I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 48 part 2

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Chapter 48 – You lost (2)

No! It shouldn’t! It’s not too late to change! From now on he should study hard!

After hearing what Chu Yin said, all the students were ashamed – let’s study! To study to be worthy of a sister!

In the future, if they failed to pass the Q test, they wouldn’t be worthy to confess to Chu Yin!

The whole class, especially the boys, suddenly became enthusiastic about studying.

Chu Yin heaved a sigh of relief, sat down, picked a workbook, and calmed her mind by doing math problems.

After a while, Song Zhaolin lifted his head from the book, leaned over, and said quietly. “Sister Yin, it seems that you don’t like Wei Heming very much, but you also don’t like Brother Zhen…”

Chu Yin’s eyebrows were slightly crinkled.

Although Song Zhaolin was naive, he wasn’t entirely stupid.

This thought just passed through her mind. Then she heard Song Zhaolin’s shy voice as he hesitantly asked:

“Then, you also don’t like me?!”

Chu Yin: “…”

She was wrong. Now, this son is really stupid—!!

“Go away!”

Father-son love will never be the same thing, okay! Never!

After the blackout, the young master of the Lu family became more diligent.

Although Lu Zhen had been studying business and working in the company before, in the minds of Lu’s directors, he was still a young man.

There was a certain age gap between him and Lu Linyuan of the second generation of the Lu family. In terms of identity, Lu Zhen was certainly an impeccable successor, but in terms of age and experience, it was more appropriate to contact Lu Linyuan for many things.

Fortunately, Grandfather Lu was not old enough to abdicate yet, so Lu Zhen could raise his wings for a few more years. And when he could truly stand alone, Grandfather Lu could hand over the entire Lu family to him.

Recently though, Grandfather Lu found that Lu Zhen seemed to be more mature than he thought and had grown up quietly. His recent performance in several projects was so outstanding that the board of directors could not find any fault, which made Grandfather Lu feel proud and relieved.

The Lu Zhen of the previous life had experienced enough brutal life lessons. He couldn’t just sit still and wait for death in this life.

Because of Lu Zhen’s ability, Grandfather Lu handed over several projects that were originally meant for Lu Linyuan. At the same time, the entire board of directors also began to reassess Lu Zhen.

Lu Linyuan was also very surprised. After the end of the board meeting, he patted Lu Zhen on the shoulder: “You’re doing a good job, Ah Zhen. You’re even better than my elder brother.”

When several directors heard him mention Lu Zhen’s father, they nodded one after another: “Like father, like son!”

The corner of Lu Zhen’s lips slowly pulled up. “Is that right?”

Lu Linyuan and several directors recalled the past with a smile. Lu Zhen smiled and listened in the audience. He doesn’t care about Lu Linyuan’s subtle means.

Several directors chatted with emotion as they planned to have a drink and continue the chat.

Lu Linyuan turned around and called Lu Zhen: “Ah Zhen, let’s go together.”

“Yes, young master, come with us.”

“We can’t treat the young master as a child now–“

Lu Zhen smiled and said, “Uncles, I’m still a minor. I can’t join you yet. Moreover, I have other things to do today.”

Lu Linyuan and several other directors expressed their regret before leaving.

Lu Zhen went back to the office alone, processed all the documents, and then looked down at his phone.

The text message he was waiting for had finally arrived. The other party obviously thought about it for a long time before sending out an address.

The corners of Lu Zhen’s lips finally curved a little.


A riverside restaurant in City A was known for being private.

Lu Zhen walked in calmly. A waiter immediately stepped forward and respectfully led the way.

He (LZ) waited for a while in the best box before the door was opened again and a young man walked in eagerly.

As soon as he sat down, his eyebrows wrinkled: “Young Master Lu, what made you think of me?”

Lu Zhen raised his eyes and looked at the face that looked just like Song Zhaolin.

He knew Song Yanchuan’s character – he was only here to test his intentions. Even before the tea could be served, Lu Zhen went straight to the point: “You intercepted the project in the new city 1 This project has something to do with the Chu family’s bankruptcy ?”

Song Yanchuan’s sloppy expression changed slightly.

Two seconds later, he sneered: “The Lu family has a big business. What does the young master want to know? Does the young master Lu want to get involved too? Or is this for whom?”

