I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 42 part 3

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Chapter 42 – I kill you (3)

Because of this, there was a little commotion in the classroom.


“Brother Zhen is here too?!”

“Brother Zhen has been studying a lot!”

Since Chu Yin was sitting, Lu Zhen could see her as soon as he lowered his head. Her brown hair looked very soft and cute.

Lu Zhen squeezed his knuckles. He was about to say something when someone suddenly came behind him.

——”Xiao Yin, has the exam started yet?”

Chu Yin looked up and saw her brother’s face: “Not yet.”

Lu Zhen closed his eyes. His good upbringing made him unable to roll his eyes.

Chu Shi also saw Lu Zhen: “What is Master Lu doing here?”

Lu Zhen glanced at him coldly, then moved his gaze back as he lightly tapped his fingertips on Chu Yin’s desk: “Can you wait for me after the exam?”

Chu Yin’s alarm immediately sounded in her heart: “What do you want?”

Lu Zhen lowered his head slightly, pursed his lips, and smiled: “There is…something.”

Chu Yin stared at him for a while.

The girl’s eyes were bright and clear that Lu Zhen could even see her anxiousness in them.

Lu Zhen’s eyelashes trembled lightly as he raised his eyes to meet hers again, a smile forming on his face.

“Go on. It’s time for the exam” After he softly spoke, he went to find his seat.

“What’s the matter! Hey—” Chu Shi unhappily stared at Lu Zhen who casually sat down in the classroom.

He wanted to say something, but the exam proctor had already walked in with the papers.

He didn’t want to delay Chu Yin anymore, so he said: “I’ll come over after school.”

Chu Yin nodded, “Okay.”

“Put away all your phones and books! I’ll start distributing the papers!”

Chu Yin pressed down other thoughts to focus on the exam in front of her.

The examination time was not long. It only took 40 minutes for one subject.

The difficulty of the mathematics was so high that even the top students found it hard. The girl sitting behind Chu Yin had been scratching her hair since the examination began. 

But for those who participated in a competition, this level of difficulty was not enough. 

It only took Chu Yin half an hour to finish the math papers smoothly.

When a few students saw that she was calmly putting down her pen, their hearts tightened — Ahhh! It suddenly felt like sitting near Chu Yin wasn’t good!

The pressure is too much!

There was only one break between the six subject exams.

When it reached the last subject, which was politics, sighs of relief could be heard in the classroom.

“Are you sure?”

“All other subjects are okay except for mathematics.”

“The college entrance exam last year was difficult.”

 “How do I find this more difficult than last year’s?”

Chu Yin moved her shoulder and neck slightly, then turned to see Jiang Yan, Han Chuying, and the others. Although they were a little tired, their expressions were relatively stable.

She was relieved. When she realized that Lu Zhen was no longer in the classroom, she remembered what the dog man had said to her before the exam.

Does he even have anything to say between them?

Chu Yin hugged her arms as she remembered Lu Zhen’s face a while ago.

Various information then poured into her heart as she had an ominous premonition.

Isn’t it? No way??

As the people in the classroom left one by one, Jiang Yan and Han Chuying came over and asked Chu Yin to go with them, but she refused.

She was afraid to leave the classroom not knowing what Lu Zhen’s intentions were. He might be waiting somewhere outside the classroom.

Chu Yin thought for a long time before deciding to open the script.

【Chu Shi packed up his things while saying to Gu Qiuze who was next to him, “Do you want to go with me to see Xiao Yin?”]

Gu Qiuze: “There’s an essay I haven’t finished yet, so I will be finishing late…”

Chu Shi: “Then I can’t wait for you – Lu Zhen is looking for my sister after school.”

Gu Qiuze smiled: “Why are you so defensive towards Lu Zhen…”】

Even her brother noticed that there was something wrong with Lu Zhen?

Chu Yin’s heartbeat became a little faster.

【Lu Zhen left the classroom early and waited outside for Chu Yin. The afternoon sun was beautiful. He stood under the light and shadow, his expression was inexplicably soft.】

【He had a very important thing to say.】


Game over. It’s the end.

A shock of thunder flashed across Chu Yin’s heart, she then understood that-

This dog man Lu Zhen??

I want to kill you!

Although Chu Yin’s thoughts were complicated, she knew how to prevent this from happening. If she didn’t, the plot would be going towards the same route as her last life!

Calm down, calm down!

——First, avoid Lu Zhen!

She looked around the script, noticing that the garbage script didn’t include Lu Zhen’s location.

Chu Yin: “So, according to this plot, I’ll meet him no matter where I go?”

Xue Ji said regretfully, “It seems so.”

Chu Yin hit the air with anger. Fortunately, everyone in the classroom was gone, and no one saw her raging moment.

Is it necessary to use her single sentence permission? Chu Yin stared at the script as she read it over and over again before finally having an idea.

She grabbed the pen and fell on the sentence [waited outside for Chu Yin].

Brother should be on his way to find her now.

Chu Yin lowered her eyes: “…”

She hesitated for a second then crossed out her name “Yin” and changed it to “Shi”


Lu Zhen stood in the corner on the first floor of the school building, with his back against the wall.

It had been a long time since the exam ended. The candidates left the building one after another. Lu Zhen saw the two friends of Chu Yin. They talked and laughed as they walked away.

He raised his eyes and saw that there was no one behind them.

Is she still taking the exam?

Lu Zhen slightly stretched his neck.

It doesn’t matter. He could wait for her as long as her brother wouldn’t come out to disturb them again.

After a long time of waiting, a pair of footsteps could be heard through the empty corridor.

The corners of Lu Zhen’s lips curled up lightly as he walked out slowly from the corner.

——Then when he turned around, he was dimly faced with Chu Shi. 


Lu Zhen frowned: “Where’s Chu Yin?”

Chu Shi glared at him: “Where’s my sister?”

A few seconds later, they fell into silence.

Were they fooled?

A figure was seen dashing like the wind outside the school’s iron gate.

Chu Yin covered her mouth as she swiftly got inside the car, letting out a long sigh of relief.

Sorry, goodbye! [886] 1 Chinese internet terms which means goodbye. People often used this in online chats



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