I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 47 part 2

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Chapter 47 – Don’t go (2)

Life seemed to calm down.

Chu Yin attended classes, studies, and received tutoring every day. She also continued to study after school, to improve herself.

Without the dog man in the script, life became very simple.

That day, Chu Yin came home from school and met Father Chu and Mother Chu who had been busy recently.

This time, they couldn’t wait to go back to their room to privately talk about this project of ‘new town’ and started their conversation in the living room.

It had been some time since she heard about this project. It seemed that the marriage between the Chen family and the Chu family didn’t save this incident. Father Chu’s expression was anxious, and Chu Qiuqiu sat aside, her expression even more broken.

Chu Shi saw Chu Yin enter the door, grabbed her wrist, and led her upstairs: “Yin Yin, go back to the room first, I will call you for dinner later.”

Chu Yin nodded, “…Oh.”

Before the door closed, she vaguely heard Chu Qiuqiu yelling: “I can’t lift my head in front of everyone if I do this!”

Father Chu’s voice became even more anxious: “What else can I do! The Chen family will stop cooperating with us now. Our Chu family is over!’

Chu Yin suddenly realized that in silence——

The timeline had advanced.

The bankruptcy that would have occurred more than a year later was now in sight.

What caused the timeline to change? Did something happen in the plot that she didn’t know?

Was it related to the previous special fluctuations?

Chu Yin wasn’t afraid of the Chu family going bankrupt. She had saved some money with various bonuses and money rewards the Chu family gave her. It was enough for a basic living.

For her, this home was merely just a shelter.

If her brother would get affected by this, she could just use her authority to protect him. As for the parents and her false sister, Chu Yin didn’t care about them.

It’s just that Chu Yin thought of another thing.

It seemed that the bankruptcy of the Chu family had nothing to do with Lu Zhen.

So…would those plots after the bankruptcy in her previous life happen again?

Chu Yin silently thought for a moment. It was probably time to leave this home.

The one-month duration of their bet was almost ending.

During this period, Chang Jinggeng came every day to wipe the iron gate of Huiwen. He almost wiped the iron sheet bare.

For a while, it became a great talk in Huiwen.

He was often asked, “How can you be so faithful to your words?”

Chang Jinggeng was ashamed and angry that he wanted to die.

—He didn’t want to wipe it at all! But every day when school was over, his hands would consciously lift the bucket and take the rag. His feet wouldn’t even listen to him!

What else could he do but wipe this gate? ! After wiping for a month, there was not even a speck of single dust, and it was as clean as new!

But no one knew of Chang Jinggeng’s psychological condition. 

The students from both schools were in awe, thinking that although Chang Jinggeng lost to Chu Yin in grades, he still proved himself with his personality!

When Chu Yin came out of the school, she happened to see him put away the rags. When Chang Jinggen saw her, he became even more embarrassed.

“I wiped it for a month now!” He growled.

Chu Yin: “Do you mean you want to come for another month?”

Chang Jinggeng closed his mouth.

Everyone knew the betting agreements of these two top students. Now that these same people were finally in the same frame, many people were watching them.

Chang Jinggeng replied: “I only made a single mistake in the Math exam. I recognize you as an opponent.”

Chu Yin was indifferent.  “Whatever.”

What else did he want to say?

Suddenly, there was a commotion from No.1 Middle School. Someone yelled, “God Geng, excuse me!” Then a boy emerged from the crowd.

“Classmate Chu Yin, Wei Heming has something to say to you!”

“It’s important!”

A group of people from No.1 Middle School came to support him.

Wei Heming is a senior in a high school, tall, thin and white, with a pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose, looking very gentle.

Wei Heming was a third-year senior in No.1 middle school. He was tall, thin, and white. He had a pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose and looked very gentle.

“Senior Chu Yin, I…”

He had always looked at her from a distance. This was the first time he stood in front of Chu Yin. Glancing at her black eyes, he felt that his heart was beating too fast.

“I’m Wei Heming, a third year senior, from No.1 middle school. I’ve been accepted by Q University. I just want to tell you that I always like you very much. I’ve been paying attention to you since you came to the neighboring school to participate in the English Speech Contest…”

The crowd was surging at the school gate.

The excellent and beautiful Sister Yin was confessed to by a gentle and handsome man in the No.1 Middle School.

Everyone was shouting.

Song Zhaolin tiptoed to the center of the crowd and looked over: “Oh! I can’t see! What are you talking about! The man is handsome! Did Sister Yin accept?!”

He was so restless that he couldn’t help but turn around and said: “Can’t see! I’m so anxious that I could die!”


