I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 48 part 4

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Chapter 48 – You lost (4)

The Huiwen’s darling student, Chu Yin, wanted to live in a dormitory. The teacher heard about the situation of the Chu family. She was a little worried that Chu Yin couldn’t adapt to the conditions of the dormitory, which would affect her studies and trouble her.

But Chu Yin thought it was nothing. Before she was taken from the countryside, the conditions were much worse. 

She went through the check-in procedure very quickly and then paid the dormitory fee.

The accommodation fee in Huiwen was a little bit more expensive than the university, but it was much cheaper than staying in a hotel or renting a house.

Chu Yin thought this was good too. It just so happened that she could get more sleep in the morning, and could study in the classroom at night.

When she packed her things and left Chu’s house, her parents were not there, and Chu Yin didn’t plan to bid farewell at all.

Standing at the door with her arms folded, Chu Qiuqiu said bitterly, “Sister, has Xuanyuan looked for you recently?”

Chu Qiuqiu said: “You don’t have to play hard to get. He showed you his enthusiasm. In fact, he also did it with me. Chen Xuanyuan is just playing with you. “

Chu Yin put her small luggage into the trunk of her brother’s car, clapped her hands, and felt that this was also a problem.

After finally being able to leave the Chu family and live on her own, how could she let Chen Xuanyuan bother her?

Chu Yin opened the script and took a look.

【Chen Xuanyuan broke up with Chu Qiuqiu and thought about going to Chu Yin every day.】

【Now that the Chu family has fallen, Chu Yin has become a delicate flower for anyone to pick. Chen Xuanyuan thought excitedly: If you don’t make a move at this time, when will you make a move?!

Chu Yin: “……”

Chu Qiuqiu still said: “Even if you move out, Xuanyuan will definitely go to you, sister. I hope you won’t be cheated by his sweet words.”

Looking at Chu Qiuqiu’s sour expression, Chu Yin suddenly thought of a solution once and for all.

She struck out the word “broke” in this script and changed it to “locked”.

Chen Xuanyuan and Chu Qiuqiu are locked up! Ah ha ha!

You two, for generations to come, love each other well!

After Chu Shi drove Chu Yin away, Chu Qiuqiu immediately contacted Chen Xuanyuan again. Although she also knew that this man was not a good choice, she couldn’t completely abandon him until she found the next high-quality stock.

God seemed to be helping her. For several days, even though the other male classmates did not respond to her, Chu Qiuqiu found that she could always find Chen Xuanyuan who had been avoiding her.

Chen Xuanyuan also felt strange. He clearly came to find Chu Yin, but he would see Chu Qiuqiu’s face every time. Not only that, he couldn’t find other women!

He couldn’t get rid of Chu Qiuqiu!

It was another chance encounter. Chen Xuanyuan finally got angry: “You, woman, are you following me!?”

Chu Qiuqiu came over and put her hands on her waist and said, “I didn’t! It’s just our destiny… “

Chen Xuanyuan was so upset that he slapped Chu Qiuqiu in the face: “What status do you have that you deserve to be with me?!”

Chu Qiuqiu was slapped by him. When she recovered, she scratched Chen Xuanyuan’s face.

“You slapped me in the face?!”

“Crazy woman! Let go! Let me go!”

“You did it first!”

The two people fought in the street.

A passerby reported them and they were sent to the police station.

After Chu Yin moved into the dormitory, she found that the air conditioner was installed.

She was originally worried that the school gave her special treatment, so Chu Yin asked about it and found that the entire dormitory was installed with air conditioners one after another.

She heard that someone just happened to donate money to the school, specifically pointing out the need to improve the dormitory environment.

Besides the air conditioner, all the mattresses had been upgraded with thicker and more comfortable mattresses. There were even improvements in the dormitory’s water use.

Chu Yin didn’t think too much, just felt that she went to the dormitory at a perfect time.

As Chu Yin moved into the dormitory, the news of the Chu family’s bankruptcy also spread like wildfire.

Friends from all walks of life came to show their concern.