That little girl that day…Lu Linyuan had set his eyes on her. Lu Zhen must not have noticed it.

Lu Zhen smiled, “Mr. Song thinks too much.”

—What’s the relationship between the business of the Chu Family and him?

From beginning to end, there was only one person Lu Zhen had to protect.

Even if the Chu Family fell, he didn’t care. He could give her better options while silently protecting her for the rest of her life.

Song Yanchuan frowned at the sound.

In his eyes, Lu Zhen was just an excellent cannon fodder.

Song Yanchuan knew very well about Lu Linyuan’s power. He was also aware of his terrible character, so he believed that Lu Zhen would not be able to take over the Lu family in the future. He had even helped Lu Linyuan do things. When the Lu family’s future changes, the Song family could take advantage of the wind.

He only came here to test the truth. No matter what Lu Zhen found out and what he would say to him, Song Yanchuan would not be moved.


Lu Zhen’s slender fingers rubbed the rim of the china teacup as he softly spoke, “Mr. Song, you placed the Song Family in the hands of my uncle. Have you ever thought about the risk of relying on a tiger in your life?”

Song Yanchuan’s pupil shrank — how much does Lu Zhen know?!

The contact between him and Lu Linyuan was not even known by his family. Song Zhaolin had no idea about this at all. Lu Linyuan had an excellent reputation in the circle. He had a harmonious relationship with his nephew as his uncle.

His expression changed a little as he felt, with a sense of absurdity, that he was being crushed by the young man in front of him. “Young Master, what do you know?”

The Song family didn’t have deep roots compared to the Lu family. They couldn’t be as respectable as Lu Zhen. Everything they had now was earned step by step. The Song family worked hard for two generations to raise Song Zhaolin, a carefree idiot. How could they contradict Lu Zhen?

Lu Zhen’s expression was flat. There was no emotion in his dark eyes.

“You’ve been to the nursing home. Do you know what he did to my mother?”

Song Yanchuan was taken aback.

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes slightly and didn’t elaborate. But after a while, he mentioned the four-piece of land gently.

This time, Song Yanchuan’s face changed completely.

If Lu Zhen knew that his contact with Lu Linyuan was strange, then he knew that this four-piece of land would make Song Yanchuan feel that he had seen a ghost.

Lu Zhen finished his order. And only then did he finally push a cup of tea to Song Yanchuan’s hand and give the power to decide.

“It’s better to trade with a bad guy than to seek the skin of a tiger who could bite you from behind.” Lu Zhen dismissively said, “Once you go out and call my uncle, everything will be done. You will meet your end.”

After a pause, Lu Zhen added the last tip: “I don’t want to…make things difficult for Linzi.”

Song Yanchuan’s expression finally loosened upon hearing these words.

An hour later, Song Yanchuan got up and left.

He’d been a businessman for many years. Whether the other party had real information, whether he had the real ability, and whether he would become a good partner, he could feel it after a few words.

During this hour, Song Yanchuan felt a steady stream of fear.

It was obvious that Lu Zhen was only 17 years old this year. Where did he get the vision and experience?!

Before leaving the restaurant, he couldn’t suppress the absurdity he felt in his heart and turned around to take a look.

Lu Zhen looked at the river view and drank the cold tea.

With half-closed eyes, his youthful face had a kind of unspeakable silence and desolation. He looked like a devil who was quietly awakened in a story. 

After the new city project cooled down, the Chu family’s capital chain would completely fall and the bankruptcy would be irreversible.

The Chen family terminated the cooperation, not taking into account the feelings of the marriage between the two parties.

At present, the news had only spread in the rich circle. Most people in the school didn’t know that Chu Qiuqiu’s prized fiance status was gone. Or that the Chu sisters would soon be Miss Qianjin.2 A girl who was respected as a rich girl in the past.

In the anxious atmosphere of the whole family, Chu Yin was the calmest and indifferent one.

She should eat, study, and be completely unconcerned until the house gets confiscated to pay off their debts.

Chu Qiuqiu scolded her angrily: “Sister, why don’t you care about the situation? Are you not worried about your parents? How can your heart be so hard!”

Chu Yin said calmly, “Because you care more than me. Ah, go quickly, this is the time when they need your little cotton padded jacket.”



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