I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 46 part 1

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Chapter 46- He cried (1)

【Lu Linyuan’s car was parked on the side of the road. Once she agreed, they could go to the high-end western restaurant in front.】

Chu Yin didn’t like how the script was going so she changed ‘parked’ to ‘burned’

In fact, ‘explosion’ was fine but the risk factor was too high. It was too eye-catching.

After Lu Linyuan gracefully invited the girl to get in his car for dinner, he saw his car in flames just when he turned around.

Haha:) How interesting.

Chu Yin didn’t want anything to do with him, so she chose the most convenient and effective way.

Lu Linyuan was probably also dumbfounded. Needless to say, his car’s performance was top-notch. For his safety considerations, he had always heavily maintained it.

How could it catch on fire?

The driver and the special assistant also looked dumbfounded. They hurriedly called someone to deal with it.

Lu Linyuan quickly recovered his shock as he showed a slightly helpless smile: “What should I do? My car became like this.”

If she didn’t know his real identity, she would probably be fooled by his face, his expression, and his way of speaking.

But now, Chu Yin just wanted to shout: Fake! Roll!

She looked at the distance and then smiled politely: “My family’s car is here. I have a midterm exam tomorrow so I have to go home to review. Goodbye.”

If Lu Linyuan invited her again, it would seem too deliberate. He nodded in good faith, and smiled: “Eat well and don’t be too tired.”

Chu Yin smiled without answering, turned to her family’s car, and drove away.

Lu Linyuan waved his hand regretfully as he watched the car leave.

The special assistant walked behind him and bowed slightly: “I’m really sorry, Mr. Lu. The cause of the car’s breakdown is still being investigated. Please wait for a while. The driver is already on the way.”

Lu Linyuan gave a response, and suddenly asked, “When was the last inspection?”

The special assistant: “Two weeks ago.”

Lu Linyuan raised his eyebrows slightly, and waved his hand: “Go and check.”


Lu Linyuan originally thought that the outstanding advantage of this little girl named Chu Yin was that she was only beautiful – well, looking at her closely, she was exquisite.

But for a brief period, he found her very interesting.

The little girl was completely unmoved by him.

The corners of Lu Linyuan’s lips curled up slightly. It seemed that he could not regard her as ‘just an ordinary little girl.

On the way home, Chu Yin pondered about Lu Linyuan.

She vaguely felt that Lu Linyuan’s participation in the plot was deeper than she imagined. His relationship with Lu Zhen’s mother, as well as his relationship with Lu Zhen, had many details that she hadn’t paid attention to in her previous life.

Why was Lu Linyuan coming to her? What was his purpose?

Could it be to help Lu Zhen…

But Chu Yin shook her head again. Based on her understanding of this dog man, he would not even mention things like chasing 1 Courting people with others, let alone ask others for help.

But anyway, if the uncle and nephew dared to do something, she would be a shark!2 From the previous chapters, it means she won’t hesitate to kill/destroy

That night, Chu Yin’s study rhythm wasn’t distracted at all by Lu Linyuan’s presence. After all, the most important thing for her right now was the exam. She also made a bet with Chang Jinggeng.

She wasn’t passionate nor cared about the school’s honor. Her original intention of betting was only because Chang Jinggeng was too stupid. She was disgusted by his insulting actions against Han Chuying.

If she would win first place in this joint exam, she would be awarded a single sentence authority.

Xueji was a bit stingy. And this just showed two things: 1) Her learning ability and the system’s evaluation of her was increasing as the day went by. 2) Getting first place wouldn’t be difficult, otherwise, the reward would be greater than a single sentence authority.

Xue Ji watched Chu Yin’s reverse thinking. It had to say that this host was sharp and smart.

Because she was steadily studying, she didn’t need to cram before the exam. Chu Yin conscientiously recited her core notes, picked up a set of math papers, and then went to bed early.

She was very confident in herself.

