I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 45 part 1

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Chapter 45 – Your car is gone (1)

All the students present in the school saw it.

The rich second-generation young man who drove the sports car in front of the school was very dramatic. It was even more eye-catching when Chu Yin rejected him in front of so many eyes. Who knew that this group of melon-eating people would witness another explosive character on the scene?

The scene where the rich second-generation young man jumped in the car and drove away after Lu Zhen talked to him. This was seen by many people.

There would soon be another viral post in the forum.

【Ahh! This almost shocked me to death!!】

Main Thread: My husband and wife SZD 1 Chinese internet slang which means true/real . I declare Chu x Gu 2 Gu Qiuze and all other cp 3 If you don’t know what cp means, it’s like a couple shipping that fans invented to end!

The photos were taken casually. Because of the two people’s exquisite appearances, it gave a youthful-campus feel.

Hao Diao found this post and immediately cried while yelling, “Why can’t I have both of them? This is too wrongful!”

But soon, different opinions appeared from this post.

Anonymous 23: Are you blind? Can’t you see the beautiful appearances of our Sister Yin and Brother Zhen??

Anonymous 24: Are these two people 4 Referring to Chu Yin and Lu Zhen arguing??

Attached underneath the post was a photo of a girl reaching out to take the candy from the boy. It was supposed to be a sweet and delicate picture if not for Chu Yin’s frowning face as she stared at Lu Zhen fiercely.

Lu Zhen showed a grim expression. They didn’t know why, but it gave them a sad impression. Why was Lu Zhen sad?

Anonymous 35: My brain automatically created a sadistic love story between them!

Anonymous 36: @35, I have a friend who wants to read the story you created!

Anonymous 37: I’m that friend!!!


Anonymous 40: Are all the people in this thread stupid? Using this situation to write a FanFic story?

After this comment was posted, someone fired something back, and somebody else counterattacked. During this heated debate, a student commented, “Why do I feel that Brother Zhen was rejected in this picture…”

It was unfortunate that no one noticed this comment because of the ongoing replies from this thread, except Song Zhaolin, who had good eyes.

He touched his chin and thought deeply: “This classmate is amazing.”

Song Zhaolin felt that he might have discovered a forbidden secret!

After all, he felt that Brother Zhen was recently in a bad state. Song Zhaolin guessed that it was probably because he was rejected by the indifferent and heartless beauty! This rejection resulted in him losing his soul??

Song Zhaolin sighed sadly. But at the same time, he wanted to gloat. He didn’t expect that his Brother Zhen would soon have this kind of day!

Song Zhaolin was lying on the sofa, holding the tablet. It didn’t take long before he heard the door of the house open.

He sat up with his back straight and skilfully switched the tablet’s screen to an online class video.

After Song Yanchuan came in, he only glanced at him.

Song Zhaolin dodged a disaster. He looked at his brother and smiled flatteringly: “Brother, why are you back so late?”

Song Yanchuan: “Busy.”

Song Zhaolin thought for a while, and found that he seemed to be busy recently: “Do you have to finish so many tasks in the company? To the point that you work overtime everyday?”  He remembered that his brother’s workload wasn’t this heavy before!

Song Yanchuan glanced at him: “It’s not my fault that you can’t live up to expectations.”

Song Zhaolin aggrievedly cried: Why attack me again?!

Song Yanchuan ignored him and walked out of the room.

The Song family’s properties were not that big. But, Song Yanchuan needed to do much more than protecting his family’s properties because every member depended on him.

What’s more, his idiot brother only knew how to play every day. He didn’t study at all.

Who the hell would want to work with an old pervert 5 Song Yanchuan calls Lu Zhen’s uncle an old pervert if it wasn’t for this idiot brother that he needed to pave the way for?

It was from Han Chuying that Chu Yin learned about the forum post of the ‘quarrel’ between her and Lu Zhen.

After clicking the link, the desire to survive consumed her.

