I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 43 part 4

Translated by: Tinker

Edited by: Chris

Chapter 43 – Go die (4)

Chu Yin remembered that Lu Zhen took her there once in her previous life. She only met his mother once.

Chu Yin thought at that time that Lu Zhen would accompany her to meet his parents. But it was different – because the dog man made her stay in the ward alone with Su Yumin for half an hour.

When he came back, he didn’t even enter the room.

Lu Zhen hugged her and asked in her ear when she walked out of the ward, “What did you talk about?”

“The weather.” Chu Yin was in a bad mood at that time.

Lu Zhen lightly sighed.

Chu Yin almost forgot this faint memory. She only remembered today.

Why would Song Yanchuan have the address of this nursing home? He seemed to have nothing to do with them.

Chu Yin thought of the conversation she heard outside the exam room that day – Could it be Lu Linyuan?

What role did Lu Zhen’s uncle play in this complicated relationship?

An inexplicable sense of fate surged in her heart. Chu Yin realized that the world she lived in during her last life could be different from this life.

While she was distracted, Song Yanchuan glanced in the rearview mirror for a split second before looking away.

Little girl.

Song Zhaolin invited a lot of people to his birthday party. He was the youngest member of the Song family. Although he often gets a beating, he was also spoiled since he was a child. The party was grand and lively.

When Chu Yin came into the villa with the birthday star, most of the people’s eyes went to her.

The daughter of the Chu family, who was brought back from the countryside, grew up into an extremely beautiful lady. Because of the rumors of her being outstanding, many young people wanted to get to know her.

But Chu Yin was in a trance.

Song Zhaolin was very happy. All his friends were there.

After socializing with them, he took a picture with his selfie stick.

“Come on, let’s take a group photo~~”

A wealthy second-generation man who was next to Chu Yin lowered his head as he warmly reminded her, “Look at the camera, beautiful.”

Chu Yin then returned to her senses before slightly raising her chin.

Song Zhaolin took several pictures then went to happily look at them. The wealthy second-generation who was next to Chu Yin wanted to communicate with her more, but Chu Yin declined.

She changed to another location, thinking that she would leave after talking to Song Zhaolin.

The other side.

Lu Zhen just finished the meeting. He loosened his tie slightly.

Lu Linyuan smiled and communicated with the directors. He agreed to have a drink together later.

Although Lu Zhen was still the only absolute successor of the Lu family, Lu Linyuan could formally stand in front of the Lu group and take over part of Lu’s industry as the son of Mr. Lu.

The directors came over and invited Lu Zhen: “Young Master, will you be going with us?”

Lu Linyuan smiled from behind and said, “Ah Zhen, you can drink now, right?”

Lu Zhen’s face was flat as he nodded: “Yes.”

The location they were going to was familiar. He had been here when he was a child.

Lu Zhen didn’t decline.

But he was feeling very annoyed today.

It’s been a long time since he saw Chu Yin. It was as if he was covered by an evil spirit.

Feeling that his irritation was taking over him, Lu Zhen stretched out his hand and loosened his tie again.

At this moment, a WeChat message appeared on the phone.

Song Zhaolin: [Brother Zhen, are you done? We’re so happy~~]

Song Zhaolin: [Come and play if you are done!! I’ll reserve a cake for you!]

Lu Zhen laughed while he opened the photo Song Zhaolin sent.

Although the venue was very big and crowded, he saw Chu Yin at first sight.

Sitting next to a strange man.

That person was very close to her.

Lu Zhen’s fingertips suddenly became hot.

rndd: [I will go over there now]

“Dong Liu, Uncle Wang,” Lu Zhen stopped and raised his head, “Uncle, I can’t accompany you today.”

Where does this young master want to go?

Lu Linyuan teasingly smiled, “Is there an urgent matter?”

Lu Zhen paused for a second, then smiled: “Um.”

Urgent matter.

He left the Lu’s building, got in the car, and went straight to the Song family. The car was stuck outside the villa area, so Lu Zhen pulled the door open and ran directly.


Under the shining moon, a black-haired young man came running.

You only live once. 

It’s okay to come running to the girl you like.

In the banquet hall, Chu Yin suddenly felt something.

After talking to Song Zhaolin, she planned to quietly walk through the back door. But she instead looked at the script and knew that Lu Zhen was here.

A certain sense of destiny entangled them again. Chu Yin panicked for no reason.

She grabbed the pen and tried to change the script while walking towards the other side of the main entrance.

The moment she touched the carved door handle, the door suddenly opened.

The young man’s heavy breathing came over. Chu Yin raised her eyes to meet Lu Zhen’s hot gaze.

“Don’t run.”

Chu Yin was shocked – why was he running?!

Lu Zhen felt the feeling that he hadn’t seen her for a long time. Because of this, he wanted to confess right here and now.

Chu Yin knew what he was going to do and suddenly stepped back.

But Lu Zhen’s raspy voice resounded, with little gaspings.

—”Sorry, I like you.”

The restlessness of the evening night finally stopped.

After a long time, Chu Yin slowly squeezed her fingers, her tone a bit fiercer: “But I don’t like you.”

That’s what she said in her last life.

At that time, Lu Zhen stood in front of her with red eyes, “Why?”

And this time, 17-year-old Lu Zhen also stood in front of her…but was smiling.

“I see,” he said

Chu Yin was stunned.

Lu Zhen’s hand trembled a little. After a long pause, he lifted his hand and gently touched her head: “I just want to tell you.”

With that, he withdrew his hand: “Good night, Chu Yin.”

That night, no one knew that Lu Zhen had been there.

He came with the warm wind but left silently like the moonlight.

Chu Yin was again dumbfounded.

The door of the Song family’s house was opened. The deafening noise burst out. Chu Yin was wrapped by the sound wave, so she didn’t hear it.


Lu Zhen ran out with all his strength and also used up all his courage. He quietly laid in bed.

Although he said good night, he didn’t have a good dream.

Lu Zhen had a long dream.

Dreams of rain, flower skirt, cold classroom, and a cat.

Everything that happened from the beginning was different from what was shown in this dream.

Just like a memory.

He didn’t know whose perspective this memory was. He only knew that his heart was clenched tightly. The pain and suffocation were clinging to him excruciatingly.

He didn’t know how long his dream was when someone knocked on the door and forcibly interrupted his nightmare.

“Ah Zhen? Ah Zhen! ——”

Lu Zhen suddenly woke up and opened his tired eyes.

Some of his dream fragments went away, turning it into a deep memory. Only the last sound of his dream reverberated in his ears.

The voice was familiar, yet unfamiliar. It was chilling. It sounded like it was his….but was different.

He asked the 17-year-old Lu Zhen in his ear, “Lu Zhen, do you like her?”

“If you want to make her happy.”

“Die now.”



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