I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 41 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Edited by: Chris

Chapter 41 – Take responsibility for the piglet (1)

The Lu family had a pig.

This whole ordeal was both strange and funny.

The mansion that was owned by the wealthiest Lu family was considered the most precious area in the city of China. The garden of the Lu family was designed by well-known foreign masters.

Now, among the majestic flower garden of the Lu family, a happy pig was running around.

Lu Zhen looked at the pig silently. No one could tell what this young master was thinking at the moment.

After feeding the pig and washing his hands, he searched the web page: Can a little pig grow bigger?

The first results on the web page were these huge words: “Will grow”.

Lu Zhen: “…”

He walked into the garden again. Looking at the lively little pig, he was lost in thought.

Grandfather Lu walked over on his crutches. He watched his grandson for a while before he made his presence known. “If you like, you can raise it and fatten it up. Don’t worry. If it’s too big, there’s enough space at this mansion anyway.”

“…” Lu Zhen wanted to explain, but after thinking about it, he decided to forget it, “Okay.” 

The grandfather and grandson were speechless for a while. On the warm spring day, they admired the pig side by side for a while.

After a while, Grandfather Lu remembered something. He looked at Lu Zhen, “That last time…have you seen your mother?”

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes slightly: “I’ve seen her.” 

Grandfather Lu sighed, “It’s been so many years…”

Su Yumin, the daughter-in-law of the Lu family, was born from a humble background. Su Yumin was a famous beauty at that time.

Despite the family opposition, Lu Zhen’s father married Su Yumin.

In Lu Zhen’s memory, his mother was indeed too beautiful. His father often loses his mind because of envy and jealousy. Lu Zhen didn’t know if his family could be considered normal compared to other ordinary families because his family broke apart quickly.

His father died in a car accident. His mother became mentally ill and was still recuperating.

The most unfortunate thing was that she couldn’t stay near her son. Whenever Lu Zhen gets close, she would appear anxious, uneasy, and would try to stay away from him.

Lu Zhen never mentioned it to others. He often went to visit her alone.

But because of Su Yumin’s state, he rarely gets close to her. He only watched from outside the ward, a distance away from her. When she’s not inside the room, he would change the flower in her bedside vase.

He actually visited her not long ago when he and Lu Linyuan went to visit her that day.

But for some reason, Lu Zhen didn’t say it.

“How can a mother not recognize her biological son? If you are free, go and see her more. It’s inconvenient for me to go. She also doesn’t want to see me. I have to let Linyuan run these errands…”

Lu Zhen’s tone was very light: “Don’t trouble uncle in the future. I can go.”

“Well, Lin Yuan’s identity is not suitable either…” Father Lu said before succumbing to a fit of coughs.

Lu Zhen hurriedly supported him as he frowned, “I’ll call Dr. Liu to come over.”

Grandfather Lu waved his hand. At this moment, a gentle and concerned voice came from behind them, “Dad, did you cough again?”

Lu Linyuan came over and softly patted Grandfather Lu’s back.

Grandfather Lu said, “All right! Don’t worry about this old man. You all can go ahead.”

After Lu Zhen left, Lu Linyuan talked with the old man for a while. Lu Linyuan walked out of the Lu family mansion after Grandfather Lu finally rested. 

When he passed by the garden, he saw the little pig slowly walking around.

He turned back, glancing around. The servant stepped forward and explained, “It was bought by the young master.”

“Oh?” Lu Linyuan smiled from the bottom of his eyes and asked in great interest, “Did the young master buy it for himself? Or – for someone else?”

The servant shook his head. “The young master didn’t mention anything. But he didn’t seem to have any plans of giving it away for the time being.”

Lu Linyuan let out a “hum” then walked out the gate with a light smile before getting inside the car.

The assistant handed over a document. Lu Linyuan took it, skimmed it, and suddenly asked, “How is the young master in school? Is there anything special going on?”

The assistant replied: “The young master played a famous piano piece at the school art festival.”

Lu Linyuan raised his eyebrows, smiled, and asked, “What about his classmate? Chu Yin?” 

The assistant didn’t seem to understand why he suddenly asked a random person. After thinking about it, he replied, “This girl is also very popular at school. But she has nothing to do with the young master.”

“That’s it…”

Lu Linyuan smiled, then waved his hand, signaling the driver to drive out of the mansion.

“Pay more attention to this child.”

“Understood, sir.”

Ever since Chu Yin forced the pig on Lu Zhen that day, she hadn’t received any gift from the dog man.

