I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 47 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 47 – Don’t go (1)

“What’s the matter with you these days? Is there really nothing wrong with your health?” Grandfather Lu sat on the sofa with a serious face while not being able to hide his concern when he looked at his grandson.

Lu Zhen sat on the opposite side with a pale expression. “I’m sorry for worrying you, grandpa. I’m fine.” 

“Nonsense!” Grandfather Lu scolded as he stamped his crane. “Tell me if there’s anything wrong. You should get checked by a doctor!”

Lu Linyuan, who was sitting on the side, quickly joined in and said, “Dad, don’t worry – Azhen is already this old. He knows his own condition well.”

Grandfather Lu was concerned and confused. Lu Zhen had been outstanding since he was a child. He completely met the expectations and requirements of an heir – calm and mature. This time, he didn’t know what caused his bad condition.

Lu Zhen sat quietly on the opposite side.

From this angle, he could see the light radiating behind his back as his cheeks were cast by a shadow. The young man’s neat black hair was longer. A few strands fell above his eyebrows, looking a bit messy and casual.

He (LZ)  was still the cold and precious young master of the Lu family. But when Grandfather Lu looked at him, he felt that he (LZ) was different from before.

Since Lu Linyuan answered several questions for him (LZ), Grandfather Lu snorted, “Really?”

Lu Zhen raised his head slightly and smiled: “I’m all right, Grandpa.”

He won’t let anything happen.

Lu Linyuan coaxed Grandfather Lu back to his room, then went back to the living room and patted Lu Zhen on the shoulder jokingly. “This kid. You’re really facing a big battle this time. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re lovesick.”

Lu Zhen slightly raised his head. His pupils were calm as it stayed looking at Lu Linyuan’s gentle smiling face for two seconds, before moving away.

He smiled silently: “Now way.”

Seeing the direction of his life in advance wasn’t totally useless even if he felt pain from knowing everything.

Because at 17 years old, he could see the true nature of people.

Lu Zhen accepted his fault in his previous life by being tortured with the truth. At the same time, he also learned from its experience, skills, knowledge, and everything in it.

The truth behind Lu Linyuan’s smile would still be in this life.

And he wouldn’t let his most important person be touched by him (LL) again.

Lu Linyuan laughed teasingly: “What else do you have to say to me? It’s probably a matter of love for a child your age to act like this.”

Lu Linyuan continued: “Let me guess… Is it the girl I have met several times? She must be your school’s flower. Indeed beautiful.”

Lu Zhen suddenly laughed, his lips stretched wider, which made Lu Linyuan’s hair stand up 1 goosebumps .

“Uncle, I didn’t know before that you have such a good imagination.”

He didn’t realize it in his last life. It turned out that Lu Linyuan had set his sights on Chu Yin so early.

Lu Linyuan raised his eyebrows and smiled, “It’s because I care about you, so I’m observant.”

Lu Zhen’s lips curled as he nodded: “But you guessed it wrong—Chu Yin, she looks pretty, but I’m not interested.”

Lu Linyuan’s heart jumped and his eyes slightly squinted. “Oh? How come?”

Lu Zhen’s heart felt sore. He leaned back, his tone indifferent: “If you like her, you are free.”

Lu Linyuan was stunned for a second before regaining his senses and laughed. “Are you kidding me? How old do you think I am? Making me look like a beast?” 

Lu Zhen also laughed with him.

His deep black eyelashes covered his dark pupils. They were filled with cold sarcasm.

After smiling for a moment, Lu Zhen raised his eyes, and said lightly: “These are all trivial things – Uncle, let’s talk about the land in the south.”

Lu Linyuan said with a slow smile, “Oh, good.”

Ever since Chu Yin met Lu Zhen that morning, the dog man didn’t appear again for a long time.

He probably still attended school but never went near her anymore. It took about a half month for them to meet each other by chance.

He left after their eyes met for a brief second.

Most of the communication between the two of them was initiated by Lu Zhen. After the rejection, Lu Zhen seemed to quietly retreat from her life.

Chu Yin was skeptical at first. After all, the memory of the previous life was too deep. If the dog man suddenly changed, it would naturally be suspicious.

But after observing the script for many days, she didn’t find anything that could explain Lu Zhen’s behavior. In the end, she had to conclude that maybe the dog man did really change.

If he wouldn’t be obsessed with her, then Lu Zhen in this life wouldn’t be the same as before.

But…Chu Yin inexplicably cared about Lu Zhen’s tears that morning.

Although it was only a flash, she still saw it.

He didn’t look like he wanted to give up 2 Pursuing her . It was more like…some kind of despair.

Unusually, the young master showed this kind of emotion. 

It made her feel…uncomfortable.

Chu Yin thought for a while before pulling her mind back and continued to do the math exercises in front of her. She was still a little distracted even after doing two courses, so she simply put down her pen and drank a bottle of water.

Walking out while holding the water bottle, many of her classmates in the corridor came up to greet her.

Now Chu Yin gradually adapted to her popularity in school. She knew how to react with these over-enthusiastic students. After all, in the world of novels, this kind of exaggeration wasn’t unusual.

