I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49Saving Myself

Chu Yin’s first weekend in the dormitory was quite novel.

She was obviously homeless, but she didn’t feel uncomfortable. The people she cared about were also in school where she could see them whenever.

Chu Shi came to Chu Yin’s dormitory to deliver food and reported to Chu Yin about the current situation at home.

Her family property would be sold to pay off their debts. Chu Qiuqiu had completely disappeared out of sight. She’s been contacting boys within her wealthy circle every day. Even Zheng Yu had gotten annoyed by her and complained to Chu Shi.

Chu Shi knew that she was trying hard to find a home to be able to maintain her wealthy life. This was the same as his dream. He was not surprised or disappointed.

But it’s strange to say that Chu Qiuqiu used to be regarded as a little beauty that could make a group of boys chases her, but this time only Chen Xuanyuan was willing to be entangled with her.

—Speaking of this matter, Chu Shi also told her that Chu Qiuqiu and Chen Xuanyuan fought in the street.

After listening, Chu Yin was silent for a few seconds.

As expected of Chen Xuanyuan and Chu Qiuqiu, this “locking” method was so unique.

Chu Shi took the opportunity of delivering things to visit the dormitory for a while. After looking around, he found that it was indeed better than he expected.

The washing machine was newly purchased, and there were two on each floor. Because few students were staying, it was very convenient to use. There were air-conditioners and water heaters in the dormitory.

“——So don’t worry, my roommate said that if there are good-hearted people donating money, the school’s housing conditions will get better and better,” Chu Yin said soothingly, “Brother, you just need to take good care of yourself.”

After seeing off Chu Shi, Chu Yin went back to the dormitory to sort out her translation of the manuscript.

She had already contacted the client. 

She would hand in part of the manuscript today as she had made special corrections before going to bed last night.

She took the manuscript and went to the agreed place. The client was a young uncle wearing a suit and leather shoes. 

After reading her manuscript, he praised her greatly.

“When your teacher informed me before that he had found a student interpreter, I was a bit worried. After all, you are still a high school student.” The uncle laughed. “But now I don’t have to worry. We will find you if we need your services in the future.”

Chu Yin breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good, thank you.”

She had nothing to do now after she handed over the manuscript.

The place the client and her agreed upon was a little far away from the school. She was considering whether to take the subway or the taxi. Suddenly, she saw a familiar car parked not far away.

In the driver’s seat was Song Yanchuan. With the window open, he leaned on the door with one hand while talking to someone.

Chu Yin looked over and saw Lu Linyuan unexpectedly.

These two secretly met in private. How could this be considered a coincidence?

Chu Yin subconsciously walked behind the big tree on one side.

It seemed that Lu Linyuan and Song Yanchuan had cooperation? – The reminder that Song Yanchuan told her…why would he tell her to be aware of her safety? Was Lu Linyuan a dangerous person?

From her last life, she couldn’t see any relationship between the Song family and the Lu family. After all, she didn’t know Song Zhaolin that well. But she at least knew that the Lu family industry that Lu Linyuan was in charge of wasn’t connected to the Song family.

Had the power structure of the Lu family changed?

Chu Yin pondered for a while, realizing that she couldn’t see anything so far away, so she opened the script and read it.

Unexpectedly, there was a short dialogue in the script.

【Song Yanchuan: “The project for the new city has been completed. What are your plans?”

Lu Linyuan: “Now that the Chu family has fallen, I feel pity for the little girl. She should be in need of comfort now.”

Song Yanchuan gave an ambiguous “tsk”…】

Chu Yin was stunned—New City?

They intercepted the project that caused the Chu family to go bankrupt?

She didn’t expect that she had wrongfully blamed Lu Zhen for this matter.

—But she vaguely remembered that Lu Zhen had expressed disdain for the new city project. At that time, Chu Yin thought he was provoking her. Although it was a project that could bankrupt the Chu family, it was not worth mentioning to the Lu family.

What was the purpose of Lu Linyuan’s move?

No more details were written on the script.

Soon after, the door of the car was opened. Lu Linyuan got out of the car, tidied up his suit, and gracefully walked towards his car, which was parked right next to it.

The windows of the car were covered with black anti-peeping covers. No one could see the inside of the car.

Chu Yin turned down a page of the script and found out his next destination—the nursing home.

Another mass of information came, and Chu Yin’s heart jumped slightly. Her sense of doubt became stronger.

What was the relationship between Lu Linyuan and Su Yumin? Why did Lu Zhen take her to see Su Yumin back then? He obviously hadn’t wanted her to just chat with Su Yumin. 

What was the purpose of Lu Linyuan deliberately contacting her in this life? If it had nothing to do with Lu Zhen, what did Lu Linyuan want?

In the midst of this, it seemed that the plot was guiding her to discover something, could it have something to do with her experience in the previous life? Chu Yin couldn’t think clearly for a moment.

But she knew that she wanted to know the truth.

After Lu Linyuan’s car drove away, Chu Yin slowly walked out. Even if the script was guiding her, she should go and see it.

Chu Yin raised her hand and stood on the side of the road to hail a taxi.

