I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 5

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 5 – Think of it as a dream

The boy stood quietly for a while in the evening breeze of September.

His black hair was blown by the wind, exposing his white forehead. His eyes were very pale. There was a brown-red tear mole under the dense tail of his eyes, softening the slightly sharp arc of his eyes. He has delicate and profound features. He stood in silence, wearing a pure black silk shirt, just like a carefully made canvas.

However, at the moment, there was a little confusion on the face of the picturesque-man.

Lu Zhen felt very strange.

He didn’t know why he came or why he left.

Because Chu Shi and Gu Qiuze returned home, the Chu family held a banquet for them. He originally threw away the invitation letter. Lu Zhen was not interested even when his grandfather said that the Chu family had brought back a daughter of his age.

But he came.

On the second floor of the Chu family, beside the carved fence and behind Gu Qiuze, was a girl.

She showed a small part of her face under the lamp. Lu Zhen only saw that she was very pale and the radian of her cheek was soft. Her black hair fell obediently, looking like the kind of person he was used to. But there seemed to be an inexplicable attraction that made Lu Zhen look at her at first sight.

After a while of staying under the cold wind, Lu Zhen raised his hand and rubbed his brows.

A knife that fell from the sky…

Receiving a bomb… 

There were a lot of strange things recently.

He needed to calm down for a few days.


The hall of the Chu’s villa was silent for a long time after Lu Zhen left.

In their circle, the Lu family stood at the top of the pyramid with its strong financial resources and deep foundation. At present, Master Lu was in power, but the second generation of the Lu family was on the verge of death. The eldest son died in a car accident in his early years, leaving only one illegitimate son who could not even succeed him. There was only one boy in the third generation of the Lu family. He was undoubtedly the successor of power.

Therefore, when Lu Zhen came and left whenever he wanted to. No one dared to say more.

It took a while before they could recover, the elders continued to socialize as if nothing had happened. Chu Qiuqiu and Fu Mingxuan got excited for nothing. They weren’t able to have a conversation with him, let alone face each other. They were all disheartened.

Chu Yin secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

She turned her head and suddenly saw that her brother was also in a state of combat as if preparing to go to war.

Did my brother hate Lu Zhen so early? she thought.

Gu Qiuze had become accustomed to Lu Zhen. He turned his head and smiled at Chu Yin: “Do you know he’s one of the celebrities in your grade?”

Chu Yin’s little face did not fluctuate: “Don’t know, probably from a different class.”

Chu Shi was calm on the surface, but happy in his heart. His sister was not in the same class as the son of a bitch. She was much safer like this.

Gu Qiuze raised his eyebrows: “Even the girls in our grade go crazy for him.”

Chuy Yin calmly replied, “Yes, but I don’t think he is handsome at all.”

Gu Qiuze: “….”

Even if he and Lu Zhen were not friendly with each other, but from his aesthetic point of view, Lu Zhen’s face was quite good. Gu Qiuze had been confident in his appearance but suddenly wavered. He looked at Chu Shi for verification hoping to get an objective evaluation.

Who knew that Chu Shi with a cold face, said, very surely: “Yes, Lu Zhen is not handsome at all.”

Gu Qiuze: “….”

Okay, you deserve to be brothers and sisters.

On that night, people in the circle were wondering why Lu Zhen suddenly appeared at the banquet of the Chu family. After all, young master Lu acknowledged that he did not like to attend such an occasion.

Because of Lu Zhen’s name, it spread all night, and almost all the people in Huiwen were eating melons.

“Did you say that Brother Zhen went there to meet someone?”

“It’s possible – but if he wants to meet someone, why does he come and leave?”

“He really just left?”

“Really ah, I have a friend who attended. Brother Zhen didn’t even stay for a second.”


Chu Yin didn’t join the group nor read the forum, so she didn’t know how far the misunderstanding had reached because of her word change.

The next day, class 5 surrounded Fu Mingxuan when they saw her.

“Xuanxuan, what happened last night?”

Chu Yin was also at the scene. She was from the Chu family, but of course, no one would ask her.