Lu Zhen stood a few meters away, his lips pressed tightly.

Because of the force, the corners of the lips were a little pale.

He had exhausted his life’s self-control to the point he didn’t charge and kicked the man away.

He even wanted to beat him violently.

Lu Zhen sincerely hoped that Chu Yin would only focus on studying and would have no intention of falling in love.

Then he could lie to himself for a few years. If he had handled everything, and if she was still alone1 Single …Then he would come to her and ask for another chance.

But she was so good, no man wouldn’t like her.

The girl he hugged tightly before didn’t belong to him, she had the right to choose.

She could like…others.

Lu Zhen’s fingers touched the lighter in his trouser pocket. As if he had been burned, he slightly trembled.

A knife hovered above his chest. Chu Yin was holding its handle.

He didn’t know how long it took, but the surroundings became noisy again.

Song Zhaolin’s surprised voice was sandwiched between them: “Fuck! What did the man say! Sister Yin actually left with him?!”

-She left with him.

The sharp knife pierced down, slashing his flesh.

Lu Zhen closed his eyes exhaustedly.

Let’s go.

The scandal between Chu Yin and the male student from No.1 Middle School quickly spread throughout the school.

Wei Heming, a student scouted by Q University in Bachelor Since, was low-key, handsome, and seemed to have no shortcomings.

The students of Huiwen said with tears that although they didn’t agree to this marriage, they didn’t have any choice.

Chu Yin himself was stunned after learning of the rumors – because that time, Wei Heming said that he had a stack of intensive mathematical knowledge frameworks that he could give to her, so Chu Yin followed him.

How come they were spreading this rumor to the point of them getting married??

Imagination really had wings.

However, she made it very clear to Wei Heming that she just wanted to study hard and pass the college entrance examination. She currently had no plans to fall in love. Wei Heming respected it and didn’t force her, but said he would wait for her.

This kind of thing was very personal. Chu Yin couldn’t clarify it to others so she had to pretend that nothing had happened.

After a few days, no one would take the initiative to ask her. She would often be met with the eyes of a parent marrying off their daughter.

Very ashamed.

In the afternoon self-study, Chu Yin went to the office to ask the teacher questions, and several teachers came around to inquire about Wei Heming.

“No. We’re not. Don’t listen to those false rumors.” The

The teachers happily said, “We are not old-fashioned! This child is really excellent! You can focus on this matter 2 Matter of dating when you reach college!”

Chu Yin walked out of the classroom with her shoulders collapsed and sighed.

Wei Heming was pretty good, but she really had no interest in such a boy who was too excellent.

Chu Yin walked in the corridor for a while, and when she looked up, she suddenly saw Lu Zhen standing in the opposite direction.

She didn’t know why but his eyes seemed to be very dark this time.

When he saw her this time, his eyes stayed for a few seconds before moving away slowly.

Chu Yin paused for a second and had no intention of saying hello.

Thinking about it, Lu Zhen didn’t have any reaction to this absurd scandal. It appeared that he moved on.

Chu Yin turned around and went upstairs.

Unexpectedly, after stepping on the first step, there was a “pa”

The school’s electricity outage was out of power. 

There was no window in the stairwell, and everything suddenly fell into darkness.

Chu Yin stood on the stairs, her whole body stiffened instantly, and the hand holding the notebook squeezed tightly.

She was afraid of the dark. She had been afraid since she was young.

No one would pay attention to this kind of small problem, so she wouldn’t mention it to others. No one in this world probably knew that she was afraid of the dark to the point she could faint.

She was standing in a semi-closed position. A sense of dizziness violently came to her.  Chu Yin’s whole body trembled as it slowly collapsed.

Anxious footsteps could be heard in the darkness.

Then there was the sound of someone falling and hitting the wall.

Chu Yin had no time to mind other things. She was dizzy as she leaned back on the armrest. \

—But she did not fall.

Instead, she fell heavily into a person’s arms.

In the darkness, the person’s body temperature was boiling. The palm of his hand habitually squeezed her ear bone, while his other hand gently rubbed her head. 

“Don’t be afraid.” Lu Zhen’s voice was raspy.

Chu Yin’s ears were ringing so bad that she couldn’t hear any sound at all. Her head buzzed, instinctively grabbing the corners of the man’s clothes.

“…Don’t go either.” Lu Zhen’s breath was hot.

You’re afraid of both the insect and the dark. When you eat cold food, you get period cramps. If you eat food quickly, you get stomach discomfort. You like sweets, hate sours, and like small flowers.

“He doesn’t know…but I do.” 

His low and hoarse voice was broken into silence.



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