The city’s joint exam was the next day. The competition between Huiwen and the No.1 Middle School involved both schools’ honor.

Students from the No.1 Middle School were still actively discussing this morning:

[Chu Yin from the other school impressed me. She was also the beautiful little sister in the speech contest.]

[Really? Then she might beat God Geng 3 They call Chang Jinggeng the study god in their school ]

[@ChangJinggeng, God Geng, how sure are you that you’ll win this bet?]

Chang Jinggeng: [You can bet that I’ll win. Relax.]

[He is worthy of being the God Geng]

[No.1 middle school rises majestically!]

The teachers of Huiwen found that the learning momentum of the students was particularly good. They didn’t know what caused this.

In the past few days, the cyberwar between the two schools had entered a fierce stage. They were both browsing the school forums of both sides. From time to time, there would be quarreling and some shouting in the air.

For so many years, there were only these kinds of exchanges between Huiwen and No.1 Middle School. The bet between Chu Yin and Chang Jinggeng was the focus of everyone’s attention.

At the last review time, Class 5 quietly studied their exercise book—even Song Zhaolin was busy.

Chu Yin was amused by his rare spirit of learning. After the early self-study, she asked him: “Are you so afraid of your brother’s combo punches?”


“Yes!” Song Zhaolin’s eyes reluctantly tore from his book and said, “But it’s not only because I’d get beaten! This is the battle of honor! You have an ongoing bet with the fool from No.1 Middle School. As your favorite deskmate, how can I not do my best!”

Chu Yin applauded: “I’m moved with so many tears.”

Song Zhaolin pointed out: “I don’t see a single tear!!”

Chu Yin smiled, packed her bag, and was ready to go to the examination room.

Song Zhaolin also packed up his things and sighed loudly: “I am finally in the same examination room as Brother Zhen this time. What a pity! 4 It’s unfortunate because Lu Zhen won’t be attending the examination is what Song Zhaolin means

At the end of the semester, Lu Zhen only took two subjects. Although he placed first in Math, his overall score was subjected to the same examination room as Song Zhaolin.

“I was thinking of relying on him for Math. It’s a pity that Brother Zhen didn’t even come to take the exam.”

Chu Yin: “…Oh.”

Thinking about it, she hadn’t seen the dog man for several days. No wonder it was peaceful.

She didn’t ask, but Song Zhaolin continued talking, “I don’t know what’s wrong with Brother Zhen lately. He seems to be in a very bad condition. He has been sleeping a lot at home. What if he’s sick…”


Chu Yin frowned slightly. She couldn’t think of a reason.

Walking out of the classroom and into the examination room, she met many other students in the corridor.

When they saw Chu Yin, they cheered her on one after another: “Sister Yin, don’t stress! Relax!”

“Believe in yourself, don’t be afraid!”

“You are already in our hearts!”

The students didn’t believe she could defeat the famous top student in the No.1 Middle School. Their attitude was entirely encouraging. 

After entering the first examination room, most of the people sitting were classmates in the tutoring class. Everyone was familiar with each other.

“Class leader, do your best!”

“We’re rooting for you!”

Chu Yin was helpless and let them roar for a while, then clapped her hands: “Quiet.” 

The whole class was immediately quiet within three seconds.

The prestige of the class leader was evident.

Anyone in the examination room who did not enter the remedial class was shocked at the sight of this posture.

Sister Chu is too handsome, QAQ!!

We also want to be supervised by her aaahh!

The examination style of the city’s joint examination room was different from the usual style of Huiwen. The difficulty was great.

Chu Yin sat in the first seat and answered it carefully.

After the language test, Jiang Yan and Han Chuying immediately came over and asked her nervously, “Yin Yin, how was it?”

Chu Yin: “It’s okay, it’s about the same difficulty as I expected.”

Han Chuying was immediately relieved: “Stay relaxed. Relax!”

Chu Yin laughed, “I haven’t taken the Math exam yet.”

Mathematics was the key point.



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