Jiang Yan, a little princess in her family, heard the news and hugged Chu Yin, “Yin Yin, would you like to live in my house? The school dormitory building looks very old from the outside. How uncomfortable is it for you to live? “

Han Chuying also pulled her aside: “It’s okay to live in my house. Our family is actually quite rich.”

Song Zhaolin pushed her back: “It’s fine for Xiao Yan to say it, but you can’t, Chuyin! I seriously doubt your intentions.”

Han Chuying: “I don’t have any!”

Song Zhaolin looked serious: “Wipe your saliva!”

Han Chuying hurriedly raised her sleeves.

Then Song Zhaolin turned his head and said to Chu Yin with a smiley face: “Sister Yin, you can live in my house too –“

Chu Yin: “Go away.”

She was a little helpless. 

“The school dormitory has air conditioning and a bathroom. It’s not as bad as you think.”

But Jiang Yan still thought that bankruptcy was a very serious matter: “But you don’t have a source of livelihood. What will you do to eat and buy things in the future?”

Before Chu Yin said anything, Song Zhaolin suddenly started: “No, I won’t let that happen to Sister Yin! We can do crowdfunding!!”

When he mentioned it, people in the class responded: “We can too!”


Chu Yin pressed Song Zhaolin back: “You can only fundraise for sick people!’

Song Zhaolin: “Ah? Is that so? What should we do!”

Although Chu Yin refused the help of others, she had to think about making money.

Now she had to pay her own tuition. After all, Huiwen was a high-end private institution, and the tuition for a year cost quite a lot. Coupled with accommodation fees and food, clothing, and housing, she was indeed not very wealthy.

But now she was underage. Many places won’t accept her. What’s more, Chu Yin spent most of her time studying. She couldn’t spare her energy to work long hours.

Chu Yin hugged her arms and pondered for a while, wondering if there was anything that wouldn’t delay his studies.

Unexpectedly, she was lucky, and the English teacher called her to the office the next day.

“The teachers have heard about your situation, and everyone is very concerned.” Seeing the girl’s calm and strong appearance, the English teacher showed pity, “Someone just came up and gave me some English manuscripts and asked me to find someone to translate. “

Chu Yin’s eyes lit up and she understood the teacher’s intention.

“These manuscripts do have a certain degree of difficulty, but I am not worried about your English level. The price offered by the other party is very high. If you pass the standard of translation, he will come to you in the future”

Chu Yin was a little surprised that the price was far higher than the market price, and she could earn tens of thousands after all the translation. Besides, she could also learn English as a translator, which was the most suitable job at present. However, Chu Yin was a little surprised that she was so lucky.

“Thank you, teacher! I’ll do it well!”

The English teacher patted her gently. “Go ahead. The client is not in a hurry, so don’t worry! Don’t stress yourself.”

Chu Yin smiled and nodded: “Yes.”

Looking at her leaving the office with a stack of manuscripts, Lu Zhen slowly looked away.

Song Zhaolin stuck his head behind him: “Hey, isn’t that Sister Yin? Why did she go to the teacher’s office?”

Lu Zhen retracted his gaze and said lightly, “I don’t know.”

Song Zhaolin sighed, shaking his head, “Woo, our Sister Yin is so miserable. After being brought back by the Chu family last year, she hadn’t enjoyed any blessings! The Chu family went bankrupt so fast!”

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes and said softly, “It doesn’t matter.”

Song Zhaolin didn’t understand what he said. He thought of something else: “Oh, her little boyfriend – ah no, Wei Heming. I heard that he seems to be looking for a tutor job for Sister Yin.”

Lu Zhen’s expression immediately became a little ugly.

Song Zhaolin didn’t notice it at all: “This person is good. He is very concerned.”

Lu Zhen pressed the corner of his lips and couldn’t hold back: “What can he give her?”

Song Zhaolin: “Huh?”

Lu Zhen’s heart tightened. He didn’t reveal any more of his emotions.

Lu Zhen took a deep breath and turned to leave.

He was the only one who could provide for her.

But what to do.

His little girl… didn’t want him.

Chu Yan planned her schedule again and stayed after school to translate every day.

