I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 45 part 2

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Chapter 45 – Your car is gone (2)

[No.1 Middle School – Sophomore Liberal Arts – Chang Jinggeng]: Oh, then she must be very hardworking.

His prejudice towards girls was worse than the male students. Chang Jinggeng had been thinking like this since childhood. The education he received when he was young didn’t correct his wrong beliefs.

Han Chuying’s hands were shaking. And every word she uttered was spoken angrily: Is it difficult to admit that girls are good?! Is your brain sick?!

[Chang Jinggeng]: Why are you so defensive? Was it you who got the gold medal?

Han Chuying was so angry that she lifted the table.

Chu Yin noticed her mood swings. She took a piece of paper, picked up her phone, and looked at it.

After Chang Jinggeng sent the message, he completely angered the girls in various schools. He was scolded for many hours.

Chu Yin thought that he had stopped, and was too lazy to pay attention to him. Just as she wanted to put away her phone, a new message popped up.

[Chang Jinggeng]: @[Huiwen – Liberal Arts sophomore – Han Chuying] I thought you were good. You didn’t even make it to the Hope Cup Finals? I specifically checked the total score of this winter camp for you. Han Chuying is 12th. Aren’t you embarrassed to be ranting here?

After reading these messages, Chu Yin’s calm mood finally fluctuated.

Who was this extinct idiot?

After Chang Jinggeng sent these messages, no one argued anymore, so he smiled triumphantly. Sure enough, the quickest and most effective way is to talk about people’s grades. These girls don’t get very good grades. They only have high morale.

[Chang Jinggeng]: This is the quality of Huiwen’s students.

After posting, he was in a good mood and wanted to turn off his phone to study.

At this moment, a new message popped up suddenly.

[Huiwen – Sophomore Liberal Arts – Chu Yin]: Do you want to make a bet? If you lose, you apologize.

As soon as she showed up, all of the Huiwen students who were silent in the group exploded.

[Fuck. Sister Yin is also in this group?!?!]

[Ooo ah ah sister is speaking up!]

Chang Jinggeng looked at the audacious girl and frowned — the name Chu Yin was a little familiar.

[Stupid! The gold medalist is here. I don’t understand those men who want to pretend they’re all good.]

Chang Jinggeng just remembered that when looking at the total results of the winter camp just now, this name was in the first place.

[No. 1 Middle School – Sophomore Liberal Arts – Chang Jinggeng]: Your grades are quite good, I didn’t scold you.

Chu Yin smiled coldly at the phone: [Whoever scores high in the math entrance exam wins. The loser should wipe the other school’s door. Do you accept this challenge?]

This time not only the Huiwen students in the group, but also people from other schools fainted by her handsomeness.

[This elder sister is so sassy! Ah!]

[Ahh!! I’m so excited!]

This incident quickly spread back to the Huiwen school. Ahhh!!!

Because there were at least seven or eight students from the school in the group chat, the cause and result of the incident were all reported and screenshots of Chu Yin’s chat records in the group were all widely spread.

[picture] [picture] [picture]

[picture] [picture] [picture]

[This sister is seeking justice for Huiwen!]

[Can she do this alone?]

The two schools’ top students openly started a war, which immediately put the school’s honor on the line. This event made everyone extremely enthusiastic.

Chu Yin didn’t challenge him on a whim.

After hearing about the award Chang Jinggeng had won, Chu Yin collected many examination questions over the years and had practiced long before. She was certain about Chang Jinggeng’s general level.

Moreover, even if there was no bet involved, getting first place in the joint exam was required by the system. 

So, Chu Yin used this idiot to add fire to himself. He must try his best to do well in the exam this time.

This time, Lu Zhen did not become her rival again.

From that day on, he put the remaining strawberry candy in his pocket and decided to do one thing.


Even if he was vaguely aware that the end of the dream was a terrible black hole, he wanted to come closer and see clearly.

Everything about Chu Yin.

Everything that was real.

In order to make the dream longer and more stable, Lu Zhen even took medicine.

Before going to bed this time, he once again sorted out the dream fragments, then raised his neck and swallowed the pills blankly.

He had a feeling that this night, the dream would come again. He just had to wait.

The bottles of medicine bottles were scattered on the bedside in a dimly lit room. Lu Zhen laid in the heavy silk quilt as time reversed from day to night and night to day.

The servant, with a breakfast plate on hand, knocked on the door for a long time, receiving no response.

“Forget it, go down.” Lu Linyuan waved his hand.


Lu Zhen’s abnormality even alarmed the old man. But apart from the longer sleeping time, there was nothing abnormal on his face, and he was not sick.

Lu Linyuan looked at Lu Zhen’s door for a while, then turned and left, his lips curling slightly.

Since he can’t find the reason here, there’s another way to find it.

Lu Zhen is so abnormal…

Could the reason be as he expected? Lu Linyuan thought with some pleasure.


The day before the midterm exam, Chu Yin steadily finished the planned papers in school, then packed her bag and left.

The weather gradually became hot as it entered the season of May. But this day’s climate was gloomy and cloudy. It was about to rain.

Chu Yin left the school gate and was walking in the direction of her family’s car when suddenly she heard a voice from nearby.

“Classmate Chu?”

Chu Yin looked over and saw Lu Linyuan.

“Uncle Lu.” She said hello.

Lu Linyuan walked over with a surprised look and a gentle and easy-going smile: “Why are you still at school so late? I just passed by here and saw you at a glance.”

“Yes. I was answering math problems.” Chu Yin also smiled.

Originally, she had a good impression of Lu Linyuan, and it was hard not to act kindly on this handsome uncle.

But… Ever since being reminded by Song Yanchuan, and then seeing the address of the nursing home in his car, Chu Yin was now more wary of Lu Linyuan.

Just in case, she knocked on the system and unlocked the script.

Lu Linyuan smiled mildly as he carefully looked at Chu Yin, his expression not giving any hints: “So hardworking? I didn’t have the chance to meet you a few times before. And since I just happened to meet today, how about we..”

At this moment, the script loaded. It was clear from this line of words:

【Lu Linyuan deliberately asked the driver to drive outside the Huiwen school, and deliberately ran into Chu Yin.】

Chu Yin: “……”

She suddenly had the movie of a serial killer playing through her mind.

This goldfinger is too strong…

The bad guys are easy to distinguish.

Although Lu Linyuan hadn’t done anything so far, Chu Yin at least knew that he was not as harmless as he appeared to be.

Chu Yin pondered for a while and cut a word on the script.

Lu Linyuan was still smiling slightly as he was a very friendly person. He hardly ever failed to win over any girls.

“How? I just want to talk to you about Lu Zhen, I have been worried about him recently.”


It’s none of my business!!

Lu Linyuan was acutely aware of her hesitation and said, “Are you rushing home to study? Just sit down for a while. I won’t delay you.”

Chu Yin finally said, “Not right now.”

Lu Linyuan was very patient. With a smile, he said: “Why is it inappropriate? Don’t think of me as an elder. Ah Zhen and I treat each other like friends…”

“No.” Chu Yin interrupted him.

Then she raised her hand and pointed to a place not far behind Lu Linyuan, her voice calm.

— “Your car is on fire.” 

In the distance, that seven-figure luxury car.

…was puffing with white smoke.

Lu Linyuan: “…”



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