ Please proficiently recite “Farewell Cambridge 1 popular poem by modern poet Xu Zhimo “, “Lanting Preface 2 describes the beauty of the mountains and waters around the Lanting and the joy of gatherings, expressing the author’s feelings about the impermanence of life and death. “, “Song of the Red Cliff 3 Poetry created by Su Shi, a writer of Northern Song Dynasty, when he was demoted “,  and “Travel to Bao Chan Mountain 4  travel note written in the form of remembrance after Wang Anshi, a statesman and thinker in the Northern Song Dynasty, visited Baochan Mountain on his way home from resignation.

Chu Yin: “…” 

She retracted the sentence of ‘learning is fun’.     

“~You can get permission to [Change Words] after you finish it~” Xueji added cheerfully.

Chu Yin: “…” 

She could do any exercise questions, as long as the system would not make her recite these poems. It was always her weakness and pain to memorize.

She could memorize any texts from the three subjects–history, geography, and politics, but classical Chinese is on a whole new level. 

However, to keep the reward, Chu Yin has to memorize them.

After a class break, she just barely finished memorizing the simplest poem out of the five listed “Farewell Cambridge”

Chu Yin was very worried about her progress. She wasn’t productive today at all.

Song Zhaolin, who was sitting next to her, tried to talk to her several times but didn’t find a chance.

Fu Mingxuan and the others came back after buying milk tea. They were disappointed because they didn’t meet Lu Zhen by chance, but when they saw Chu Yin, they immediately reaped the source of happiness.

“Look at her working hard. It’s not easy to maintain the personality of a good and clever student. It’s a pity that she still has to dress up like a scholar student!”

“Senior Chu and Senior Gu are going back to China today. Don’t the Chu family have a celebration banquet? Do you think this country bumpkin will attend?”

“How will she participate? Is it possible for her to wear a beautiful gown?” 

“Hahaha it is possible–“

Fu Mingxuan raised her eyebrows triumphantly: “Chu Qiuqiu invited me. I will send you some photos of her then.”

“Wow! I am envious.” 

“Xuan Xuan, you can meet the two handsome seniors.”

Although their second year of high school is more interested in Lu Zhen, Gu Qiuze in high school is the former school grass, Chu Shi is also a famous handsome guy in the school, usually, ordinary class people can easily reach. How can you not be envious?

Although Lu Zen is more popular than the two seniors, Gu Qiuze is the former school grass and Chu Shi is known to be one of the handsome boys in the school.

Ordinary people in ordinary classes can’t easily contact them. How can they not envy Fu Mingxian?

Chu Yin didn’t know what they were arranging in private, as she finally finished memorizing “Song of the Red Cliff” smoothly before school.

“Ding-three poems completed √ 60% of task completion. Host, come on~”

At the end of the last class, Chu Yin packed up her homework and left neatly with her backpack.

Song Zhaolin tried to open his mouth, but couldn’t even call her. His expression was extremely depressed.


People in Class 5 saw it and sympathized: “How about you, Linzi? Is it uncomfortable to sit with her?”

Song Zhaolin nodded: “Uncomfortable.” 

The beauty is too sassy and he couldn’t even speak to her!!!

Chu Yin sat in the car arranged by the Chu family. She read the textbooks along the way.

The driver looked at the daughter, who was just picked up from the countryside, from the rearview mirror, and found that she was completely different from the other lady. 

She doesn’t talk much. She is simple but very hardworking. After taking off her mask, her beautiful face was revealed, unlike Miss Chu Qiuqiu who could not go out without makeup.

No one would dislike such a good kid. The driver deliberately drove the car smoothly and opened the door for Chu Yin when they arrived.

When Chu Yin arrived and saw that the whole villa was decorated, she remembered that today was her brother’s celebration banquet.


After returning to the Chu family in her previous life, Chu Yin always thought that her brother liked Chu Qiuqiu more than her. But after the Chu family went bankrupt, their parents were busy saving their careers, Chu Qiuqiu was busy hooking up with other wealthy sons to maintain her wealthy life, but only her elder brother cared about her being imprisoned by Lu Zhen.

For several years, her elder brother had been trying hard for Gu family to save her, but Lu Zhen quickly settled down as the head of the Lu family, and his extreme desire to control her was too intense.

