I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 48 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

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Chapter 48 – You lost (1)

In this darkness, Lu Zhen could finally stop caring about the public’s eyes.

He didn’t need to pretend he didn’t like her. He didn’t need to deceive himself.

He could look at her at this moment.

His eyes traced every inch of her greedily, just like someone who had been starved for a long time. His pupils were dark and bright.

Because of the sudden power outage, the students screamed in joy 1 Because they don’t have to study and the exam will be postponed. I admit when I was a student, I was a bit happy when there’s a power outage LOLOL . Their learning momentum was broken.

The further the distance, the quieter this corner became.

Lu Zhen hugged her in the dark, lightly rubbing the back of her head.

Even though Chu Yin never mentioned her fear of the dark, Lu Zhen already knew. He thought of all the possible reasons for this and guessed that it had to do with what she experienced as a child.

She was only a small child when she got separated from her family. He didn’t know what she experienced, then, but it was probably the darkroom she was put in that led to Chu Yin’s eternal fear.

So when he discovered this, Lu Zhen would leave the night light turned on every night.

But, by then, being with him was probably the same darkness.

Lu Zhen tasted bitterness again.

Chu Yin’s breathing was slightly ragged. Her breath swept Lu Zhen’s neck, making him clench his jaw.

She (CY) hadn’t calmed down yet. If she had, she would have angrily pushed him away after hearing Lu Zhen’s mumbling.

Lu Zhen cherished every second of this moment and felt the need to thank the sudden power outage.

Thank you for letting him be the only person she could rely on at this time.

Unfortunately, the circuit was quickly repaired.

Lu Zhen wanted to ask.

Do you like that man 2 The young boy who publicly ‘confessed’ to her ? Is he good?

But amidst these thoughts, he closed his eyes and endured the suffocating pain in his heart. He restrained himself, slowly letting go of her, and turning around to leave.

A minute later, the world regained its brightness.

The students sighed in disappointment.

Chu Yin’s eyelids sensed the light. It took her a long time to finally relax before she slowly opened her eyes.

Many people walked out of the corridor and saw her standing alone on the stairs. They were surprised and asked: “Sister Yin, are you alone? Were you scared?”

Chu Yin’s face was a little pale, but her heart rate became normal. She casually nodded, “Somewhat.”

She had lived two lives and never mentioned her fear of the dark to anyone, nor explain its origin.

After she got lost when she was a child, she suffered at the hands of the Wang family for her disobedience. When she became more disobedient, the Wang family only knew to correct her simply and cruelly  – locking her in the woodshed for a day.

The woodshed had no windows nor lights. For a five-year-old child, this almost made her crazy.  After that incident, she could no longer stay in the darkness.

Over the years, Chu Yin healed herself. 

She felt unwell from the sudden blackout, but not to the point of being completely unconscious.

…So that person just now, was Lu Zhen?

Although she didn’t hear what he was talking about, she was familiar with Lu Zhen’s breath.

He touched her ear and the back of her head. Lu Zhen loved to do this in her last life, making her feel a slight soothing feeling.

Chu Yin frowned slightly, why is the dog man so skilled?

Was it because they’re the same person that their behaviors were the same?

Chu Yin didn’t know whether she had made any noises when she started to feel dizzy. She only met Lu Zhen after she came out of the teacher’s office. Meeting Lu Zhen at that time didn’t make sense.

 But he seemed…to appear too timely. Almost as if he knew she was going to fall.

Chu Yin thought about it for a few seconds. In the end, she could only attribute this to the male lead’s halo.

He smoothly walked to her without hesitation and came over to help…Did she unconsciously voiced her panic?

Chu Yin shook her head.

Chu Yin calmed down for a while before slowly making her way back to the classroom.

When she returned to her seat, she noticed that Song Zhaolin had placed a scented candle on her table in an exaggerated manner. After lighting it, the surrounding air was filled with a faint freesia fragrance.

Chu Yin took a breath and commented: “You’re quite emotional.”

Song Zhaolin looked up and saw her: “Oh, sister Yin, this is your candle. I took it just now! Hehehe!”

Chu Yin: “…” Damn you.

“This candle is not enough to cover the power outage, okay?” Chu Yin slapped his shoulders, “And this thing is not mine!”

Song Zhaolin smiled foolishly: “It’s yours! Wei Heming gave it to you. I smelled this candle for you, it smells good. He has good taste!”

Chu Yin slapped him again. She was mad at her stupid son.

“If you know it’s someone else’s, you can’t touch it. How can I return it if you already light it?”

Song Zhaolin’s mouth opened into an ‘O’ shape: “Ah? Why return it?”

According to rumors, Sister Yin was getting along well with the young man. There would be forum posts every day from students that said: “If you’re heartbroken, we’ll see each other on the rooftop.” 


From that post, dozens of students would then reply, “Wait for me.”

Although Song Zhaolin was sitting next to Chu Yin, he didn’t know any first-hand gossip about this for two reasons. First, Chu Yin didn’t take any initiative to talk about it at all. Second, Song Zhaolin himself was a little bitter and didn’t ask first. He just concluded that the two of them were going well.

At this time, a bunch of people in Class 5 was secretly listening, especially boys like Zhao Yuxiong, who wanted to make their ears ten times bigger.

Song Zhaolin lived up to their expectations and asked, “This candle is not from your boyfriend–“

Chu Yin: “Shut up.”

Song Zhaolin obediently zipped his mouth.

Chu Yin was about to explain when she suddenly remembered Song Zhaolin’s big mouth. If she explained it to him, it would surely reach Lu Zhen’s ears.

This misunderstanding was not totally harmless.

Chu Yin thought for a while, but she only said tactfully: “Don’t think about these things every day. The end of the term is coming soon. Do you still have the time to pay attention to these?” 

When she said that, everyone around bowed their heads.

Chu Yin solemnly said: “Moreover, our eyes should only focus on the final exam! In a few months, our senior sisters and brothers will have the college entrance examination, and soon, we will take that same responsibility! Therefore, we must have a certain sense of urgency and walk towards the crossroads of life seriously!”

Song Zhaolin was blinded by the light coming from her body and felt a strong feeling of “I am not worthy” from the bottom of his heart.

—He had been guessing whether Sister Yin was with Wei Heming. Was he even worthy to think such things? Most of the top students had signed under top universities and Sister Yin was the future college entrance examination champion – while he was just living under the shadow of his brother’s fist!



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