I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 43 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Edited by: Chris

Chapter 43 – Go die (1)

When Chu Yin came back home, she sat cross-legged on the bed as she thought over what happened. 

Lu Zhen likes her?

If this was the case, then everything would be reverted back to the original plot!

—But, why?

Could it be because her ‘good student’ character collapsed? That she acted wild again?

Or had he started liking me before? From the iPod he handed over, the Buddhist Mantra, the little cookies, the Buddha statue, the pen he gifted, the look he gave as he shot the basketball, and how this lazy young master suddenly started taking exams and participating in contests…. 

Everything seems to make sense.

Chu Yin was inexplicably shocked while thinking about all the meanings from her rebirth.

She found that she never really understood Lu Zhen even after living two lives.

In all honesty, the Lu Zhen in her current life was different from what she remembered. Most of her high school memories in her previous life were blurry and the only thing she remembered was Lu Zhen’s crazy and paranoid character.

People would only remember the worst.

Pain is far deeper than kindness.

Lu Zhen’s love was sick. Plus, the white moonlight’s miserable short life was depressing. She needed to serve him whenever he wanted her!

—No way.

Chu Yin bit her finger anxiously.

She should stop his confession at all costs. Would he become abnormal again once she refuses? Would she become the short-lived white moonlight again?

This would be a fatal plotline that could lead to her death. Chu Yin decided to use her golden finger.

Fortunately, they had a two-day weekend. She didn’t have to go to school and only had to guard the script and wait for opportunities.

The young master of the Lu family was also very busy during weekends. He needed to learn his family’s company business, study the tutoring courses arranged by the Lu family, and allot time for high-level social banquets. Chu Yin was tired of looking at the script.

Only when Lu Zhen returned home at night could Chu Yin finally breathe.

It would also be described that he would look out the window lost in thought. Chu Yin didn’t know what he was thinking.

There was no key plot in the script during the weekends. It wasn’t until Monday that she unlocked the script and found a crucial plot–

【Lu Zhen confessed to her.】

Chu Yin’s hand that was holding the pen trembled slightly.

Ah! Dog man!

Chu Yin choked for a while. She couldn’t help but want to change [she] to [pig].

—You confess to the pig!!!

But she quickly controlled herself and calmed down. If she would make him confess to a pig, he would find something wrong.

How can I change it?

Chu Yin hugged her arms in the back seat of the car as she thought hard. 

“Miss?” The driver glanced at her in the rearview mirror, “Do you want me to start the car now?”

“–Wait!” Chu Yin subconsciously refused. She needed to have a plan before going to school.

It seemed that the only solution was to solve the root cause so that no confession would happen!

“Use single sentence permission.” She knocked on the system.

Xueji: “Okay ~ Host, how do you plan to change it?”

Chu Yin’s brain worked fast as she grabbed the pen and pondered for two seconds. She crossed out the terrible plot and changed it to 【Lu Zhen always couldn’t find her.】

Xueji: “And…this is not impossible!”

Because she didn’t know how long the authority would last,she added ‘always’. 

The objective point for this plot change was the ‘couldn’t find’

—If he can’t find her, then there’s no confession!

Chu Yin: No matter what happens, I want to be invisible!!


The results for last week’s exam were now available.

Before Chu Yin could see the results, Han Chuying already rushed into Class 5’s classroom.

“Ah! I got in! I got in!” She ran to Chu Yin’s desk, “We all got in!!”

Chu Yin was also very pleased: “Great!”

She opened her phone and immediately became happy seeing the top one name on the list. 

After skimming through to the last place, she couldn’t find Lu Zhen’s name.

Was the plot working? Or did the dog man fail his exam?

But anyway, Chu Yin was slightly relieved.

“Yin Yin, I want to sit with you! – Ah, well let’s study together! I’m so happy OMG”

Song Zhaolin complained, “I am not happy!”


Although this top-class was extra tutoring, Chu Yin and Jiang Yan wouldn’t always be in the classroom. 

He feels so empty! So lonely! He wants someone to accompany him!

Han Chuying smiled and said, “Then you should’ve gotten in.”

Song Zhaolin immediately exploded: “You’re insulting me!!”

Chu Yin ignored their bickering and instead looked at the list again.

Ranking first was Chu Yin with a total score of 290. Ranking second was Han Chuying with a total score of 276.

Chu Yin skimmed down and found that this class was quite lively – Fu Mingxuan, Chu Qiuqiu, and even Liang Yueqi had all joined.

Since the time Liang Yueqi got hit hard in the winter camp, she immediately asked the Liang family to hire professional tutors and teachers to teach her. She didn’t take the resources provided by Huiewen because she wanted to prove that she could do it.

Chu Yin wasn’t worried seeing all three of them there. After all, these three women could end themselves without her help. They could have fun by themselves.

This week’s first class was a self-study session. In addition to the biggest exam every semester, this was a unique experience where all the top students gathered.

Chu Yin sat down in the middle of the classroom.

Fu Mingxuan and Liang Yueqi also arrived early, and the two of them didn’t want to sit around Chu Yin at all. After a while, Chu Qiuqiu also briskly walked in.

With an elegant smile on her face, she walked to Chu Yin and smiled softly: “Sister, we can finally go to class together~”

Chu Qiuqiu went for a smart-girl style today. She had a diamond ring on her finger. It revealed a different identity to her.

Chu Yin nodded: “Oh, yes.”

Chu Qiuqiu used the hand with the diamond ring to tie her hair, and then smiled: “Is no one sitting beside you? Then I will—”

Chu Yin: “There is someone.”

Chu Qiuqiu was about to open her mouth when Chu Yin interrupted, “There are also people sitting here – and here.”

There were a few low laughs in the classroom. Chu Qiuqiu’s face suddenly became unsightly.

Was this Chu Yin thinking highly of herself now just because she won several awards? Was she floating on cloud 9 now that the students praised her for being smart?

Didn’t she (CY) know that her (CQ) status was higher than her (CY) in the Chu family?

Chu Qiuqiu stopped pretending to be a good sister and arrogantly went to another seat with her chin held up high.

The instructor came in when the students were all seated.

There were a lot of people secretly looking at Chu Yin, who was sitting in the center. She was still wearing the baggy school uniform since the first day she entered school. Surprisingly, more students have started wearing their school uniforms now.

They originally thought that Chu Yin would be the type of student who was attentive while sitting in class with her back straight. 

Who knew that Chu Yin was completely different from their imagination? Her slender shoulders were slightly sloppy, her one hand was resting on her cheeks, while her other hand was leisurely turning the pen.

The pen in her white fingertips looked very professional.

Chu Yin sat thinking for a while when she suddenly heard the sound of pens falling from the seats behind her. 

When she looked back in surprise, a few of her classmates blushed. 

Forget it, they can’t learn her posture at all!!

But when Chu Yin turned back, she was so handsome~

The instructor walked around the platform with a smile as she gave a simple speech.

“Everyone knows that we’re not here to play. The city’s joint exam is coming up soon. You are representing Huiwen. The school will provide you with the best teachers, supplementary materials, and other needs. The school will try its best to meet them.”

“The difficulty will be higher than your original class. If you can’t bear the struggle, you can quit. But once you quit, you can’t enter again.” After speaking, the teacher smiled. “Although this is only a temporary class, for the sake of coordination, we will choose a class leader.”

As soon as the teacher’s voice fell, several eyes glanced towards Chu Yin.

Chu Yin blinked and subconsciously touched the tip of her nose.



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