Are these people ghosts?!

Reading this any longer would probably give her a heart attack. Chu Yin immediately threw the phone aside. 

She then hugged her arms, sat at the desk, and began to ponder.

There’s something wrong. Even if there was something wrong with the dog man, she couldn’t pinpoint exactly what the problem was given the information from the script.

Chu Yin couldn’t figure out anything so she asked the system: “Do you think there’s something wrong?”

Xueji said: “According to the monitoring system, there was a small-range energy fluctuation a few days ago.”

Chu Yin was startled: “Then why didn’t you say it earlier?”

Xueji innocently said: “The system made a prompt sound.”

Chu Yin was so angry that she wanted to beat him. “I didn’t hear it!!”

Xueji: (^.<)

“When did this happen exactly? What caused the manifestation? Is this related to the male lead?”

Xueji: “Since this has already happened, the system can’t provide a search function. The cause of the manifestation is beyond the system’s ability. The host needs to explore it by herself.”

…and then came a long list of nonsense that the system rambled.

Chu Yin touched her temples with her two fingers to calm herself, “What am I going to do with you?”


Xueji: “T.T.” 6 Chinese used here is 嘤嘤 which is an internet buzzword that expresses the faint and weak cry of crying – like acting pitiful and affectionate.

Maybe the changes in the dog man’s body were related to this matter? If it was a few days ago, the biggest provoking event would be the confession.

Did something happen that day that she didn’t know about?

Chu Yin bit her nails anxiously.

A sense of security then saved her from anxiety when she remembered she still had the authority to change a paragraph in her account.

Why was she afraid? She was a woman who could control the weather. If anything happened, she could just change it! With the paragraph in her hands, whoever wanted to mess with her could bring it on!

In this world of fiction, all of these characters couldn’t escape from the script.

After calming down, a stronger desire to study emerged.

What was more important than learning? Nothing! Study everything!

Study to learn to learn to fight!

Han Chuying joined a mathematics collaboration group before. Because a lot of information and strange topics were shared, she knew that Chu Yin would like it, so she invited her.

The collaboration group required every member to change their name to a format of [school-grade-name], which Chu Yin complied to.

Unexpectedly, one day later, one of the top students in mathematics in the nearby city that Han Chuying mentioned also joined.

Han Chuying was afraid that Chu Yin would feel annoyed, so she suggested in a low voice, “Yin Yin, why don’t we leave? So that our moods won’t get affected if he says something.”

Chu Yin felt indifferent: “It’s fine. We can just be civilized monkey watchers. 7 They’re spectating this ‘monkey’ aka the top student who just joined the collaboration group

This ‘monkey’ would soon act as they expected.

[No. 1 Middle School – Sophomore Liberal Arts – Chang Jinggeng]: Why are there only girls in this group??

As soon as he posted this message, the original lively group chat suddenly went cold.

Chang Jinggeng was indeed very famous in this city. He was a top student from junior high school to high school. 

He was the city’s champion in the high school entrance examination that year, and he was admitted to the special training class of the first high school with high scores. 

Later, he chose liberal arts because of his excellent academic performance, but he was better at math than science. This resulted in him looking down on the students from his department.

The group was silent and cold for a while before some girls continued the discussion from earlier, but Chang Jinggeng sent another message.

[No. 1 Middle School – Sophomore Liberal Arts – Chang Jinggeng]: Are there any other math gurus here? Please speak out!

Han Chuying whispered “fuck” in the self-study class.

What’s wrong with this man?!

[Wen Wen – Sophomore Liberal Arts – Han Chuying]: Can girls not be math gurus?

A few girls agreed.

But Chang Jinggeng ignored them and sent another message: I heard that there’s a male student in Huiewen that won the Hope Cup? Is he in this group? If not, then I’m leaving.

His attitude caused the group to completely explode.

Han Chuying almost wanted to scold him: The male student only got the silver medal, OK? The one who got the gold medal is a girl.



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