I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 40 part 2

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Chapter 40 – I’m the scum sister! (2)

Chu Yin was startled, realizing that he had asked this question before. It was the time when Fu Mingxuan forcibly pulled off her mask near the pool. After that incident, Lu Zhen asked her this same question.

At that time, she still had her good student persona. She didn’t expect that half a year later, her good persona would fall apart!

She hates it!!

But at this time, there was no need to rebuild her image. The plot had derailed so much already that Chu Yin even had the impulse to break away from the plot completely.

She lightly said, “I trained to beat an asshole someday.”

Lu Zhen was slightly startled before he regained himself. He laughed as he said, “Then he is quite miserable.”

Chu Yin snorted in her heart – that asshole’s life had been miserable lately…experiencing a driving speed of 180 mph.

“But he probably deserves it.” Lu Zhen added.

Chu Yin:?

Thank you for mocking yourself!

The dog man himself said that he deserved it. It felt good hearing it from him.

When her classmates came, she was already cleaning the battlefield, so she didn’t leave any room for them to take pictures and videos. But because of this, Chu Yin’s image and reputation had eight versions which were quickly spread in the forum and various social media groups.

Song Zhaolin broadcasted to Chu Yin in real-time, “Sister Yin, you gained more female fans today.”

Chu Yin: “…”

“They started a fight over you.” Song Zhaolin said while reading the chat history. “In the end, Han Chuyin won because she slept with you for ten days, which was envied by others.”

Chu Yin: “I think you have less homework today.”

Song Zhaolin: “Also, you have more male fans! Older and younger ones. In this category, I won against them because the bond we share as tablemates couldn’t be defeated.”

Chu Yin smiled, “Father-son love is thicker.”

These Huiwen high school students are too idle.

Is being a high school student not giving you any sense of urgency! Seniors are about to take the college entrance examination soon!

It’s more important to learn at this time!

Because of Chu Yin’s recent handsome activity, the expectation of the whole grade towards Class 5’s drama was higher than ever. Everyone was excited after hearing that Chu Yin would be participating.

In addition to learning, Chu Yin studied her lines as well as figuring out her scumbag character. 

Song Zhaolin was under the most pressure. He’s the male lead of the play! He must not lose to the role of Sister Yin!

But on second thought, he felt he had the advantage. After all, he didn’t need to study, while Chu Yin would take some time off to study. Moreover, Sister Yin would be wearing a wig and a man’s outfit, which wouldn’t compare to his natural handsome look.

As a result, Song Zhaolin completely abandoned his studies, choosing to practice his script lines instead.

In the evening at Song’s residence, Song Yanchuan just finished a call with someone. He frowned when he heard Song Zhaolin reciting his lines from the balcony. To understand him, he asked, “What are you doing?”

Song Zhaolin was craving an audience, so he improvised and showed his majestic acting skills.

Song Yanchuan listened carefully to the content of his lines of, “I will always guard you.” and “The world is full of evil, butyou are as clear as the rain and dew.”

He felt disgusted and nauseous. He almost wanted to hit this stupid brother.

“What the hell are you doing?”

Song Zhaolin shook his hair, revealing his dreamy smile, “I’m acting as a handsome male lead.”

Song Yanchuan: “…”

He looked at his brother’s face and evaluated his temperament.

Song Yanchuan commented, “Then you have to work hard.”

Song Zhaolin: ?? Are you insulting me?

In a blink of an eye, it’s the rehearsal day of the art festival. 

Many people had changed into their performance costumes. For their dance show, Fu Mingxuan and her female classmates wore white feather skirts and delicate make-up. They looked beautiful and eye-catching.

Fu Mingxuan glanced at the students who were acting in the drama. They were all dressed in ordinary clothes. Chu Yin didn’t even change her school uniform.

They weren’t shining at all. Fu Mingxuan couldn’t help but proudly think that she had to carry the performance rating for their class.

Chu Yin sat in the corner with a piece of paper spread out in front of her. The order of the rehearsal was posted on the screen. The people who finished practicing could then leave. Chu Yin was quite envious of them because their practice would almost be finished.

Fu Mingxuan and others quickly came to the stage and started dancing to the accompaniment. None of them had studied dancing professionally. Although their postures were mediocre, their expression and costumes outshined everything.

Zhao Qingyao and two teachers watched the rehearsal. After the performance, they would give out their comments and advice.

Fu Mingxuan took over the stage and confidently walked off with a smile. The next performance happened to be Chu Qiuqiu’s. As soon as the plastic sisters met off the stage, they started biting each other again.

“Xuanxuan, your dancing performance was so wonderful~” Chu Qiuqiu’s eyes were shining as if she was envious, “I feel like my zither skills aren’t good compared to yours.”

She was implicating that she was a professional zither player while Fu Mingxuan and the others were amateurs.

“…..” Fu Mingxuan rolled her eyes and smirked, “Don’t be afraid, Qiuqiu. Your level 6 zither skill is good! Although Liang Yueqi is level 9, I don’t believe that you can’t beat her!”

Fu Mingxuan didn’t want to praise Liang Yueqi at all, but as long as she could insult Chu Qiuqiu, then it was fine.

Chu Qiuqiu: “…”

She competed against Liang Yueqi before. Liang Yueqi’s zither skill was much better than her. She didn’t know where Fu Mingxuan got this information from.

After exchanging insults with Fu Mingxuan, Chu Qiuqiu stepped onto the stage with Liang Yueqi and sat down behind the guzheng.


Although Liang Yueqi’s guzheng skill was better than her, she still had the talent to stand on the same stage as her.

