I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 46 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Edited by: Chris

Chapter 46- He cried (2)

Even during lunch break, the students from Huiwen were studying hard. After reading for a while, Chu Yin suddenly remembered an academic point she hadn’t understood yet, so she got up and went to the teacher’s office.

Sister Wang was away, there was only one math teacher in the office, and Chu Yin had never dealt with her.

After hesitating for a few seconds, she walked over. There was already a classmate with a question, and Chu Yin stood behind her and waited quietly.

But the teacher and the student stopped. One looked back, the other looked up, and they blinked as they looked at her.

Chu Yin was a little embarrassed to be stared at. She touched the tip of her nose and explained, “I have a question about this exercise…may I?”

If the teacher wasn’t available, she could ask Gu Qiuze since she just saw him.

Unexpectedly, the teacher and the student immediately said: “No problem!”

The enthusiasm was a bit scary.

Chu Yin quickly pressed the classmate: “It’s okay, you ask your question first.”

“No, no, no!” The classmate severely shook her head, “Classmate Chu Yin, you can come here–”  

She was just a small cookie! Can she win the honor of the school like Chu Yin? She can’t! Who in the school didn’t know about Chu Yin and her bet? If sister lost, she had to clean the school door of No.1 Middle School! She won’t allow it to happen!

Chu Yin had no idea that she had become the object of protection for the whole school.

Someone had said that Chu Yin was the person with the most positive changes in the school. In the beginning, she was only an ordinary student and later became a beautiful top student. Now, she was the school’s honor.

In short, everyone loves Sister Yin!


After two days, the city’s joint exams finally ended.

The city’s test papers were turned in and scanned uniformly without bias from each school, so the results will be objective and fair.

This was the first time that Huiwen students paid so much attention to average scores. They compared each other’s performances. The forum was full of discussions about achievements.

Song Zhaolin was playing with a mobile phone under the table when he suddenly pressed his head: “Fuck?”

There was a new post in the forum: [Report!!! My cousin in No.1 Middle School said CJG’s math score is 149!!]

The post suddenly became viral. Even though it was during class time, there were many instant replies.

Anonymous 1: Fuck, is he a monster?!

Anonymous 2: It’s so close to the perfect score, ahhh!

Anonymous 3: Ah! I don’t want Sister Yin to wipe the school gate QAQ! I’m going to make trouble!!

Chang Jinggeng’s mathematics scores quickly spread. To be honest, this kind of score was hard to achieve even for science students.

Huiwen’s math scores had not been announced yet, and Chu Yin’s English essays were very high. But if she didn’t pass Chang Jinggeng’s math scores, she would still lose the bet.

Song Zhaolin was immediately worried.

Han Chuying ran over after the class, and said anxiously: “He can support his arrogant attitude!”

The math papers for the city’s joint entrance exam are really difficult. There were about three hard questions. To be able to get 149 was not human level at all.

“What to do, if it weren’t for me, Yin Yin wouldn’t have challenged him.”

Han Chuying had struggled to not slap Chang Jinggeng in the face. But she still felt that she got Chu Yin involved.

Jiang Yan hugged her: “Do not blame yourself. You can’t help it that he talks like that.”

Song Zhaolin also said: “Yes! After I read those screenshots, I want to go and curse him. That idiot!”

Having said that, their faces became gloomy.

Chu Yin smiled helplessly: “Can you guys have a little confidence in me?”

Three faces suddenly turned around and looked at her blankly.

“Sister Yin, you…” They asked carefully, “Can you get higher than 149?”

Chu Yin smiled and said nothing.

Why not? She knew everything.


Tutoring Class in No.1 Middle School.

Many people were worshipping Chang Jinggeng’s scores.

In this exam, he got 287 in Comprehensive Literature, 149 in Mathematics, and also very high in Chinese and English.

“Will the pretty student in the other school come and clean our school’s gate?”

“Hahaha, then I’m going to hand her a rag!”

Some boys were kind and said: “Forget it, God Geng, she’s a girl. What’s the point of us being a man? What do you say?”

Chang Jinggeng sneered: “I didn’t scold her at the time, but she jumped out and challenged me.”

“Don’t all girls act like this? Maybe she’s going out of her way to get your attention?”

Chang Jinggeng smiled. That’s not impossible.