Fu Mingxuan cleared her throat: “Brother Zhen suddenly came. I was in the hall on the first floor. I thought he looked at me…”

Chu Yin was silent for a moment when he heard this sentence.

——With all due respect, there was no such look in that dog man’s eyes in his script.

But the melon eating crowd was all boiling: “Holy crap!”

“So Lu Zhen went there just to see Xuanxuan?”

“True or false…”

“It’s possible.”

Fu Mingxuan’s cheeks gradually reddened. She did not want to mislead them, but under the public praise and jealous expressions of some girls, even she believed it herself.

What if it’s true? Maybe Lu Zhen came to see her?

“Xuanxuan, do you want to check if he showed up for you?”


“Yes, if that means…”

Fu Mingxuan went to the international class under the instigation of a group of little sisters.

Turning over a page of the textbook, Chu Yin thought: if Fu Mingxuan could take Lu Zhen down, she would unilaterally declare Fu Mingxuan as her second birth parent and her great benefactor.

Unfortunately, Fu Mingxuan came back disappointed ten minutes later.

“Lu Zhen is not here…”

People comforted her: “It’s okay. Brother Zhen often doesn’t come to school. You can ask again tomorrow.”

Unfortunately, Lu Zhen didn’t come to school tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow’s tomorrow.

In the beginning, class 5 comforted Fu Mingxuan, but later the atmosphere became a little awkward. Not only did Fu Mingxuan lose face, but the melon eaters were also very disappointed.

Only Chu Yin felt that she had ushered in the spring of life.

These days, after finishing the study task, Chu Yin would read the script. Indeed, she did not see Lu Zhen, that dog man. She was happy as if she had returned to her 17-year-old youth.

The sky was blue, the water was sweet! How nice was it to be reborn, long live freedom!


Two days later, Song Zhaolin went to the international class during break time. When he walked back to the classroom, he saw Chu Yin looking out the window at the blue sky.

Although she was still wearing a mask and no one could see her expression clearly, he could feel that Chu Yin was in a good mood.

They had been deskmates for awhile, yet Song Zhaolin hadn’t talked to her that much. Because Chu Yin was always busy studying, Song Zhaolin was embarrassed to fall asleep in his desk.

Today, it was rare to see that Chu Yin was not busy. Song Zhaolin sat down coquettishly: “Deskmate~”

Chu Yin moved her head: “Eh?”

Being looked at by her clear eyes, Song Zhaolin felt incredibly nervous. He grabbed his hair and looked for a topic: Well, did you see Brother Zhen at your Chu family banquet that day?”

At the mention of Lu Zhen’s name, Chu Yin turned cold in seconds: “Who?”

Song Zhaolin’s eyes widened: “Lu Zhen! Our brother Zhen — don’t say you don’t know?”

Chu Yin calmly asked, “Do I need to know?”

Song Zhaolin almost choked.

As he coughed, he thought, his deskmate was really a beautiful woman!

There was only learning in her heart and nothing else. But listening to others say that Chu Yin’s study was very poor, Song Zhaolin sometimes felt a little distressed – she had worked so hard yet results were not good. It would be better if she did not study at all.

Song Zhaolin thought a lot before he casually said, “I’ll show you to him next time. Maybe you haven’t met him? Yes, brother Zhen was recently called to the company by his father to deal with his official business… “

Chu Yin did not react, but after listening to the last sentence, she suddenly laughed: “So that’s it…”

As soon as she laughed, her eyes bent and her beautiful eyelashes fluttered. Her clear pupil was rippling with bright waves, like a broken lake showing a sense of beauty.

Song Zhaolin lost his voice. He was dazzled in an instant.

When Chu Yin walked out happily with her book, Song Zhaolin regained his mind and spoke slowly,  

“…… And then he came back today. “

Song Zhaolin scratched his head and felt that Chu Yin had misunderstood something.

Chu Yin came out of class 5 with her notes and planned to recite it on the roof.

“Host, are you in a good mood?”

