I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 42 part 2

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Chapter 42 – I kill you (2)

“I am now determined to pursue you, so I’ll study harder,” Hao Diao clenched his fist. “In this way, I will become excellent – my fierce love will finally be worthy of you.”

Chu Yin was very pleased before she heard the last part of his speech: “……”

With that, Hao Diao walked into the classroom passionately. He sat at the edge of his seat in the front of the classroom and then watched the podium with great energy.

As soon as Chu Yin walked through the door, there were waves of applause and cheers.

“Senior sister is good!!”

“Senior sister has worked hard!”

Chu Yin touched the tip of her nose. She didn’t know what to say, so she only smiled back.

“Ah ah ah ah, she smiled!”

“Is it for me?!”

“I heard that the winter camp will invite the previous champions. Oh oh! I want to participate for my Sister Yin!”

Because of the high enthusiasm of the audience, the atmosphere while Chu Yin spoke was very good.

“This is the main knowledge framework I learned in the Hope Cup Winter Camp this year. It’s worth reminding everyone that if you plan to participate in the competition, you must start learning in advance.” Chu Yin’s transparent eyes swept under the stage, “Don’t be like me. Since my foundation is relatively poor, I spent more effort to catch up.”

Audience: Can you even believe what she’s saying?!

She won the gold medal yet says she has a poor foundation!!

But this humble sister is still beautiful..TAT.

After the sharing meeting, Chu Yin stayed to answer several questions from the audience.

Among the people who came over, some admired Chu Yin. She recognized two of those that had given her love letters.

It wasn’t until the teacher came and pulled away the overly enthusiastic students that Chu Yin was able to finally breathe.

Hao Diao waited outside the classroom and handed her a bottle of mineral water.

Chu Yin sighed and took a sip.

“Senior Sister, I learned about this later. No wonder Lu Zhen favors you.” 

Chu Yin drank water as her eyebrows raised in surprise.

–What? Why did you mention this suddenly?

Hao Diao’s eyes bulged, expressing his gossiping look: “Is it because Lu Zhen likes you?”

Chu Yin: “Puff!–“

She spat the water out directly.

Hao Diao was taken aback. But because he was an elegant boy, he always had tissues with him. He quickly took out a beautifully-printed tissue and handed it to her.

Chu Yin finally calmed down, her expression frightened.

“Who made the rumor?” —Who dares ruin the reputation she painstakingly built!

Hao Diao counted with his fingers, “Because everyone pays attention to you. Some people said that when you first transferred, Brother Zhen called to talk to you. Then he scolded a few classmates for you in the forum. At the sport’s event, some students saw you together. Plus you went to Province B together and won the prize together – Oh my god!”

Besides Chu Yin x Lu Zhen, there were many other CPs, such as Chu Yin x Gu Qiuze. Even a few contacts together could have meaning – Chu Yin cheering for Gu Qiuze during the basketball game? Discussing topics together? And meeting in Province B by accident?

Chu Yin: I need to be more careful.

She left with a solemn and calm expression.

Hao Diao felt it was strange.

Sure enough, Senior Sister Chu is the real deal! He could never reach this level even in his lifetime!

The school really cared about Chu Yin’s preferences.

It has become a habit of the students to idolize famous people. After all, there were only a few girls that could reach this kind of status in the school.

Several people who openly pursued Chu Yin all ended up in failure. Apart from that, she hadn’t responded to any other advances from others.

This matter is often discussed in various anonymous groups:

[I really can’t think of who Sister Chu would like]

[I’m sorry to all the CPs, but I don’t believe these would come true]

[I only believe Chu Yin x Me]

[@above post, shameless!!!]

[Latest news! I just saw the top student 1 Chu Yin talking with the top student 2 Probably Gu Quize in third-year seniors’ corridor]

[What?? Will both my husband and wife marry now??]

After a few minutes, the seller of melon-seeds came back–

[Although they chatted for more than ten minutes, it had nothing to do with romance. I can’t catch any sugar because they’re just talking about xxx theorems!]

[What is this xxx? ]

[I don’t know. If I understood, do you think I’ll be using xxx? *angry. jpg*] 

[I know, my sister doesn’t love anyone]

Chu Yin didn’t know about these discussions at all. 


After Hao Diao’s remarks, she secretly observed Lu Zhen.

There was nothing unusual when she thought about it carefully. It seemed that recently the frequency of Lu Zhen showing up was high.

She knew that the plot was completely biased. She couldn’t influence Lu Zhen’s thoughts and feelings.