Before her death in her previous life, her brother and Gu Qiuze returned to China to find Chu Yin, but it was a pity that Chu Yin had died before they could even rescue her…

Thinking of the last scene of the previous life…Chu Yin felt another turbulent killing intent rising from her gut.

Even after the system told her that she died, when she thought of her death in Lu Zhen’s bed, she wanted to kill that dog man…!

But even though she wanted to see her brother, Chu Yin didn’t plan to attend the banquet. In her previous life, she accompanied Lu Zhen to participate too many times and had seen all kinds of big shots and big scenes. 

Although she had the ability and manners to attend such a high-level banquet, she was just really tired of such hypocritical social occasions.

At this time, the Chu parents would not care about her, so Chu Yin simply went upstairs to her room and went on to study.

At night, there was a little noise downstairs. The guests arrived at Chu’s house with gifts, both the Chu father and Chu mother were busy socializing. Chu Qiuqiu dressed up beautifully, like a butterfly, circling among her little friends.

“Qiuqiu, where is your sister?” One of her friends asked maliciously.

Chu Qiuqiu glanced at the closed door upstairs and smiled softly: “My sister is not suitable for such an occasion.”

“Hahaha, that’s right.”

“If she comes, she will be embarrassed.”

“I’m so envious of Qiu Qiu. Your brother is handsome and he loves you dearly. You also can be close to Senior Gu Qiuze.”

Chu Qiuqiu raised her eyebrows, and with a reserved smile, she said, “Wait for me to introduce brother and Senior Gu to you.”


“Qiuqiu, you are so good!”

After the clock ticked at 8 pm, the two protagonists finally appeared on the stage and greeted everyone. There were claps and applauses.

As the eldest sons of the two families, Chu Shi and Gu Qiuze were accustomed to such scenes. They were dragged by the two parents to entertain each other.

After finally being polite, Chu Shi took a glass of wine and looked around.

Chu Mother was very proud and satisfied with her son, as she smiled and said: “Later on when the Song family arrives, you can greet them.”

“Okay.” Chu Shi nodded as he looked around the room full of people gathering.

Suddenly he asked, “Xiao Yin has come back?”

Chu Mother nodded: “She is back. Remember to visit your sister later. She is not familiar with us yet.”

Chu Shi suddenly interrupted her: “Mom, you held a celebration banquet since I won a prize. But when Xiao Yin finally came home, why wasn’t there any welcome banquet for her?”

Chu Mother was startled.

Chu Shi didn’t say anything and walked towards his friend.

Gu Qiuze touched his glasses and asked in a low voice, “Why don’t you go see her after?”

Chu Shi took a deep breath.

On the plane back from the United States, he had a dream. 

In his dream, he saw that in a few years, their family would go bankrupt. Chu Qiuqiu, who had been raised in the family for ten years, turned directly to join other high-profile families, while his sister was imprisoned by that bastard Lu Zhen. 

In the dream, he didn’t see his sister even in her last moments, so he woke up with grief. Then, his thoughts were all about seeing his sister once he came back.

Chu Shi drank the wine in one breath and put the empty glass on the servant’s tray: “Go now.” 

He walked two steps forwards before turning around to look at Gu Qiuze: “You too.”

Gu Qiuze: “???”

If the dream was true, then his good friend, Gu Qiuze, is interested in his sister. 

In this life, he must hurry up and work hard to bring Gu Qiuze and Chu Yin together before Lu Zhen snatches his sister back. 

The Gu family is the only family that can compete with the Lu family. If the love match was successful, his younger sister would no longer fall into Lu Zhen’s hands!

At this moment, Chu Qiuqiu brought her friends over and embraced Chu Shi affectionately in front of them: “Brother, my friends all want to know you and Brother Qiuze~” 

The girls were immediately embarrassed as they shyly tucked their hair away.

Chu Shi thought of her arrogance in his dream, and showed a flat expression: “Where is Xiao Yin?” 

Chu Qiuqiu was stunned.

The girls behind her were also stunned. Doesn’t Senior Chu Shi only love Chu Qiuqiu? 

Why did he want to meet that country bumpkin the first time he arrived home?? And, how could he address her so intimately?

Chu Qiuqiu’s face was a bit pale: “Yes, she’s upstairs.”

