I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 42 part 1

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Chapter 42 – I kill you (1) 1 The author wrote it as like this 我鲨了你. This chinese character 鲨 literally means ‘shark’ which the author is referring to the meaning of ‘kill’ because (1) pinyin of kill sounds the same as the pinyin of shark (2) originated from a chinese meme

To prove that she had nothing to do with the accident, Chu Yin squatted down and squeezed the piglet’s belly.

“Wake up, ah, wake up.”

The paralyzed piglet rolled on the ground. Its big eyes revealed an inexplicable cuteness.

Chu Yin: ?? See, this piglet is fine!

Do you know who your dad 2 referring to herself is? That’s not how you treat your creator!

As soon as she thought of this, Chu Yin suddenly realized that she was scolding herself. She was glad that she only complained in her heart.

But she could still feel that dog man, Lu Zhen, was smiling deeper.

Chu Yin continued to give little massages to the piglet, trying to get it to stand up and make it walk two steps away, but it was very stubborn.

Finally, Lu Zhen lowered his head and said, “Get up.”

The little piglet hummed happily as it flexibly turned over.

Chu Yin: “…”

She patted her legs and stood up, her gaze lingering on Lu Zhen.

Lu Zhen raised his eyebrows lightly: “What’s wrong?”

Chu Yin praised: “You are really good at controlling pigs.”

“…” Lu Zhen was silent for a moment, “Just okay.”

The piglet ran happily between them. The corner of the garden in the area was very empty. The wind carried a trace of begonia fragrance as petals quietly fell.

Lu Zhen glanced at Chu Yin and coughed softly: “You don’t need to take responsibility for the pig. Just give her a name.”

Chu Yin was surprised: “Is it fine for me to name your pig?”

“It’s fine.” Lu Zhen attentively looked at her.

Chu Yin somehow remembered the little cat that she wasn’t able to raise in her last life. After Lu Zhen took the little cat away, the scratches on her hand gradually healed, yet there was a trace of regret in her heart.

“Then call it Box.” Chu Yin said.

This was the cat’s name since Lu Zhen gave it to her in a box. 

Since the cat didn’t appear in this life, this name now belonged to the pig.


Lu Zhen looked down at the little pig at his feet, then retracted his gaze to look at the girl in front of him.

When everyone enthusiastically expressed their love to her, he felt flustered and anxious. An unexplainable feeling of discomfort would accumulate in the bottom of his heart, like a layer of burnt ashes.

He felt he had to do something. Even if there was no result.

Lu Zhen slightly tightened his back, realizing that his heart rate was a bit chaotic.

Feeling the slight panic, Young Master Lu noticed that his voice was slightly low, “Chu Yin–”

“What’s the matter?”

Lu Zhen’s lips opened: “I…”

– “Xiao Yin!”

Lu Zhen hadn’t finished his words when Chu Shi’s voice rang.

Chu Yin looked at Lu Zhen suspiciously before raising her hand towards Chu Shi: “I’m here.” 

After Chu Shi communicated with several wealthy ladies, he couldn’t find Chu Yin. He followed the voice and saw at a glance that his sister was standing with a dangerous figure, Lu Zhen!

The alarm bell suddenly rang in his heart as he hurriedly strode over to where Chu Yin was.

Although the bastard Lu Zhen hadn’t done anything yet to his Xiao Yin, his younger sister’s popularity in school was still surprisingly high. 

Chu Shi took his dream seriously, that’s why he was acting like this.

The Lu family’s business empire would become even more powerful in the future. Even with this knowledge, Chu Shi didn’t want Chu Yin to get involved with Lu Zhen. He wanted her to continue living dazzlingly.

Lu Zhen’s expression turned cold at the moment Chu Shi appeared. 

His icy black eyes showed irritation.

Both people looked at each other for a second, not bothering to hide their hostility.

“What are you talking about?” Chu Shi asked with a smile.