Chu Yin thought angrily that she would never submit to her character as the short-lived white moonlight in this life. Now that she had superpowers in her hands, she could make Lu Zhen be the one to live a short life rather than her if he ever tries anything!

My dark shark soul is burning again.jpg

Xueji: “Ding! the system detected the host’s intention to kill, which is not conducive to the healthy mind of a person~”

Chu Yin snorted, “I am healthy!”

Originally, she thought this would be just another daily quarrel with the system until Xueji said, “A gentle reminder! Due to the great changes in the script, some stimulating behaviors may cause special fluctuations in this world”

Chu Yin was taken aback. “What special fluctuation?”

Xueji: “This system can’t predict at the moment.”

With how Xueji was acting vaguely, Chu Yin’s thoughts were immediately triggered.

Special fluctuations…at present, the biggest special fluctuation in this world should be herself – a character who was bound to the script with cheats.

Will this fluctuation continue if she continues to change the script?

“Will you be bound to others?” Chu Yin immediately grasped the deadliest question.

Xueji: “The ability to modify the script is only available to the host.”

Chu Yin was slightly relieved.

Since she alone could change the script, she still had an absolute advantage.

Chu Yin thought that she needed to be more cautious when evading and adjusting the original plot.

When the head teacher walked into the classroom, she happened to see Chu Yin holding her arms, frowning and looking thoughtful.

She was immediately moved and relieved – look! The child is radiating the light of wisdom!

It was a miracle  for other students to study hard, but for Chu Yin, she even had to persuade her not to put too much stress on herself.

The head teacher gently patted Chu Yin’s shoulder: “You should take breaks  between classes. Don’t tire yourself.”

Chu Yin put away the things that made her mind ache: “I know, Teacher. I’m not tired.”

“I’m here to tell you that the tutoring class organized by Huiwen every year is about to start.”

In the second half of high school, the whole city entered the joint examination mode. The neighboring school and first middle school would be participating in this event. One school was prestigious and powerful, while the other had high-quality students. They were considered major competitors every year. The comprehensive ranking and individual subjects would be compared.

First graders like Chu Yin were the highlights of the school.

Chu Yin’s achievement of winning the gold medal for the city-level English competition and provincial-level math competition made her a student that the school desperately wanted to showcase. 

Getting good results in the city’s competition would letHuiwen’s educational resources gradually shift in favor of their students. They would not only provide good teachers, but also high-quality course and reading materials.

Chu Yin remembered this event in her previous life. This had nothing to do with her before. Now that she knew how important these top-notch resources were, she wanted to join. “Good teacher, can I take the exam?”

She found that she particularly liked rankings. If she did poorly in the exam, it would motivate her to do better. It’s a pity that Huiwen didn’t have any monthly exams like other schools. 

The headteacher was very pleased with her attitude: “Of course.”

Chu Yin nodded, “Thank you, teacher.”

In this tutorial class, Han Chuying, Jiang Yan, and the others would be admitted. It’s good to be together.

Han Chuying soon heard the news of the tutoring class. She was super excited. After all, she could be in the same class as Chu Yin. What a wonderful event!!

Han Chuying told Chu Yin, “Our school won the gold medal in the Hope Cup, but there will be students who won prizes in foreign math competitions every year. Yin Yin will have to fight them. Jiayou! 

Chu Yin felt challenged, “Then I have to work hard.”

Even though her grades were good, she’s still working hard. 

Unlike the midterm final exam, this was a complete competition between the smart students. This class would only accept 30 students.

“What about my task?” Chu Yin poked the system.

Xueji: “This assessment is not included in the system task~”

“…” Chu Yin said, “Stingy chicken.”

Xueji: “I can’t hear you~”

This assessment was scheduled for every Friday afternoon. Volunteers could sign up for the examination. The examination room was randomly arranged.

When Chu Yin walked into the examination room, all heads turned to her. Their eyes were unilaterally saying, ‘sit here, sit here.’

Chu Yin touched the tip of her nose as she sat in the first row.

The surrounding students were excited–

Ah! I’m breathing the same air as the boss! I feel like I’m getting smarter!

As Han Chuying hastily came into the classroom, she found that the seats around Chu Yin were already occupied. She loudly wailed, “What is this!”

Chu Yin smiled, “This will be over soon.”

Han Chuying unhappily sat down in a vacant seat.

After a while, another person walked into the classroom.

Chu Yin coincidentally glanced up and met Lu Zhen’s eyes.



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