She also secretly observed Lu Zhen for a few days in case the dog man would have any thoughts that he shouldn’t have. She must destroy them as early as she can.

But she still couldn’t understand if Lu Zhen was in a good mood or not. Even after raising the pig for days, he was still calm. It made everything confusing. Did he like pigs or not?

Chu Yin pondered for a while, but couldn’t understand why Lu Zhen would have thoughts of giving her a gift this time? The previous few times had reasons.

For example, she received the pure gold Buddha statue because of her bad luck. While the expensive pen she received was considered a thank-you gift for the cookies. But now, why did he want to give her a gift again?

Is it because she was too handsome in men’s clothes during the art festival?

She hadn’t noticed this in her last life, but is it possible that the dog man has this habit…?


Chu Yin started doubting whether she chose the wrong path of helping Lu Zhen and Liang Yueqi reconnect their love line. Would it have a different effect if Lu Zhen was given a handsome man?

It seemed that she needed to use her imagination.

But as soon as she went to school, Chu Yin had a headache after seeing a sophomore guy standing in front of her.

This young student was named Hao Diao. He was not ugly, but rather like a pure little brother. 

However, under the April weather, he wore a sleeveless vest, showing two bare, white arms. He looked more like a bald peacock.

Hao Diao shyly stood in front of her, “Senior Sister Chu, I know what you were thinking these days.”

Chu Yin: “What am I thinking?”

She was thinking about whether to choose language or economy as a good elective course.

Hao Diao blinked with his pair of big eyes: “You’re thinking of me.”

“…” Chu Yin was silent for a second, “I’m sorry. I didn’t even consider you.”

Hao Diao wanted to cry: “It must be that I’m not good enough.”

Chu Yin was heartless, “Glad that you know.”

Hao Diao: “…” 

He couldn’t take all of this. Can’t I get just an ounce of pity from you?

Hao Diao planned to continue acting pitifully but he was suddenly hit by someone from the side. He bounced out in waves and screamed, “What the!”

Han Chuying blocked Chu Yin silently, and said righteously: “Smelly man! Don’t make my Sister Yin suffer!”

With that, she helped Chu Yin escape.

Hao Diao was so angry that he stomped his feet three times – where did this little bitch come from!

Han Chuying entered the school building with Chu Yin while giving her good information, “Hao Diao is popular among gay guys since he is really good-looking.”

Chu Yin “…I don’t understand.”

Han Chuying knew a lot of things. Chu Yin sometimes suspected that she was a genius – otherwise, how could she stay up-to-date on all of the gossip and still get second place on exams??

“Anyway, there are a lot of gay students in this school. This time because you are so handsome, they turned their attention to you.”

Chu Yin: “Should I be honored?”

“No need!” Han Chuying sent her off at the door of Class 5. Before going away, she seriously advised, “Sister, don’t be seduced by these stinky men – oh – and sisters.”

Chu Yin nodded: “Okay.” 

She didn’t plan to do so.

It’s enough to deal with a dog man.

Han Chuying continued: “–In this way, your beauty is still public property! Everyone can appreciate it!”

A few girls who passed by nodded after hearing this passionate sentence.

“Yes, yes!”

“If you don’t love me, don’t love others.”

Chu Yin: Excuse me?

The flowers were blooming under the warm weather of the spring. The courses of this semester were much more detailed than the last semester.

Huiwen invited specialized teachers to teach the physical education classes. Because of this, this course became the most heated topic for the students.

“Sister Yin, what course will you choose?” Song Zhaolin asked.

Most of the students in the class were curious. They also wanted to take the same course as Chu Yin. Zhao Yuxiong and some other students tilted slightly, letting their ears face the side.

Chu Yin’s attitude towards physical education was very traditional – that is, it’s good if you can paddle, but if you can’t paddle, you also have to paddle even if you can’t.

She didn’t have to take PE classes with many people in them. It would affect her learning quality.

“Don’t ask.” Chu Yin pulled Song Zhaolin’s head aside.

Zhao Yuxiong and the others turned back in disappointment.

Song Zhaolin: “I’ll give you my recommendations. There are more handsome little brothers in the fencing course, more beautiful sisters in the tennis course, and more foolish male students in the basketball course.”

Zhao Yuxiong, who was eavesdropping, felt instantly insulted, “Damn you, Lin Zi!”1 Zhao Yuxiong is in the basketball course. So it’s like Song Zhaolin is calling him foolish.

Song Zhaolin raised his face slightly.

While watching the course elective system on her mobile phone, Chu Yin sighed, “Lin Lin, it’s a miracle that you have lived to this day without being killed.”



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