Chu Qiuqiu inquired about her sister’s participation in this event and found that her sister only took a supporting role in her class’s drama.

This made Chu Qiuqiu feel superior. Chu Yin was, after all, a country bumpkin.

After the performance, the audience applauded. Chu Qiuqiu glanced at Chu Yin in the corner area with Class 5 and smiled gracefully.

Liang Yueqi sneered in her heart. Before, she was upset that Chu Yin defeated her. But now, Chu Qiuqiu? Pretending to be a pro player with this kind of skill?

Chu Yin, who was sitting in the audience, was completely unaware of the undercurrent storm surging between these women. She finished a whole set of questions before looking up to find that the auditorium was almost empty.

“Oh, what a pity!” Song Zhaolin sighed beside her.

Chu Yin: “What’s the matter?”

“The piano couldn’t be delivered today. Brother Zhen originally was going to play the piano!”

The girls from Class 5 looked regretful.

Chu Yin was slightly distracted, suddenly remembering the past events of her previous life.


Lu Zhen did perform the piano while she chose the music.

At that time, she didn’t know anything about piano music. Lu Zhen insisted that she choose a song. Later that day, she went home and secretly searched for the most difficult piece of Beethoven’s – Piano Sonata Opus 106.

She originally thought that he would give up, but on the day of the performance, Lu Zhen still played the song.

All the girls in the school went crazy.

Lu Zhen hugged her on that day and told her he had been practicing this piano piece for a long time. Chu Yin didn’t tell him he was handsome while playing the piano, and instead kicked him and told him to go away.

Looking back, it felt like a lifetime ago.


“Sister Yin, it’s our turn now!” Song Zhaolin poked her.

Chu Yin recovered from her thoughts and stepped onto the stage with Class 5. The auditorium was almost empty. Zhang Qingyao watched them on the stage and gave expectant and encouraging expressions.

Chu Yin only appeared a few times on the stage. She spent most of her time waiting on the side, watching Song Zhaolin show off his charms.

LinLin surprisingly performed well. Because of his comedic aura, the teachers were amused by him.

Chu Yin finished her part conscientiously. It was gratifying that the female classmate who acted with her did not blush this time.

When they got off the stage, the rehearsal was over. Chu Yin picked up her bag and planned to go home to study, but was suddenly stopped by Han Chuying.

“Thanks, I’ve decided!” Her eyes brightened in the dim light of the auditorium.

“Decided what?”

“I’ll take care of your makeup during the art festival!” Han Chuying clenched her fist, “I must make you the most handsome scumbag!”

Chu Yin: You don’t have to though?

Han Chuying would make sure that her Sister Yin is the most beautiful in her performance! For sure!

The weather had completely warmed up in April. Huiwen’s art festival finally began.

The front row of the auditorium was reserved for the school leaders, while the back of the auditorium was for the students. The audience was very excited.

Chu Yin was pulled to a separate room by Han Chuying to do her makeup.

Han Chuying carefully took out a wig from her bag: “I spent a lot of money to buy this. I was reluctant to take it out, but you deserve to wear it.”

The wig in her hand cost a thousand dollars. Han Chuying felt that only Chu Yin’s face was worthy of it!

Chu Yin: “So expensive. Don’t make me wear…”

Han Chuying firmly cut her off: “You should wear it!”

Then she started her tiger operation.

Twenty minutes later, Han Chuying finished fixing her wig completely. She stepped back, looked at Chu Yin’s face, and was so mesmerized that she could hardly breathe.

Sister! Sister! Too Handsome! Ah!

The color of the hair was black with a trace of dark blue. It complemented the fair skin of Chu Yin. Her forehead was covered with thin bangs. Since the wig’s hair went down to her neck, it made her look like a delicate teenager.

Chu Yin looked in the mirror and found her appearance interesting.

Han Chuying applied soft makeup on Chu Yin. Highlights and makeup shadows made her originally gentle features more youthful and three-dimensional.

Chu Yin changed into a classic white shirt, a loose black tie, and a two-button collar.

Chu Yin raised her hand to rub the tip of her nose.

It’s her first time dressing as a man. She wasn’t used to it at first and had to look in the mirror for a while.

Han Chuying was excited, “You must show up later, okay? It will cause a commotion!”

What kind of School Apollo do you want? Isn’t she enough!!!

Chu Yin smiled helplessly, “I know.”

After helping Chu Yin, Han Chuyin helped Zhao Qingyao with her makeup. Chu Yin stayed alone for a while before slipping backstage to watch the performances.

As soon as she entered the corridor, she heard the sound of a piano.

“Brother Zhen is so handsome, Wuwu…”

“My husband! I want to be that piano.”

Chu Yin leaned against the wall and listened for a while.

He didn’t play Opus 106 in this life. Instead, he played a melodious tune. The sound of the piano was like a kind of deep confession.

She glanced at the audience through the curtain and found that the reaction of the girls was the same as in her previous life.

Lu Zhen, who was wearing a white shirt, sat in front of the piano. He had a silver brooch attached to his chest. 

He lowered his head as he played the piano, his slender fingers flying across the piano keys.

Chu Yin applauded when his performance ended.

Seeing that it’s time for her class to perform soon, Chu Yin turned to find Song Zhaolin.

Everyone came to see Lu Zhen playing the piano so no one was in the corridor.

Once she came to the waiting area of Class 5, everyone suddenly fell silent as they looked at her blankly.

Chu Yin‘s lips pursed as she raised her hand, “Hi?”

All of the things that the girls were holding fell to the ground with a bang.



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