I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 40 part 3

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Chapter 40 – I’m the scum sister! (3)

Song Zhaolin’s eyes widened exaggeratedly – Who is this handsome man??

Chu Yin felt embarrassed about being stared at. She rubbed the tip of her nose, “Is it too eye-catching and extravagant?”

Song Zhaolin finally recovered, “Ahhh!!”

He lost to his Sister Yin!

What kind of person is she? Is it okay for a girl to be this handsome?!!

The faces of the female students who had a role with Chu Yin were already blushing at this moment.

— We can’t help it! We don’t want to push this handsome scumbag away at all. We just want to shout, “We like you!”

Because of Chu Yin’s stunning appearance, the entire performance group was extremely excited. Everyone’s state instantly elevated. They wanted to go to the stage and perform immediately!

Finally, the host announced that it was Class 5’s turn to perform. The audience was hysterical.

Fu Mingxuan, Chu Qiuqiu, and Liang Yueqi had finished performing. At the moment, they were sitting in different positions, waiting for Chu Yin to appear.

If she didn’t perform well, she would be ridiculed.

The stage lights dimmed before they brightened again. The show started with Song Zhaolin’s appearance.

The plot was not complicated. Because Song Zhaolin’s expression was so expressive, the audience burst into laughter from time to time.

Tan Ke laughed among the audience, “How can Lin Zi act so badly? I will die of laughter!”

Lu Zhen’s lips curled up with a smile.

Song Zhaolin, the leading actor, met the leading actress in a form of misunderstanding. Their feelings warmed up amusingly. Just when their feelings were about to go deeper, the scumbag man appeared on stage.

With background music, Chu Yin slowly stepped onto the stage.

Under the spotlight, the short-haired beautiful boy lazily walked into the audience’s field of vision.

Her shirt was loose, her black tie swayed slightly, and her casual expression looked fascinating.

The whole auditorium fell silent.

Lu Zhen looked at her without blinking, subconsciously holding his breath.

Chu Yin felt guilty for a second but forced herself to continue. She walked up to the leading actress with a smile. She tilted her head and said, “What’s the deal with that poor boy? How about you look at me instead?”

Even before the leading actress could answer, a scream came out of the auditorium, “Okay!!!!—”

Because she was too excited, the voice echoed and reverberated in the whole venue.

The people burst into laughter.

But then, people shouted one after another, “Me too!”

“I am also willing!”

It took a long time for the audience to settle down.

Chu Yin: “…”

Chu Yin firmly maintained her scumbag nature. She finished her part amidst the blushing face of the leading actress. After stepping off the stage, she supported herself on the wall and thought deeply.

Did I make a mistake acting like a scumbag?

At this moment, all of the WeChat groups exploded.

[Ah, Chu Yin’s appearance today!]

[Sister Yin, how about me? I am willing!!]

[I’m announcing now that I’m voting Chu Yin as the school’s Apollo next year! Brother Zhen, I’m sorry!!]

Chu Qiuqiu and the others looked very complicated.

They thought that Chu Yin’s acting might be bad and her lines would be awkward. They also thought that she wouldn’t perform well. They never thought that she would outshine their expectations!

At the end of the curtain call, as all the actors bowed side by side, the whole auditorium screamed.

Tan Ke exclaimed: “That was absolutely amazing.”

Turning to see Lu Zhen, he saw him leaning back in his chair and laughing.

“Why are you laughing, Brother Zhen?”

Lu Zhen smiled and said in a low voice: “It’s okay to be a father.”

Tan Ke was confused: “Ah?”

Lu Zhen didn’t explain any further and only watched Chu Yin with a smile.

Really handsome.

On that day, the total votes for the art festival performances were released. Class 5’s drama placed first on the rankings.

The number of votes was several hundred higher than Lu Zhen’s piano solo.

Class 5 got the first place prize and the enthusiasm didn’t dissipate for several days. The picture of Chu Yin’s performance was widely spread throughout the entire school. 

Song Zhaolin saw that someone used Chu Yin’s photo for their mobile desktop.

