I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 44 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Edited by: Chris

Chapter 44 – Shameless (1)

Who wanted him to die?

Lu Zhen’s eyes slightly trembled. He was in a trance for a while after waking up.

Then, a kind of inexplicable pain slowly spread in his heart.

The voice, the appearance, and the aura were all familiar.

It was strange, but he knew deep inside that it was…him.

Although it was different, Lu Zhen realized that the feelings he got from his dream were in line with himself.

If he would face the same situation in his dreams, he would react in the same way – being uncontrollable and concerned.

It was just like him.

Humble and eager.

But, why—what had he actually experienced in his dream that it turned him into someone different?

Lu Zhen slowly sat up from the bed. He lowered his eyes and forced himself to recall his dream.

It was a very long dream. It felt real. It was as if it had happened before.

In his perspective, the protagonist was…

Chu Yin.

A completely different Chu Yin.

She was bright and beautiful, different from the current Chu Yin he knew. The Chu Yin he knew was sensitive and stubborn. In this dream, he also liked Chu Yin and confessed to her. He was also rejected.

But what about events after that? What happened?

What was the ending of that story?

His heart began to ache again. Lu Zhen frowned as he gently pressed down on his chest.

After a while of silence, a voice came in again: “Ah Zhen, did you drink too much last night? Do you need hangover soup?”

Lu Zhen regained his senses and found that his voice was hoarse: “…No need.”

He got out of bed, opened the door of the room, and looked at Lu Linyuan’s concerned face: “Uncle, what’s the matter?”

“The servant said you didn’t have any dinner last night, plus you woke up late today. I came to check on you.” Lu Linyuan spread his hands, “It turns out that you were still asleep when I called. Is there anything wrong?”

Lu Zhen waved his hand, suppressing all the emotions in his heart. His expression returned to normal as he said, “I just slept too much.”

Aside from his dream, he was rejected by the girl he liked.

Lu Linyuan looked at his face and didn’t see any fluctuations in his expression.

“I heard from the driver… You went to the Song’s villa after leaving the company last night?”

Lu Zhen quietly said, expressionlessly “Well, it was Song Zhaolin’s birthday.”

Lu Linyuan laughed, “How close are you with the son of the Song family? You were acting so anxious yesterday.”

Lu Zhen also smiled faintly: “Yes..just afraid I will be too late.”

Although he caught up with her, he felt like he was stabbed.

Endured the torture all night.

It was painfully cold.

Lu Linyuan didn’t say anything. He only smiled as he urged him to wash and eat. Lu Zhen nodded.

There was no room in the Lu Family’s mansion for Lu Linyuan. He only came over to see Lu Zhen. After checking up on him, he left to work on his affairs. Since he had now taken over part of the Lu Family’s properties, he was busy every day.

Lu Linyuan slowly walked out of the door. The assistant was already waiting for him in front of the car. He respectfully opened the door. Lu Linyuan got inside the car and made a call.

The other end picked up quickly, “What is it?”

“Ah Zhen went to your place last night?” Lu Linyuan asked with a smile, “Why not treat him well? You didn’t give me face.”

Song Yanchuan sneered over the phone.

Old fox, what are you pretending for?

Who doesn’t know who you are yet?

Song Yanchuan’s sympathy towards him was already used up when they were outside of the examination room, so now he didn’t need to pretend. Between his partner and the friend of his silly brother, it was clear who was more important.

“Your nephew won’t give me a chance.” Song Yanchuan said calmly, “When he arrived, he immediately met with the little girl. He left after speaking with her. How could I treat him? If I hadn’t been drinking on the second floor, I wouldn’t have known he was even here.”

Lu Linyuan’s eyebrows were raised. The corners of his lips deepened, “Oh? Who’s this little girl that made Ah Zhen so anxious?”

Since he (LL) was pretending, Song Yanchuan also went with the flow, “How do I know? There are so many little girls in the house. Would I know every one of them? I’m not that kind of a beast.”

Lu Linyuan smiled: “Okay, I understand. Have you finished what I told you to do last time?”

Song Yanchuan said, “Yeah”.

Then the conversation between the two ended.

Lu Linyuan hung up the phone, and his smiling face was reflected on the dark cell phone screen.

He had always been a well-behaved man. Even though he was in his thirties, he had the aura of a young man, not much different from Lu Zhen. At this moment, the elegant and handsome face was full of unspeakable pleasure.

The assistant handed over the documents that needed to be signed. “Mr. Lu, you seem to be in a good mood.”

Lu Linyuan snorted as he took the documents.


Although Song Yanchuan didn’t honestly tell him, he didn’t need to think too much, he was completely sure.

“My dear nephew has someone he likes. Of course, I am happy as an uncle.”

Lu Linyuan’s posture relaxed. He suddenly changed his mind and didn’t want to go to the company.

He said to the driver: “Turn around. I want to see her.”

Lu Linyuan didn’t say any names, but anyone close to him knew who this “her” was.

He smiled and leaned back in his chair.

He quickly needed to tell her this great news.

Lu Zhen didn’t mention this to anyone and chose to uncover the meaning of his dream by himself.

He, over and over again, tried to redream the ending of the story.

But since that night, he hasn’t had any of those dreams. There were only fragments of it that came back, which made it impossible to piece everything together.

The only thing he was sure of in his dreams was that Chu Yin was always there.

His heart pounded rapidly before he felt strongly suffocated.

The pain seemed to follow him, tormenting every single nerve in his body.

It was yet another morning that Lu Zhen woke up panting.

He woke up chaotically last night, his heart was beating wildly. Lu Zhen’s face was as pale as a paper.

In the small fragment of a moment, he saw Chu Yin’s tears.

Her black eyes were like pebbles washed out by the water, with clear hatred written in them.

Hate for him. He seemed to have angered her.

Even in his dreams, Lu Zhen felt like he couldn’t breathe.

After waking up in a daze, he suddenly felt a strong desire to ask someone.

Have you ever looked at me with such eyes?

But just when the thought started, the young master who was pampered since birth, unexpectedly felt fear for the first time.

According to his character, it didn’t matter if he was rejected. He liked her so he could be shameless.

However, now Lu Zhen couldn’t dare to look for her, bother her, or disturb her.

What if it was true, what if this happened in reality?

Chu Yin discovered that since that day, Lu Zhen had been silent for a few days.

It was the same as in her previous life. He was an arrogant young master. Although being rejected left a big impact on him, Lu Zhen didn’t leave her life. He would just disappear and reappear now and then.

Chu Yin had already adapted to his personality.

Although she didn’t know what Lu Zhen would do in this life, everything was different from before.

If the dog man Lu Zhen would make trouble again, she could just use her golden finger! Since she had the right to modify the script, she wasn’t afraid of him.

In this life, she had the right to decide by herself. She wanted to study hard, get into a good university, and live a long and happy life.

—Study and learn!!!

Who wouldn’t let her learn?!

Chu Yin stormed out of the car and walked to the campus.

Unexpectedly, she would meet someone who would delay her study.

Chu Yin met a rich second-generation yesterday at Song Zhaolin’s party. She remembered that he introduced himself as Pei Ziyin.

She (CY) was upset right now so she didn’t respond to him. She also didn’t expect that this young man would come to visit her at school??



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