I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 44 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Edited by: Chris

Chapter 44 – Shameless (2)

The convertible sports car stopped at the school gate with snappy sounds. The rich second-generation student, with sunglasses on, stopped before Chu Yin.

He tilted his head as he slowly took off his sunglasses, revealing a pair of sultry eyes.

“Hi, beauty,” Pei Ziyin said, “You took off so early that day, we weren’t able to talk that much.”

He was shocked by Chu Yin’s beauty at the party. After asking Song Zhaolin, he decided to take the initiative.

It was at this hour where the Huiwen students would walk through the gate. Because Chu Yin was a popular figure in the school, countless pairs of eyes stared at them.

“Omg, who dares to talk to my wife?!!”

“Ah! This scene doesn’t look good!”

“Stay away from my sister!! Ah!”

Pei Ziyin felt the stares around him too. In hindsight, he realized he was too conspicuous.

But Chu Yin ended him with a single sentence: “You talk a lot, I’m already bored.”

Pei Ziyin: “…” Fuck, so ruthless.

What kind of cold woman is this?!!

Pei Ziyin was originally a little bit irritated, but as soon as he looked up at her face, his heartbeat quickly went lifeless.

“…Oh, it seems that I am not interesting enough. Do you want to know more about me? I won’t let you down.” Pei Ziyin smiled.

But Chu Yin was even more indifferent: “No. I have no hope for you, nor will I be disappointed.”

Pei Ziyin: “…” Fuck, so cold.

Chu Yin made her attitude clear in a few sentences, then turned and left. It was a bit late today, and it was annoying to be stopped by strange people and wasting time.

As soon as she was gone, Pei Ziyin felt embarrassed.

Some classmates around said loudly: “Hey, handsome guy, give up. You can’t catch Chu Yin’s heart.”

Pei Ziyin wasn’t convinced: “Why can’t I get her?” He was excellent in all aspects.

“Our school has a lot of handsome students. A hundred times more handsome than you. Yet Chu Yin didn’t respond to any of their advancements. Do you think you have any chance?”

Pei Ziyin was so excited by this challenge that he was elated.

“How many handsome students are there? I don’t believe they’re better than me! You wait.”

After speaking, he slammed the door of the sports car and drove away.

The classmates looked at him, shook their heads, and sighed: “Not counting the number, do you think you’re better than Lu Zhen?”

Chu Yin entered the class, Song Zhaolin immediately grabbed her and screamed as he gently pushed her.

After having celebrated his birthday, Song Zhaolin was now undergoing another round of mournful state.

His brother didn’t lie to him. The preferential treatment was only limited to his birthday. It was gone after that.

Song Zhaolin cried, “My brother said that if I can’t get into the top five in the class this time, he would give me a big gift.

Chu Yin had already taken out the textbooks she needed for class, and asked casually, “What kind of gift?”

Song Zhaolin: “Left and right uppercuts, leg whip – high and low, as well as a set of stick beatings.”

Chu Yin: “…”

What a wonderful gift!

Song Zhaolin: “Ahhhh I’m only 17 years old. I can’t be beaten, and being beaten will make me stupid!”

Chu Yin also felt worried: “Indeed, it’s not good to be stupid.”

Song Zhaolin: “…”

Since he was triggered by Chu Yin’s honesty, he carefully listened during his several classes that day. 

The mid-term exam was next week. The study tasks in the tutoring classes were getting more serious. After Chu Yin’s cold rejection that day, no one dared to be the next victim.

Han Chuying invited Chu Yin to investigate their enemy’s battleground for the joint exam.

After finishing the papers, as usual, Han Chuying suddenly said loudly “Ahh!”

“Is this school crazy?”

Chu Yin asked her question without raising her head, “What?”

“That’s the student who won the gold medal in the international mathematics competition. I didn’t expect him to be so arrogant.” Han Chuying glared at the phone. “He said that there are not many students who are good at mathematics in our city. He also said that our school won two medals in the Hope Cup this year because…guess what?!”

Chu Yin: “Because…he didn’t participate? That made Huiwen win the prize?”

Han Chuying was stunned, “How do you know!”

Chu Yin smiled, “This person’s thinking is easy to guess.”

When Han Chuying thought about it, she became angry. Her YinYin goddess is so powerful! How awesome is she!!!

“He also said girls are not good at math by nature. There are only a few of them who are good at math in the liberal arts department. No one in our city could beat them.”

Does sexism still exist? Plus targeting the whole city?

Chu Yin also felt that this person was sick in the head.

This kind of mentally ill thought that downgrades people was irritating. 

Her eyes slightly raised as she squeezed the pen in her hand. Only when she had this kind of opponent could her fighting spirit be aroused.


Let’s take the joint exam immediately and compete on the same stage. Everyone will know when that time comes 🙂

When Chu Yin finished reviewing the lectures, the students in the classroom were all gone.

She stretched silently.

At this moment, a faint noise came from the back door of the classroom. She followed the sound and saw only the corner of the person’s clothes outside the glass of the backdoor.

Chu Yin was startled.

Although she didn’t see it, she somehow knew who it was.

Lu Zhen?

He silently watched her, but when he got found out, he left in a panic. This kind of behavior…was not like him.

Chu Yin didn’t know why he was acting like this. This made her lost in her thoughts for a while.

She thought that Lu Zhen would still be the same as in her previous life – pestering her until she gave up. If he acted like that again, she would use her golden finger to make him give up first.

But Lu Zhen didn’t. He chose to be a little courteous and timid.

She didn’t know what happened, but that night, she had a dream.

She dreamt about something from her previous life.

Chu Yin couldn’t hear the alarm the next day. After waking up, she realized that she was almost late for school, so she hurriedly took a piece of bread before rushing to the car.

She leaned back in the chair, closed her eyes, and tried to remember the dream last night in her mind.

At the sports event late autumn last year, she was bullied by a group of people who didn’t like her. She was splashed with ice water and locked in the classroom.

Because it had been many years later, she forgot about these little details. But now she remembered in her dream that she cried that time.

Sitting in the corner with wet knees, two drops of tears fell from her eyes. She wiped them severely.

When the proud, but ignorant little girl was taken back from the countryside, she stood out for being oddly different in the world of wealthy people. Even if she lived humbly, all she received was malice and sarcasm. Even though Chu Yin didn’t care much about it, did this make her feel inferior in her heart?

Chu Yin didn’t stay in the classroom for too long.

The little afterglow that shined through the window cracks covered the classroom. When she was shivering due to the cold air, the door lock opened with a click.

The door loudly banged. Lu Zhen stood outside the door, with obvious anger showing in his grim face, as he lightly gasped.

Chu Yin changed her posture as soon as she saw him – from her weak posture of tucking her knee to a daring cross-legged sitting position.

“Yeah,” she laughed, “Aren’t you amazing? To be able to find me even here.”’

Lu Zhen’s dark pupils fell on her Chu Yin’s pale face.

He strode in while taking off his coat.

The corners of Chu Yin’s lips tightened as she stepped back: “I don’t want your clothes–“

She didn’t show any weakness. She didn’t need anyone to protect her.

But Lu Zhen had already walked up to her, squatted down, and wrapped his coat tightly around her.

Maybe it was because Chu Yin felt cold at that time. In her dream, she suddenly remembered the temperature on her body at that time.

Very hot.

Then Lu Zhen grabbed her arm and said, “Let’s go.”



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