After the city’s joint exam, the name of Chu Yin as the number 1 top student spread throughout the city. Not only was she famous in Huiwen and No.1 Middle School, but also around the schools in the city. Her amazing perfect math scores that forced Chang Jinggeng to wipe the gate of Huiwen was known by many.

Because of this battle, Chu Yin had completely won the school’s honor. She had become one of the precious students that needed to be protected. The students asked her before and learned that Chu Yin had no intention of going abroad and was preparing to take the college entrance exam!

Her achievements made everyone vowed to protect her!

Even the senior teachers were patient with Chu Yin whenever she needed help! Be attentive! Give her the answers and explanations for every academic question she had.

As a result, as soon as Chu Yin went to the teacher’s office, three or four teachers discussed together with the topic she asked.


…This, too, is an exaggeration.

“Sister Yin, I also happen to refill my water bottle. Do you want me to refill it for you?” Someone asked in the corridor.

Then immediately there were several voices: “I can do it too!”

“I’ll refill for you too!”

Chu Yin: “No, thank you…”

She quickly speeded up her pace, turned the corner, and unexpectedly saw Lu Zhen, who she hadn’t seen for a long time.

He seemed to have grown a bit taller, his facial features under his eyebrows were deeper, and his temperament was a little darker. He stood, lowering his head, saying something to Song Zhaolin who was beside him.

Chu Yin’s steps stopped and changed direction, intending to go away quietly.

Song Zhaolin raised his eyes at this moment and howled happily: “Ah, Sister Yin!”

Lu Zhen instantly raised his eyes.

She shrank her shoulders slightly, in a pose that she wanted to slip away.

A smile oozed from the bottom of Lu Zhen’s eyes before he quickly covered it with his dark pupils. He felt bitter.

The little girl in this life was so outstanding. No one would ignore her, and no one would look down on her. She didn’t need him.

That day, Lu Zhen recalled the events of his previous life for the first time. He was 27 years old when she told him to die in her dreams.

He finally understood the meaning later.

If he died, Chu Yin would be happy. She would have nothing to do with him, and…no longer needed to bear any weight because of his love.

So he stood outside Chu Yin’s house until dawn, looked at her for the last time, and then told himself not to shamelessly disrupt her life.

She was innocent and ignorant in this life. She won’t remember being trapped by him. The days and nights she begged for freedom. Or her hatred and anger towards him.

—Lu Zhen had no chance to explain to her.

If he spoke of this absurd event 3 Reliving his second life while remembering the memories of his past , no one would believe him.

God gave him a new life with the condition he keeps his memories. To remember, to repent, to suffer alone, and to silently protect her. This was his punishment.

Lu Zhen knew that he should be more conscious.

…But he felt like trash. It was difficult to control himself.

He clearly didn’t need to come to school, but he still couldn’t help it.

Even if they couldn’t get close, they could meet by chance.

Perhaps in the corridor, on the open court, or in an unknown corner. He would see her.

Song Zhaolin had already hopped over and said with a smile, “Sister Yin, didn’t you see us?”

Chu Yin: “…”

She helplessly turned around and saw Lu Zhen standing a few steps away. His eyes indifferently met her before turning away casually, as if they were strangers.

Chu Yin was suddenly relieved. She slowly relaxed her tight shoulders — since Lu Zhen had moved on, she didn’t need to act like this.

She nodded generously towards Song Zhaolin: “I just saw.”

Song Zhaolin was startled: “What! We are two handsome guys standing here, you didn’t see us immediately!”

“No,” Chu Yin waved him away, “Get out of the way, I’m going to get the water.”

“Oh.” Song Zhaolin obediently moved away.

Lu Zhen didn’t speak from beginning to end. His fingers were trembling in his trouser pocket.

A few seconds of contact was enough for him to remember the days they spent.

Song Zhaolin turned his head and saw Lu Zhen’s eyes turning red. He was surprised and said, “Brother Zhen, are you still not sleeping well?”

Lu Zhen silently muttered, “Ah, I suddenly want to smoke.”

“Don’t be too busy. You’re not an adult yet. Why take over the family business so early?” Song Zhaolin whispered, “The old man is still so healthy. Don’t you still have such a capable uncle on top of you? Don’t make yourself so tired!”

Lu Zhen smiled lightly. Song Zhaolin had not changed.

After hearing his nagging, he suddenly asked: “Yanchuan has been very busy these days?”

Song Zhaolin: “Yes! He’s so busy, I don’t know how many members in our family he wants to feed!”

Lu Zhen looked at him innocently. Face, after a long while, suddenly raised his hand and patted Song Zhaolin on the shoulder.

Lu Zhen looked at his innocent face. After a while, he suddenly raised his hand and patted Song Zhaolin on the shoulder.

Song Zhaolin was sandwiched between him and his brother. He was forced to make a choice in their previous life. 

“You won’t be in a dilemma next time.” Lu Zhen said softly.

Song Zhaolin blinked his pair of big innocent eyes. What? What’s the dilemma?



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