If Chu Yin apologized to him seriously, then he could just nullify the bet. Chang Jinggeng took out his mobile phone and was planning to talk to Chu Yin in the Math group chat.

At this moment, a person came in the door, suddenly panting—”Fuck! The ranking list just came out!” 

“Chu Yin’s Mathematics is 150!” 


With this shocking news, Chang Jinggeng suddenly raised his head: “What?!”

Everyone in the special training class of No. 1 Middle School was also shocked: “Is this a joke!?”

Who knew that the person who came to report didn’t catch his breath, and the next sentence was even stronger!

“Chu Yin is the first in the city! The total score is 731!!!”

At the same time, the whole school of Huiwen was caught in a carnival.

In this joint examination, Chu Yin ranked first in three subjects. Her Mathematics and English were perfect scores!

She used her scores to slap the face of this idiot student fiercely and mercilessly.

[On behalf of the whole school, I will send a rose of love to Sister Yin!!]

[Ah, It’s so cool. I feel like I got first place in the city!]

[Me too!!! Why are we so passionate about this exam!]

Although the average score of Huiwen was one mark below, the first place was with them!

Now everyone couldn’t wait to see Chang Jinggeng coming to wipe the school gate! !

The city’s ranking was announced to all schools. As soon as the results came out, the math group that Chang Jinggeng was in suddenly swarmed with countless people.

[@ Huiwen – liberal arts sophomore – Chu Yin, Congratulations for winning first place on behalf of us girls!!]

[@ No.1 Middle School – liberal arts sophomore – Chang Jinggeng, come on, big brother, willing to accept defeat? Let’s do it tonight.]

Chang Jinggeng didn’t believe that Chu Yin could actually defeat him!

He never thought about what school gate he would clean – how could it be possible?

Chang Jinggeng has been in this city since he was born. He has been a well-known genius student since he was a child. 

Make him clean the school gate for Huiwen?!

Chang Jinggeng: [Did I say I accepted the bet?]

[Funny, from start to finish, you were looking for trouble.]

[It’s only one point short, I did make a mistake this time, it doesn’t mean that Chu Yin is better than me.]

Someone in the group immediately scolded him: [Who are you? You can’t accept defeat?!]

[Why don’t you show off your dignity as a man? Do you regret being a man now? ] 

The chat history was posted in Huiwen’s forum. The crowd was indignant. Everyone was scolding Chang Jinggeng for not being responsible.

When the matter reached Chu Yin’s ears, Chang Jinggeng had completely taken the route of an irresponsible human.

Han Chuying sent her WeChat: [Look at this shameless man! Today’s achievement has been achieved!]

[Chang Jinggeng: I don’t know how to wipe the gate of Huiwen school anyway.]

[Chang Jinggeng: Who wants to wipe, I can pay for the detergent. Haha]

Chu Yin: “…” 

The fool is indeed a fool.

She thought for two seconds, then opened the script.

[… After the announcement of the entrance exam results, Chu Yin won the bet. Chang Jinggeng became arrogant and went back on his words, which caused dissatisfaction among the whole school of Huiwen…]

It’s hard to deal with these kinds of people.

Chu Yin grabbed the light pen and marked “went back” to “didn’t go back”.

—I will guard the integrity of this idiot √

The Huiwen students scolded Chang Jinggeng for a whole day.

-At the school gate-

When school was over, they saw Chang Jinggeng carrying a bucket, holding a rag, with a look of grief and indignation.



“Fuck, I want to take a picture.”

“I doubted you, brother. I didn’t expect you to have a backbone!”

Han Chuyin took Chu Yin to the window and appreciated the scene of Chan Jinggeng cleaning the school gate. She almost fell from laughing.

Chu Yin pulled her back and smiled: “Done venting?”

“I’m so relieved!!” Han Chuying said, “Woo, you’re my goddess!”

Yin Yin must always be number one in the future! Not only in the city, but also in the province! Finally, another champion in the college entrance examination!

To embark on the pinnacle of life!

The fact that Chang Jinggeng came to clean the school gate of Huiwen spread around for a long time.

After everyone finally got tired of eating melons, someone sighed.

“It’s a pity, if Brother Zhen takes the exam, CJG would probably be third in maths?”

“Maybe hahaha”

“Then he will be even more sad and angry~”

“By the way, why do I feel like I haven’t seen Brother Zhen for a long time?”

“To tell you the truth, I noticed the same.”



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