He felt more and more sure that Brother Zhen’s status as the school’s Apollo was not guaranteed. And that his Sister Yin would take both titles.

Meanwhile, Chu Yin felt that she could finally focus on studying since the festival was over.


But she did not expect that the aftermath of the art festival was bigger than she thought.

First, pink love letters began to appear on her table.

And then they began to upgrade into a variety of girlish little gifts.

Seeing the handwriting from those gifts, she could guess that some of them were written by boys.

Chu Yin went out to get water and saw several girls with blushing faces in the corridor.

She could tolerate it since they were girls.

But she soon saw someone she couldn’t bear——

Chu Yin stood at the door of the women’s toilet, calmly looking at the timid first-year high school student. “What’s the matter?”

The freshman male student shyly looked at Chu Yin and said, “I always thought I was bent.”

“…” Chu Yin looked at him in silence, “I think your guess is right.”

He carefully brushed his hair and loudly said, “But since I saw you, I think I can love again!”

Chu Yin: I can’t!!

The young freshman confessed super loudly, “I’m willing to do anything for you!”

Chu Yin wanted to collapse, “I can’t be the man that rides a horse!!!”


The incident regarding Chu Yin and the gay freshman student quickly spread.

After Song Zhaolin finished eating melon seeds in the VIP spot, he went and told Lu Zhen and friends.

“I think she wants to hit him, but she’s trying her best to endure hahahaha–”

Tan Ke burst into laughter. Next to him, Lu Zhen’s face was tranquil.

After observing for a few days, his sense of crisis grew. Chu Yin is so popular.

Both…men and women.

She was much gentler to girls than to boys. Lu Zhen didn’t know whether this was a good thing or not.

Chu Yin received all kinds of confession letters and gifts every day. Because many of them didn’t put their names, she couldn’t return them.

Song Zhaolin sighed, “I think there are people who still give gifts like rings. They’re very coquettish. I don’t know who Sister Yin will choose.”

Lu Zhen slightly lowered his eyes and rubbed his knuckles.

He can’t wait.

Chu Yin fled home as soon as school was over. She didn’t dare to stay in school any longer, otherwise she would encounter strange suitors.

She originally intended to be part of the background, but who knew it would become like this.

After finishing today’s task, Chu Yin planned to unlock the script and prevent strange people like that freshman student from coming at her.

After opening the script, she suddenly saw a scene with Lu Zhen in it.

【Lu Zhen passed by the pet shop not knowing why. He stopped outside the glass window for a while before going inside the shop. He teased the little animals through the cage.】

【Finally, Lu Zhen bought a cat. He wanted to give it to someone. 】

After seeing this, Chu Yin suddenly remembered something——

In her last life, Lu Zhen gave her a cat.

That was the only thing that Chu Yin didn’t resist among all of the gifts that he sent. Because the cat was small and fierce, it resembled a little like herself, who had just been picked up from the countryside.

Chu Yin tried to take care of the cat, but there were always some fresh scratches on the back of her hand.

Because of that, Lu Zhen took the cat away and kept it for himself. 

So, is this “someone” her?

Dog man is going back to the original plot! Do you have any bad thoughts?!

Ah, ah, no no no no!!

Chu Yin pondered for two seconds and then decided to use the precious authority to manually stop the dog man.

So she crossed out a word.

The evening breeze was gentle in the early spring.

Lu Zhen happened to pass by a pet shop.

He had been thinking about it for many days about what she would like.

Seeing the cat screaming fiercely in the glass window, Lu Zhen’s heart moved.

As he opened the door of the pet shop, the wind chime rang gently.

Twenty minutes later, the glass door opened again, and the owner’s enthusiastic voice came out of the door.

——”Come back next time!”

Lu Zhen came out. He quietly held the warm animal on his body as the evening breeze blew for a while.

The little thing on his hand rubbed his arm affectionately, making his heart soft.

And then, “wheeze”——

The pig gave a clear cry.

After a long while.

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes expressionlessly and looked at the thing in his arms.

He…why did he buy a pig?



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