Chu Shi nodded and went upstairs with Gu Qiuze.

When the door of the room was knocked, Chu Yin had just finished memorizing “Travel to Bao Chan Mountains”.

She was drinking water when the system notified,

“Ding–Recitation task completed √ Unlock the script on the next page and get permission to [change a word]! The host has worked hard~”

Before Chu Yin had time to read the script on the next page, she wiped her lips and opened the door.

Seeing Chu Shi standing outside the door, she was a little surprised, and whispered: “Brother?” 

Chu Shi didn’t know why, but she was a little excited when she saw her brother.

He coughed twice and asked, “Do you still recognize me?”

Chu Yin nodded.

Chu Shi raised his hand and gently touched her head: “Come out, your brother will take you to eat and will introduce you to a new friend.”

Chu Yin felt it was a little strange. In her previous life, it took a while before her brother got close to her. But, he might have come here because she didn’t attend the banquet, whereas, in her last life, she did.

She was very happy to see her brother and nodded, “Okay.”

Only when she left the room, Chu Yin suddenly was confused when she saw the ‘new friend’ that Chu Shi mentioned.

Gu Qiuze leaned against the railing on the second floor, his eyes lit up when she came out and then smiled friendly.

Gu Qiuze’s facial features are bright and handsome, and his smile is like the mint-scented wind. It’s to win the favor of girls with a boy like this. Although Chu Yin didn’t like him in her previous life, she didn’t dislike Gu Qiuze either.

But…Lu Zhen hated him very much.

The only son of the Lu family and the eldest son of the Gu family were compared by the families since childhood. Lu Zhen didn’t hide his hate against Gu Qiuze.

This disgust later also fermented Lu Zhen’s morbid possessiveness towards Chu Yin, that it left a heavy shadow on her. 

As long as she had sporadic contact with Gu Qiuze, Lu Zhen would appear, causing her to suffer.

Fortunately, Lu Zhen would never come to this occasion that celebrated Gu Qiuze’s winning.

Chu Shi led Chu Yin over and introduced enthusiastically: “This is Gu Qiuze, one year older than you, and a classmate of your brother. He has good looks, good character, and also the eldest son at his family…”

Gu Qiuze interrupted him: “Shut up.”

After speaking, he turned to Chu Yin and smiled: “Hello, I’m Gu Qiuze.”

Chu Yin pursed her lips and told herself that everything was different.

Lu Zhen hadn’t seen her yet.

“Hello, I……”

Just as she said three words, the door downstairs was suddenly pushed open, and there was a clear ‘creak’ sound.

—At that instant moment, Chu Yin had a bad premonition in her heart.

Then, she heard someone exclaim: “Isn’t that Young Master Lu?!”

Chu Yin: “…”

Damn you, Lu Zhen.

Xueji said: “Host, you can’t ignore the power of the male lead~”

Chu Yin: “Load the script, hurry up.” 

The glowing pages of the book spread out, and Chu Yin suddenly saw the script 

【Lu Zhen arrived.】

With these four characters, she suddenly regretted that she didn’t finish reading the script before opening the door to her brother.

Even more frightening was that there was another sentence in the script: 

【The young man walked into the entrance, holding a gift box. His indifferent gaze looked around and saw Gu Qiuze standing by the balcony on the second floor, and next to him was…】

Chu Yin: “!!!!”

Xueji said: “Host, the male lead is about to see you~”

Chu Yin didn’t hesitate, and immediately moved the tip of the light pen to the sentence 【Lu Zhen arrived.】.

How to change?

——Lu Zhen died?

——Lu Zhen ceased to exist?

——Lu Zhen…Lu Zhen limped?

Xueji: “…You can’t do that, host.”

The moment Lu Zhen’s figure walked the entrance door, Chu Yin was suddenly blessed with an idea, and crossed out the word “arrived”.

Chu Yin changed “arrived” to “left”

【Lu Zhen arrived left.】

Xueji: “…[clapped hands] amazing!”

Everyone greeted him enthusiastically downstairs: “Young Master Lu!——”

Then they saw Lu Zhen walk-in indifferently, put down the gift box, and then walked away.

The door creaked and closed again, only the autumn wind swept the hall.

The people who were swept away: “…..”

This Young Master Lu…is quite cold?



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