Lu Zhen was too lazy to answer, so Chu Yin replied instead: “Oh, we’re just talking about his pig.”

Chu Shi: “?” 

He looked down and found that it was a real pig.

“Young Master Lu is so refined!” Chu Shi gave a thumbs up.

Lu Zhen didn’t seem to hear his sarcasm, and said quietly: “Thank you.”

“Okay, Xiao Yin, it’s time to go home.” Chu Shi gave Lu Zhen a triumphant glance.

After Chu Yin agreed, the brother and sister pair left together.

Lu Zhen silently watched their backs walk away, then retracted his gaze and looked down.

After a while, he bent over to pick up the overweight pig and touched its belly.


“Come on, Box.” I’ll tell her next time.

Song Zhaolin paid close attention to everything because he was worried. Since there wasn’t anything unusual with Sister Yin’s and Brother Zhen’s actions, Song Zhaolin hadn’t noticed anything.

Song Zhaolin: Why are you not making a move! He is so anxious!

He felt excited that he was the only person who knew about this big secret. 

As Chu Yin was putting away her notebook, she saw Song Zhaolin from the side scratching his head in silence.

“Linlin,” Chu Yin asked, “…that, are you sick?”

Song Zhaolin: “What do you mean?”

Chu Yin covered her mouth and whispered: “Nine out of ten people have it.”

Song Zhaolin was at a loss.

Chu Yin thought he was pretending to be stupid and was embarrassed to talk about it, so she didn’t ask again.

She stood up from her seat while holding a math notebook. Song Zhaolin suddenly held her back, “Oh, Sister Yin!” 

He hesitated for two seconds before he vaguely said, “Do you know! Someone wants to be my mother!”

Chu Yin: “?”

Song Zhaolin continued, “The most important thing is, you know this ‘someone’!”

Chu Yin: “??”

Song Zhaolin blinked his round eyes, looking at her expectantly.

Chu Yin’s expression gradually became regrettable: “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect your family to be messy.”

Song Zhaolin: “??”

Chu Yin thought that since she ‘knew’ this mother, she must be young.

She kindly touched Song Zhaolin’s head: “Don’t be upset. You can fix this together with your father or mother.”

After speaking, Chu Yin sighed and left.

Rich families are really messed up. Tsk tsk.

Song Zhaolin was left alone to think about the problem again.

Chu Yin was invited by her math group seniors to share her experience in the competition. This would give a great advantage to the liberal arts department in the future.

Although the Hope Cup Competition was over, Chu Yin still remembered the mood during the winter camp. 

There were two winners this year but she was the only one who was invited by the math group because of two reasons. One, she was the gold winner. Two, the seniors didn’t dare to invite the young master.

Chu Yin passionately agreed, saying that it was fine to go alone. 

If this person was invited, it would affect her performance.

The sharing session’s location was in the comprehensive classroom of the first year of high school, which was quite a big room. Most of the people who came to listen were students who wanted to choose liberal arts in the future. Some people specifically came to see Chu Yin.

Chu Yin saw student Hao Diao at the door of the classroom.

After the last incident with Chu Yin, he couldn’t stand up. His abdomen would be in pain again every time he sees her beautiful face.

He also started wearing normal clothes and wasn’t deliberately showing his white arms anymore. Instead, he wore a hoodie just like the other students. Chu Yin now saw that he didn’t have those lustrous and passionate eyes anymore.

“You too?” She asked kindly.

Hao Diao subconsciously stood straighter: “Senior sister!”

Chu Yin nodded and waved her fingers: “Don’t be nervous.”

The white and slender fingertips flashed past his eyes. There was no expression on her beautiful face. There was an inexplicable calmness in her.

Hao Diao: Ah ah!! So handsome! 

He thought that the chicken would crow again. 3 Going back to his old ways

“Senior Sister, don’t look at me like that. I actually study pretty well.” Hao Diao explained.

Chu Yin was a little surprised: “That’s great.”

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