Indeed, Chu Yin walked briskly to the door with her textbook. But before she arrived, she suddenly felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere – there were usually no people here, but today, people were standing in every corner. When they saw her coming, they glared at her with a hostile look.

Chu Yin:?

Did everyone fall in love with staying on the rooftop?

Chu Yin sighed and was trying to find a quiet place again when a familiar silhouette appeared in the corner of her eyes.

Turning her head inch by inch, she saw the person who was said to be ‘called to the company to deal with official business’

The person’s head slightly lowered as he walked out of the small door.

Chu Yin: “….”

……Song Zhaolin, you donkey!!

Xueji: “Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs. Be happy.”

Happy my butt.

She now understood the male lead’s halo.

Chu Yin stabilized her mind. She was currently wearing a mask and a school uniform and it won’t attract attention. There were so many people waiting for Lu Zhen in this area. He might not notice her.

The girls around were consciously following Lu Zhen. Chu Yin looked calm as she looked ahead, walking over with a book.

Lu Zhen lazily closed his eyes. Sure enough, he didn’t even look at anyone around him.

Chu Yin rubbed her shoulder while squinting and scolded him in her heart. In her last life, she was a fool.

Lu Zhen had just finished smoking, and there was a faint smell of tobacco.

He was walking carelessly, but suddenly, at a certain moment, a light fragrance reached the tip of his nose.

The scent was very unique. It was like the smell of flowers after it bloomed. It was very light and had a subtle sense of familiarity, which made him feel inexplicable.

Lu Zhen suddenly stopped and turned around only to find nothing: “You–“

As soon as he spoke, countless people turned around,

But there was no one behind him.


“After I left, Lu Zhen looked back?”

“Yes, host.”

In the evening, after finishing her homework task, Chu Yin looked at the script that was unlocked——

【In the corridor, Lu Zhen turned around and watched quietly for a long time.】

Chu Yin thought: Whatever the dog man looked at…she should change the word “watch” to “kneel”!

Xueji was silent. It had already accepted its host’s personality.

Chu Yin was refreshed after thinking this way, then looked down and was surprised again

【Location: Lujia. Character: Lu Zhen.】

【…Lu Zhen had a dream that the evening. In the dream, it was raining finely. Lu Zhen saw a girl who was wearing a floral skirt without an umbrella. The jasmine was in full bloom on the school campus. He walked uncontrollably towards the girl, trying to hold her shoulder.】

Chu Yin couldn’t stop sneering after reading it.

She held the light pen, thought for a moment, and asked the system, “I have permission for one word, right?”

Xueji: “Yes.”

Chu Yin: “Adding a word, right?”

Xueji thought for a moment, but couldn’t refute: “That’s it.”

Chu Yin was satisfied.

Then she added the word “bad” before “dream”

She sneered: Still dreaming of me, you deserve this!!

Late at night, Lujia villa.

The light was still on in the young master’s room.

Mr. Lu started to transfer some of the company’s power to Lu Zhen. Because of that, he still had a lot to learn. He sat at his desk and read all the reports sent by the company, then he raised his neck and rubbed his eyebrows.

He got up to take a shower then turned off the lights in the room.

In the large room, there was the smell of air freshener that faintly dissipated in the air.

Lu Zhen leaned on the soft pillow, and somehow, suddenly remembered the light fragrance he smelled during the day. There was an indescribable weight lingering in the bottom of his heart.

After a long time, he gradually fell asleep.

It rained in his dream. There was a figure in the rain.

It was a girl in a floral skirt. She had a slender back. She was not afraid of getting wet in the rain. Her long, slightly curly hair draped behind her, the ends of her hair dangling playfully.

The skirt was not beautiful, but Lu Zhen felt a kind of unspeakable palpitation.

He followed, trying to stop her.

But the girl walked faster and faster, and Lu Zhen ran to catch up to her.

Finally, he held her shoulder: “You–“

The girl turned her head and showed a hideous face. She opened her mouth and called out wildly,

——”Lu Zhen! You! Stupid!”

Lu Zhen immediately woke up from fright.

 A long time later, a sigh sounded in the empty dark room.

“……Fuck.” He said softly.

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