I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 48 part 3

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Chapter 48 – You lost (3)

Chu Qiuqiu was so angry that she couldn’t speak.

—All her filial piety and caring were based on the rich life provided by the Chu family!

Seeing that everything would turn to vain and her status as a wealthy fiancee couldn’t be protected, how could Chu Qiuqiu not be in a hurry?!

Although she said she should care about her parents, what she cared about most now was her own future.

Chu Qiuqiu hurriedly left the Chu family and asked Chen Xuanyuan to meet in a restaurant they had previously gone to.

After anxiously waiting for a long time, fortunately, Chen Xuanyuan still came! Chu Qiuqiu’s mood suddenly became better.

She lowered her head weakly and wanted to cry: “Xuanyuan, our house…I don’t have anything now, I only have you.”

Chen Xuanyuan laughed. With a somewhat arrogant tone, he said: “But we are no longer in a relationship.”

Chu Qiuqiu burst into tears. “You, you don’t want me?”

Chen Xuanyuan looked at her face and thought of a person that had a similar face to hers.

He sneered evilly: “Chu Qiuqiu, you are no longer the young miss of the Chu family, I hope you put yourself together!”

When the marriage was announced, Chen Xuanyuan was tightly guarded by Father Chen. He could only meet Chu Qiuqiu which bored him to death! Now that god finally opened his eyes – the Chu family went bankrupt and the marriage was now over!

Chu Qiuqiu was stunned: “What, what do you mean?”

Chen Xuanyuan laughed: “You are just a stand-in.”

Chu Qiuqiu’s face was in shatters: “What stand-in?”

Chen Xuanyuan leaned over, propped her chin with a finger, and smiled: “I don’t have you in my heart at all! I like your sister!”

-Yes, that’s it! Show that unbelievable appearance! Go and confront Chu Yin!

Let the two sisters quarrel and fight for him! Only in this way could he comfort his inner pain for so long!

Chu Qiuqiu’s face was blue and white. In the end, she couldn’t stand the insult, she bit her lip and left.

Chen Xuanyuan ate a meal in a good mood, and then returned home. The life of a wealthy family was cold-blooded. His father had forbidden him to communicate with the Chu family, but Chen Xuanyuan had his own plans.

He returned to the room and called Father Chu.

Chen Xuanyuan made a few words of courtesy before expressing his intention lightly: “Although the marriage between our two families is over, I am a very kind person. My father is not willing to help you, but I have some funds in my hands. Actually, the one I liked wasn’t Chu Qiuqiu, but another one…”

Father Chu couldn’t understand.

After Chu Yin went home that day, she felt that the atmosphere wasn’t right. Father Chu, who was struggling with bankruptcy, started to talk to her kindly.

Things were different, Chu Yin knocked on the system and read the script, and understood – Chen Xuanyuan, this disgusting thing, hadn’t given up on her.

It’s not hard to guess the thoughts of Father Chu. Chu Yin found it ridiculous, but it wasn’t surprising. When she was by Lu Zhen’s side in her last life, the parents kept suggesting that she should rely on Lu Zhen’s relationship to help her family.

It’s the same in this life. They wanted to use her to trap the Chen family.

At the dinner table, Father Chu took the initiative to inquire about Chu Yin’s recent studies and paid special attention to whether she was associated with anyone.

Chu Qiuqiu knew that she was used as a substitute by Chen Xuanyuan. And her gaze towards Chu Yin was extremely resentful at this time – why does everyone like Chu Yin?!

“Dad, don’t you know, my sister is with the young man in the No.1 Middle School?”

Father Chu frowned immediately, “No. 1 Middle School? What kind of students are they from? They are not worthy of you.”

Chu Yin made her laugh.

Father Chu didn’t receive any response from her. He gave a dry smile and said, “Little Yin, you are familiar with the son of the Chen family. The relationship between our two families still exists. Xuanyuan likes you very much, you see…”

Before Chu Yin could speak, her brother suddenly broke the cup in his hand.

As the eldest son of his family, he has been very busy recently. Even his original plan to go abroad had temporarily been put on hold. Chu Shi thought that even if his family was not as good as before, the small business he had was enough to support the family. The Chu family could still be a haven for his sister.

But now, he wanted Chu Yin to leave this disgusting family.

“Don’t you feel ashamed to say this?” Chu Shi looked at his father coldly.

Father Chu’s face was red and white. He angrily said, “What shame! Isn’t it an important matter to contribute to the family?”

Chu Shi stared at him indifferently for a moment, stood up, and took Chu Yin’s hand. They got up and went back to the room.

Father Chu was still furious. “What kind of attitude are they showing?!”

At another time, Chu Qiuqiu would have comforted Father Chu promptly to show that she was considerate and sensible. Right now, she was too lazy to pretend.

Chu Qiuqiu only cared about how to keep her wealthy status and how to make Chu Yin unhappy.

Back in the room, Chu Shi touched Chu Yin’s head, and said, “Don’t be afraid, I won’t let you go to Chen Xuanyuan.”

Chu Yin nodded.

“I have a house left outside. Xiao Yin, you move there for a while. Don’t stay at home,” Chu Shi seemed to have grown a lot overnight, his eyes were gentle and reliable, “Brother still has a small business. You won’t starve.”

Fortunately, the foreknowledge of the dream at the time made Chu Shi plan ahead. When bankruptcy came, it wasn’t difficult to accept. He had already started his own business apart from the Chu family. At this time, he could become the last support of the whole family.

Chu Yin shook her head: “Brother, I can live in a dormitory. You can sell the house. Don’t work too hard.”

She only cared about him. If she could, she hoped that her brother could ignore the Chu family, but she knew that Chu Shi couldn’t do it.

“It’s fine.” Chu Shi smiled, “With me, you will always have a family.”

Chu Yin’s eyes were hot for a moment.

But Chu Shi had some words hidden in his heart that he didn’t say.

He just had a little worry. Although there was a big gap between reality and dreams. Since the bankruptcy had happened just like in his dream, will those things…also happen?


“The student from No.1 Middle School…” Chu Shi thought for a while. “It’s not impossible. I’ve inquired about him. He’s good.”

Chu Yin helplessly said: “Brother, don’t listen to other people’s nonsense.”

Chu Shi smiled. “I think he is almost better than Gu Qiuze.”

He had no right to interfere, but the person who could accompany Chu Yin in the future must be the person who would love her most in the world. It should be someone who would be nice to her, won’t let her be wronged at all, and give her the whole world.

Chu Shi thought that as long as the bastard Lu Zhen showed any sign, he would fight to the death. He wouldn’t allow him to succeed.

Chu Yin’s actions were very fast.

She said she didn’t want a real house, no matter how he tried to persuade her. She contacted the school dormitory directly, through the headteacher, and checked the situation in advance.

The students who lived in the dormitories were generally good students with ordinary families and were living far away, so the dormitory conditions were very general.

The dormitory building was a bit away from the school building. It was almost June, and there was no air conditioner in the dormitory.



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