She was working in the classroom when someone came over and told her that the whole school would have a power outage.

Chu Yin was worried about the blackout. She didn’t dare return to the dormitory. She packed up her things and went to the cafe outside the school.

She sat by the window, ordered a latte, and then worked on her translations seriously.

Looking out the window, she didn’t know when the rain started.

Chu Yin didn’t notice because she was frowning and fretting about the manuscript in her hand.

Some parts were really difficult. She hadn’t used English for too long and it took her a long time to finish.

At this moment, a gentle voice came from the side, “Hey, girl~”

Chu Yin looked up, suddenly startled. She knew the foreign grandfather in front of her.

Mr. Brown warmly pointed to a difficult word in her manuscript. He slowly explained in English: “I think you have been stuck on this word for a long time? This means ‘silent’ and ‘restrained’.”

Chu Yin returned to her senses. She laughed and replied in English: “Thank you.”

Mr. Brown was Lu Zhen’s foreign teacher. She studied under him for a long time in her previous life. This grandfather was nice. Even if they didn’t know each other in this life, they were still harmonious.

After a few words of communication with her, Mr. Brown was surprised at her English level. He simply moved a chair and sat down to help Chu Yin translate the most difficult one.

After finishing, Chu Yin let out a long sigh of relief: “Thank you so much.”

Mr. Brown put on his hat and blinked with a smile: “Little lady, I had a good time. See you next time.”

Chu Yin smiled.

She finished the part she planned. She put away her things and opened the door of the cafe.

The rain hadn’t stopped, but it was getting lighter. Chu Yin raised her head and looked at the sky, planning to rush back with her bag.

At this moment, a figure came over in the rain.

Wei Heming walked to her under the umbrella, and looked at her carefully: “Sister Chu Yin, I’ll send you back.”

Chu Yin hesitated.

Wei Heming quickly pointed to her bag: “I saw that you are writing a manuscript. This seems important. It won’t be good if it gets wet.”

Chu Yin thought the same so she didn’t refuse. She stepped forward and walked to him.

Wei Heming quickly shifted the umbrella canopy to Chu Yin’s side.

In the dense rain curtain, the boy and girl shared a single umbrella as they gradually walked away.

Lu Zhen stood far away and watched. The hand holding the umbrella handle gradually tightened.

This was the second time he watched her walk away with another guy.

The air in the rain was humid, but Lu Zhen felt that his lungs were empty and he couldn’t breathe.

She (CY) didn’t remember anything in the past, so there was nothing he could do.

She could lean on another guy and walk away with a smile.

Maybe in the future, she would lie in their arms.

Being kissed by them.


Lu Zhen’s eyes became hot. A sense of overwhelming feeling overcame his heart.

He could do everything behind her back. He just didn’t have the qualifications to walk in front of her.

Because he had nothing to do with Chu Yin.

Next to the black umbrella, a checkered umbrella appeared.

Mr. Brown said in the rain, “Zhen, you asked me for help. But look at the boy, he can hold an umbrella for her.”

“You lost.” He said with a playful smile.

Mr. Brown didn’t know the deep and fierce love Lu Zhen had. He just thought of it as a competitive pursuit among young children.

But every word from him pierced into Lu Zhen’s heart.

There was a tangy taste in Lu Zhen’s throat, and he smiled slowly: “…Yes.”

He already lost long ago.

There was no chance in this life.

“But, It’s very strange,” Mr. Brown said. “Why is this kid’s pronunciation so familiar? It’s as if I taught her myself.”

Lu Zhen was startled.

Mr. Brown was still saying, “It’s really familiar.”

Lu Zhen’s eyelashes suddenly trembled.

A faint thread was gently pulled from the ashes, stringing up some forgotten details.

Speech contest, her pronunciation.

Fighting, her familiar posture.

Her opposite behavior from this life to the previous life. She loves to study. She wears a school uniform and a mask. From the beginning, she rejected him for no reason.

“…Is this what you, Chinese people, call fate?”

Lu Zhen’s heart jumped wildly. In his dying despair, he suddenly saw a glimmer of hope.


If it was fate.

Then save him.

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