I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 41 part 2

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Chapter 41 – Take responsibility for the piglet (2)

Chu Yin could directly see the number of students in each elective course. As Song Zhaolin said, fencing and tennis were popular courses. As Chu Yin reviewed all the courses, she took fancy to a class which only had eight people present–

Sanda Class 1 Chinese boxing / kickboxing

Song Zhaolin peeked at the course that Chu Yin had clicked and almost spat out his saliva. 

Sister Yin!

After the successful prompt on her phone, Chu Yin immediately felt that the quality of learning in this PE course was guaranteed. She was very satisfied.

PE classes started the next day after the course selection system closed.

Song Zhaolin took the tennis class with the most beautiful women. Jiang Yan chose table tennis. No one in Class 5 had the same class as Chu Yin. 

To be sure, Chu Yin looked at the script and found that Lu Zhen hadn’t chosen Sanda Class either. She was very satisfied with everything.

——Until she saw Hao Diao in front of the Sanda Classroom.

Chu Yin: “…”

Get me out here, system!

Xueji: *squeaked*

Chu Yin: “Why isn’t Hao Diao written in the script? Are you looking at cannon fodders?”

Xueji: “You’re bullying me.”

Chu Yin: “…”

Hao Diao didn’t know that Chu Yin was in this course. He came here because he wanted to feel fiercer. The moment he saw Chu Yin, he even felt a rejuvenated intense fighting spirit.

His heart was moved, “Oh my god, my senior sister is so handsome! Ah!”

Chu Yin: “…”

Most of the students who took Sanda classes were boys. They all knew Chu Yin and never expected to see her here.

Even if Hao Diao wanted to come over to her after warming up, he was moved by Chu Yin’s learning spirit of answering math problems in her free time.

It was not until the course was over that Hao Diao grabbed Chu Yin who was in the middle of packing her exercise books.

“Senior sister, you didn’t practice well what the teacher taught us just now.” Hao Diao showed his white arms, his eyes showed some teasing, “Would you like to practice it with me?”

Chu Yin: “…” If you try it, I’ll smash your head.

Hao Diao saw the rejection and subtle anger in her eyes, so he looked away. As a result, he caught a glimpse of the fencing class outside the window.

“Oh my God, I saw Lu Zhen!” Hao Diao screamed, “Still so handsome!”

Chu Yin encouraged expectantly, “Then go find him! Go!”

Hao Diao admired the school apollo. He sighed and said, “No, he’s way over my league.”

Chu Yin smiled and looked at him: “Then am I better than Lu Zhen?”

Hao Diao: “No, no.”

Chu Yin patted his shoulder, her lips curled as she smiled: “Come on, brother. You just have to try.”

Outside the Sanda Hall, Song Zhaolin scurried around with a racket in his arms, just in time to see Lu Zhen.

“Brother Zhen, let’s go and see Sister Yin’s Sanda fighting!”

Lu Zhen raised his eyebrows.

Song Zhaolin’s voice immediately attracted many people. Chu Yin’s identity was well-known all over the campus. At this time, many passers-by were Chu Yin’s die-hard fans.

In the end, a group of people rushed to the Sanda hall and watched over the door.

Two people were sparring against each other in the field – one was Chu Yin and the other one was a freshman student.

The onlookers suddenly became excited!

“What great timing!”

“Ah!!! Chu Yin is about to fight! Chu Yin is about to fight!”

Lu Zhen and Song Zhaolin walked into the field and sat down in an inconspicuous corner.

Song Zhaolin whispered, “This is the gay younger brother who likes Chu Yin.”

Lu Zhen frowned slightly and looked at the boy opposite Chu Yin.

Hao Diao felt Chu Yin was making a fool of herself at this time. When Chu Yin invited him to fight her, he had already regarded it as a victory! After all, this kind of close combat which would result in more physical contact meant that Chu Yin had opened her heart to him, even a little!

In terms of skill, it would be impossible for Chu Yin to learn Sanda professionally.

Hao Diao felt this was fun.

He put on his gloves, magnificently shook his hair, and said with a look of seduction, “Come on Senior Sister~”

Chu Yin tightened the velcro on her wrist and nodded: “Break time is limited so let’s end this fight quickly.”

Hao Diao was still waving at the people who came to watch them, “Yin yin, they don’t want it to end fast.”

Chu Yin: “Then I’ll do it.”

The audience: “Ah!!! They’re starting!!~”

Song Zhaolin was also excited: “Good luck!!!”

The distance between them narrowed in an instant. Chu Yin’s back foot was light, and her body weight moved forward immediately. Before Hao Diao’s hand touched her clothes, he was hit by a neat backhand straight punch, which landed heavily on his waist and abdomen!



Hao Diao flew out.

This trick was taught to her by Lu Zhen in her last life. It was easy plus it worked well.

Chu Yin retracted her fist: “Hurry up, silly brother.”

The audience was surprised that just after the match started, it was already over!

——The whole match was less than ten seconds!

By the time Song Zhaolin came to his senses, there were howls inside and outside of the venue.

Lu Zhen sat aside, smiling as he clapped.

