I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 43 part 2

Translated by: Tinker!

Edited by: Chris

Chapter 43 – Go die (2)

She was never the leader because she wasn’t an obedient person by heart. She didn’t like to be controlled by others. In turn, she didn’t want to control others either.

But the teacher thought otherwise. Chu Yin, who had excellent grades, was more mature compared to her peers.

Apart from her, there was simply no person who was more suitable than her.

“Then…Chu Yin, do you accept being the class leader?” The whole class cast their gazes toward her. Chu Yin suddenly felt like standing in a golden sunflower field.

“…” She was silent for a moment under the eager gazes of the teacher and classmates.

“Okay. I will work hard. Thank you, teacher.”

The whole class immediately applauded.

The instructor was very happy. “Then, I’ll give the responsibility of monitoring the class to the class leader.”

Chu Yin: “…Okay.”

These are just kids…she can do it.

Since today was just the first day, the teacher only sent out papers for them to adapt to the academic contents.

“These are all the questions made by the teachers themselves. We will finish them in three days. The teachers will explain the questions in the next tutorial class.”

The class howled.

Chu Yin’s face showed eager excitement — New questions! Wonderful!


Class 5 classroom at this time.

Song Zhaolin sat coldly in his seat.

Without his deskmate, he was like a miserable little cabbage. He even began to envy the girls in front of him who were talking animatedly to each other.

At this moment, a voice came from the back door of the classroom, calling his name.

Song Zhaolin suddenly got excited. He jumped as he rushed over with tears in his years. “Brother Zhen ~ have you come to play with me ~ ~”

There were many good students in Class 5. 

“Look! Lu Zhen, Lu Zhen!”

“He’s also handsome today!”

“What did he come here for? Is he looking for Linzi?”

Lu Zhen’s gaze went straight to the seat of Chu Yin. Empty.

Song Zhaolin flew in front of him with noodle tears.

Lu Zhen asked him straight in the face, “Where’s Chu Yin?”

He almost vomited blood on the spot.

“She’s in the tutorial class–” Song Zhaolin was heartbroken, “Didn’t you come for me! Why! Is your relationship better than our friendship!”

Lu Zhen’s gaze fell on his face, unmoved.

Song Zhaollin got terrified.

Lu Zhen stared at him for a few seconds. Song Zhaolin unconsciously adjusted his improper posture.

Just when he thought Lu Zhen was about to get angry at him, the person in front of him suddenly smiled.

“There’s no relationship,” Lu Zhen quickly smiled, “Don’t ruin the reputation of others.”

After speaking, he turned towards the tutorial class and left.

Song Zhaolin was left standing alone at the back door, idle for two seconds.

Then he shouted in his heart: Pig trotters 1 Chinese internet buzzword which means lustful and ambitious , you dummy!

I can’t believe this is happening!

Lu Zhen wasn’t able to join the class. Although his Mathematics and English were perfect, he hardly scored any points for Chinese.

Now he was regretting it.

Lu Zhen met several people on the way to the classroom. He quickened his pace and walked to the back door of the classroom.

He still couldn’t find Chu Yin.

Lu Zhen held on to the door frame of the classroom, his eyes lowered as he sighed helplessly.

Why did it feel like she’s hiding?

The city’s joint exam was getting closer and closer.

Chu Yin knew that her golden finger was working. She hadn’t seen the dog man Lu Zhen for several days. Or maybe he was suddenly caught up by something and couldn’t come to her.

—It’s so cool to be an invisible person!

Hope this happiness lasts longer!

The courses of the tutoring classes were random. Sometimes the specially-appointed teacher would suddenly arrive at school to teach immediately. The pace of the lectures was very fast.

The tasks were heavy. Countless papers were issued to them every day. Huiwen wanted to ensure that they would receive enough resources and guidance.

Because of the rigid training, one could expect that some students would give up halfway.

Under such intensity, only Chu Yin and Han Chuying, who had experience in the competition, could adapt.


After another mathematics class, Fu Mingxuan and Chu Qiuqiu laid on the table, doubting life. Liang Yueqi remembered her fear of being dominated in the winter camp.

Jiang Yan turned around weakly and looked at Chu Yin and Han Chuying: “Did you also feel this way when you were at the winter camp? I can’t stand it anymore…”

Han Chuying was also very tired. She murmured. ”The winter camp was crueler than this. I thought I was dying at that time.”

Jiang Yan was frightened: “Fortunately, you persisted! Excellent!”

Among the crowd of stressed students, Chu Yin stood up and went to ask the teachers some questions. The teacher was very satisfied with this class leader. After they exchanged words, she smiled and took Chu Yin to the teacher’s office to continue the discussion.

Jiang Yan looked at her like she was a god: “It’s Yin Yin…”

Han Chuying’s face was covered with heaps of hearts, “She’s worthy of my goddess~~” 

After a few days, most of the students knew that Chu Yin became the leader of the tutorial class.

Since being appointed as a class leader by the teacher, she could lightly talk with the teacher anytime. What kind of spiritual power is this!

Looking at Chu Yin, the students gritted their teeth as they picked up their pens. If this girl can do it, then they don’t have any reason to be lazy!

What’s more, this joint exam had high expectations. Their achievements and results would affect the school’s honor. They must work hard!

But this learning atmosphere was broken by someone.

Lu Zhen stood by the back door, his eyes looking around.

Fu Mingxuan was, as always, the first to spot him. Her face showed surprise: “Brother Zhen?”

Liang Yueqi quickly turned her head after hearing the sound, “Lu Zhen? Why are you here?”

Everyone in the classroom looked over.

Liang Yueqi glanced at Fu Mingxuan, then stood up first. She smiled in a familiar tone: “Do you want to come in and learn?”

Fu Mingxuan knew that she was deliberately appearing to be ‘close’ with Lu Zhen. She rolled her eyes, smiled, and said: “Yueqi, you are so stupid. Brother Zhen didn’t get on the list of this class. He didn’t come to learn.”

After being stabbed by Fu Mingxuan, she immediately shot back: “Why do you always think people are stupid? It’s just a joke amongst us good friends~”

Fu Mingxuan was mad. When did Lu Zhen become your good friend?

The eyes of these two people clashed like a ball of fire.

Lu Zhen ignored them.

He glanced through his dark pupils and finally landed in the middle of the classroom seat.

Lu Zhen recognized Chu Yin’s pencil case, with a rabbit head on it.

The seat was empty.

There was a slight irritation in Lu Zhen’s heart. Recently, seeing Chu Yin has been difficult.

He endured for too long already. He couldn’t bear it any longer.

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes, his expression very pale. He didn’t want to cause trouble for her so he glanced around and left without speaking.



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