But what stopped was the private car she had just seen. Song Yanchuan poked out half of his face from the window with a calm expression: “Yo, little sister, what a coincidence.”

Chu Yin’s eyebrows raised: “Elder Brother Song.”

Song Yanchuan looked at her and said, “Where to? Shall I give you a ride?”


Chu Yin stood on the side of the road. She looked down and saw a familiar address in Song Yanchuan’s navigation record, which was obviously deliberate.

Unfortunately, she was going there.

“No need,” Chu Yin smiled, and pointed to the back. “The taxi is here.”

Song Yanchuan was not very enthusiastic, but nodded: “Then you go.”

Chu Yin got in the taxi and told the driver the location of the nursing home. “Don’t take this road – go across it.”

Lu Linyuan’s car had just left. It would be troublesome to meet him along the way.

In the hidden corner of the street, Lu Zhen raised his head slightly in the car.

There was a stack of translation manuscripts from Chu Yin on his lap, and his finger fell on the paper, trembling.

Chu Yin’s inquiry, curiosity, alertness, and the direction she was heading.

He had secretly planned all of this and at this point, he could finally be sure.

—She remembers.

Lu Zhen’s breathing was very hot. He felt a burning sensation inside him.

Fate kept you from forgetting me.

And also let you remember.

He remembered the little details now. A clear guess came to his mind – those seemingly ridiculous events were probably all related to her.

Lu Zhen wanted to laugh. The corners of his lips curled up. That’s good.

She could do it all over again. She deserved this preferential treatment.

That world is garbage. Fortunately, you escaped it.

Lu Zhen remembered his rapid heartbeat as he confessed to her…what kind of face had she looked at him with? She probably had shown deep hatred.

But in this life, even if he knew that she might want to kill him, Lu Zhen felt like he had come back from the dead.

He really was a greedy beast.

If she didn’t remember, he would endure everything by himself. But since she remembered, he had vague hope.

After she passed away that year, his boundless and invisible constraint had finally disappeared. 1 this…I don’t know what Lu Zhen meant. I think he meant that after she died, nothing was holding him back from going over the edge

Despite the cold and lonely dream of his, Lu Zhen still wanted to go back to that year – when they left high school…the period when he was loved by her.

Even if he didn’t deserve her in any lifetime, he still wanted a chance to explain to make her understand clearly.

Song Yanchuan opened the door and sat in.

The place where Chu Yin handed her manuscript was planned by Lu Zhen. 

He had chosen the place where he (SY) and Lu Linyuan would meet to deliberately let her witness. 

“Master Lu, thanks to you, I’m finally on the side that I want.” Song Yanchuan said.

Lu Zhen smiled.

“But, is it necessary?” Although he chose Lu Zhen, he still didn’t understand his series of operations. “Putting so much time and effort in order to make her vigilant and protect herself?”

Lu Zhen smiled lightly: “I’m saving myself.”

Song Yanchuan’s eyebrows raised. He went speechless for a moment before he could find his voice to ask, “Then you’re not afraid that something might happen to that girl? And your mother…”

Lu Zhen: “I have people in the nursing home.”

He paused and said, “Moreover…I need to go now.”

After arriving at the sanatorium, Chu Yin didn’t go to the front desk to inquire.

She still remembers the location of Su Yumin’s room. It would be the third room from the bottom on the fourth floor.

Chu Yin’s heart beat a little fast, vaguely knowing that she would uncover something. She couldn’t stop even if she knew the dangers ahead.

However, no matter how dangerous it was, it was within the scope of the script.

When she reached the top of the stairs, Chu Yin saw someone standing at the door of the ward.

Chu Yin didn’t want to startle the snake, so she simply searched for this sentence in the script and changed the [someone] to [no one]. The corridor suddenly became empty and quiet.

She walked over quietly.

There was a piece of glass on the door of the room. Chu Yin stood on tiptoes and squinted to look in.

Lu Linyuan turned his back to the door, stretched out his hand, and hugged the peaceful woman on the hospital bed.

Su Yumin gently hugged back. Lu Linyuan approached her ear affectionately and whispered. There was a lot of soundproofing in the ward. She couldn’t hear what he said.

Chu Yin suddenly widened her eyes and put her head back.

What kind of bloody plot is this?!

Many thoughts popped up in Chu Yin’s mind for an instant. One of the most obvious was – if it weren’t for Lu Linyuan’s age, she simply doubted whose son Lu Zhen was.

But…if Lu Linyuan fell in love with his sister-in-law after Lu Zhen’s father passed away, it would not be considered wickedness. 

She could see Lu Linyuan’s deep affection. 

Chu Yin lowered her eyes. She had no plans to look any further.

But then she suddenly remembered Lu Linyuan’s attitude towards her outside the school that day.

His smooth and skillful words. How could he not be seen as a deep-hearted man?

A sense of absurdity went up to her spine for no apparent reason.

Chu Yin didn’t know why. She suddenly knocked on the system: “Unlock the script.” 

After a ‘ding’ sound, the script unfolded. Chu Yin glanced and her pupils suddenly shrank.

Lu Linyuan gently hugged the woman. He then whispered in the most tender of tones:


【”Why are you not dead yet?”】



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