He was almost sure that Chu Yin was trained. Moreover, she was smart. Knowing that she wouldn’t be able to win in terms of strength, she chose to fight him with speed.

Lu Zhen knew she wasn’t the type of girl he likes.


He raised his hand and touched his heart that was beating uncontrollably fast.

Next to him, Song Zhaolin laughed: “From now on, those brothers will never harass her again!”

Lu Zhen’s lips curled: “Yes.”

Song Zhaolin went on to say proudly, “Then I am the one who has the best relationship with Sister Yin!”

After saying this, the air suddenly became cold.

Song Zhaolin shivered, and then he heard Lu Zhen softly ask: “What relationship?”

He inexplicably trembled and said in a flash of inspiration, “Father and son relationship!”

Lu Zhen was quiet for two seconds and suddenly laughed.

Song Zhaolin: “What, what’s wrong!”

Lu Zhen smiled and looked at him: “Then, doesn’t the son need a mother2 Chu Yin as the father, Lu Zhen as the mother, and Song Zhaolin as the son ?”

Song Zhaolin: “Ah?”



Song Zhaolin played with his phone until late at night. He pulled the quilt over him after reluctantly putting his phone aside and closing his eyes peacefully.

Time to sleep, time to sleep.

The room was quiet.

[2:00 AM]

——A male mother!

These three characters exploded from his mind, and Song Zhaolin instantly opened his eyes.

What did he mean??

Song Zhaolin stared at the ceiling, pondering for a long time, and suddenly had a flash of inspiration-

Could it be?!

Brother Zhen?? Likes Sister Yin??

When he thought about it, he had long felt that there was something going on between them!

Song Zhaolin’s heart was beating rapidly: My God! What’s this big news!

If this gets out, how many people’s houses would collapse?!

When these two famous tectonic plates collide, Huiwen would probably usher in a magnitude 8 earthquake!!!

Song Zhaolin couldn’t sleep at all.

He bit the quilt and wonderingly thought: Should I tell Sister Yin or not!

Ever since being knocked to the ground that day, Hao Diao hadn’t bothered Chu Yin for several days.

It might be because Chu Yin broke his maiden heart with a fist and manually crumbled his shaky sexual orientation.

From then on, the violent and beautiful image of Chu Yin was deeply rooted in the hearts of the students. The number of people who sent love letters and small gifts declined each day.

Chu Yin thought as she worked on the questions – This is great!

Except for Song Zhaolin’s occasional disturbance, her peaceful campus life was finally back!

After observing Song Zhaolin’s weird and fidgety actions, Chu Yin finally turned her attention towards him.

What do you want to say??

Chu Yin sighed: “Linlin.”

Song Zhaolin: “What’s wrong!”

Did Sister Yin see anything???

Chu Yin’s eyes showed distress as she gently said to him, “9 out of 10 people have hemorrhoids. Don’t be afraid if you get them. Remember to apply medicine every day.”

With that, Chu Yin left to protect Song Zhaolin’s dignity.

It took Song Zhaolin a long time to recover.

?? No!

I don’t have hemorrhoids!!

Forget it. He doesn’t dare to care about this. Let Brother Zhen do it himself!

During the weekend, Chu Yin was dragged by Chu Shi to take a walk in the community.

Because Chu Yin studies every day locked up in her room, Chu Shi was afraid that she would suffocate.

There was a small garden in the center of the area. Usually, the wealthy ladies nearby would come out to walk their dogs and chat there.

When Chu Shi took her out, many wealthy ladies recognized him and greeted him with a smile. Since Chu Yin was rather shy and didn’t like to socialize, Chu Shi patted her hand and asked her to walk around the garden.

Chu Yin slid to the side and saw a big, fluffy, well-behaved dog lying on the ground, sticking out his tongue to look at her. Chu Yin couldn’t hold back and squat down.

The big soft dog panted as he happily nuzzled his face into her hands.

Chu Yin’s heart melted in an instant. With a cry in her heart, she hugged the dog tightly.

At this moment, another one came running from behind her.

Chu Yin thought that it would also be a large dog from its footsteps.

She scratched the dog’s chin before getting up to meet the next one.

Who knew that as soon as she turned around, she heard the crisp cry of a pig.


A round, silly, pink piglet leaped happily towards her.

Chu Yin: “…?”

Piggy rushed to her leg. It bumped its head in the process and fell to the ground on its back as a result.

Its pink belly was in plain sight, not moving.

Chu Yin: So shiny…I want to touch it.

Behind the pig was a black-haired young man slowly walking over in a casual hoodie.

Chu Yin pointed to the piglet, then at herself before waving her hand and defended, “I didn’t do it.”

What was the saying? You have to pay back what you owe. She never expected that the pig she sent to Lu Zhen would appear in front of her in this circumstance,

Lu Zhen was smiling: “Chu Yin, you knocked her down.”

Chu Yin: “She fell on her own!”

Lu Zhen’s dark pupil shone brightly. He looked at her with the corner of his lips raised, “You should take responsibility for the piglet.”

Chu Yin was shocked.

Lu Zhen: ??

Are you acting like a green-tea 3 Acting pure and innocent but is very scheming !

You’re shameless!!

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