I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 – Smashing the Uncle

Chu Yin’s head almost blew up at this moment.

She couldn’t imagine Lu Linyuan spitting such vicious words.

—Ahhh, this old pervert???

Regardless of love and hate, when Chu Yin saw these words, she had an urge to break down the door and rush at him.

He pretended to be kind and gentle but behind closed doors, his attitude was like this?

And, ‘bitch’? What kind of trash is this man?

I want to vomit!!

Chu Yin was so angry that half of her brain was wondering how to make Lu Linyuan’s life bloody and cruel.

But the other half of her brain came up with another thought–Does Lu Zhen even know what Lu Linyuan truly looks like?

In her impression, Lu Linyuan was like a brother and a father to Lu Zhen and had always treated him well. 

Although last time, it was known that Lu Linyuan was not as harmless as he looked on the surface, this time she suddenly discovered the most unknown and darkest side of him.

That Lu Linyuan treats his mother like this,  does the teenage Lu Zhen know?

Once Lu Zhen knows… what can he even do?

At Lu Zhen’s current age, he simply couldn’t compete against Lu Linyuan. Lu Zhen’s father had passed away early and even if Lu Linyuan hadn’t formally taken over the industry, he still had an advantage of ten years compared to Lu Zhen.

Although the future Lu Zhen would end up having a great role in the business world, he was only a young master at this moment without any of the real power of the Lu family.

Plus, Lu Linyuan had dealt with the black market industry for so many years. The extent of his involvement in the gang had never been mentioned to others. He had so many people in his circle. Even now, he was wooing Song Yanchuan to his side.

Deep speculation came into Chu Yin’s mind – Had Lu Linyuan accepted that the inheritance would be given to Lu Zhen just as he was showing?

If Lu Linyuan wants to seize power, how did Lu Zhen defend the Lu family in his past life?

She never seemed to have thought about this problem before.

Some vague memories started to pour out. Chu Yin shook her head. 

She had welcomed too much information in less than an hour, her brain was buzzing now.

She stood up from the wall and decided to leave this place first. She needed to calm down and think about countermeasures.

But – at this moment, a person came from behind her with a smile.

“Little classmate? Why are you here?”

Chu Yin’s ears tingle in anxiety. The hairs on her body stood up as she turned to the voice and saw that the door of the ward was already opened.

The scene was a bit scary, but Chu Yin instinctively adjusted her expression the moment she looked up: “Mr. Lu? Hello?”

Lu Linyuan stared at her condescendingly, with a soft smile on his face: “What are the chances of me running into you in this nursing home?”

Chu Yin suddenly felt like she was being stared at by a poisonous snake. Her expression remained unchanged: “I came to visit someone— you as well?”

Lu Linyuan stared at her and smiled.

This girl came at the right time when the guards were nowhere to be seen. He didn’t know where those guys went. It didn’t matter. This was just a woman.

Just like the woman inside the room.

Women are all the same animals.

The hunter should first gently approach them, acquiring their trust, and when he has slowly penetrated their lives, he throws them in the mud. He will then become the only person they would be willing to reach out to.

Although it sounds simple, it’s stressful.

However, the “profit” is much greater than the cost. Because… the hunter can make the prey abandon everything she originally had.

The little girl in front of Lu Linyuan was the same age as Su Yumin back then… and now that the Chu family had just gone bankrupt, Chu Yin’s reputation plummeted.

Even if his dear nephew couldn’t distinguish girls, Lu Linyuan was still interested in her.

Lu Linyuan slightly smiled. He looked at Chu Yin and said with regret. “I heard that something happened to your family. You must be very sad now. It was a coincidence that I met you here today. Why not…”

— “No.”

— “Uncle.”

The two voices sounded at the same time. There was even the same indifference.

Lu Linyuan’s eyebrows suddenly jumped, and at the same moment, Chu Yin’s shoulders quietly shrank.

—How could he come! So unlucky!

 She’s finished!

Lu Linyuan’s thoughts immediately turned. His smile raised as he looked at the figure walking in the distance. At that moment – the light lamp above his head suddenly fell off without warning!

The lamp disc dropped from the ceiling. 

—It smashed heavily into Lu Linyuan’s smiling face. 

Chu Yin felt guilty,  but also secretly felt happy: Ah! This feels so good!!!

 While Lu Linyuan was acting coyly just now to her, Chu Yin couldn’t help but open the script and change the [fell] to [ smashed].

[The lamp above his head  smashed his face.]

Looking at it now, this perverted uncle didn’t have the halo of a male protagonist like the dog man!

Dare go and insult women again!! You smelly trash!!


Lu Linyuan cried out in pain. He couldn’t help but swear in anguish as he clutched the bridge of his nose. His hand raised as he squinted at Lu Zhen. “Don’t worry. I’m fine.”

Lu Zhen walked over, his eyes glancing at Chu Yin first.

And…Chu Yin looked like she was trying to avoid embarrassment by hiding her face. But from  Lu Zhen’s point of view, her apple cheeks showed her dimples when she bit her lips.

Lu Zhen’s eyes trembled when a slight smile appeared. However, when his gaze moved over to Lu Linyuan, his expression was controlled, “Are you okay?”

Lu Linyuan was obviously in pain as his nose was almost broken.

The people working under Lu Linyuan hurried over to help him, knowing that they had made a big mistake. 

As they brushed shoulders, Lu Zhen said to Lu Linyuan, “Uncle, I’ll come here in the future. You don’t have to worry so much.”

After hearing this, Chu Yin, who rarely shared an enemy with the dog man, said in her heart: Yes, stay away from people’s mothers! Go away!

Lu Linyuan covered the bridge of his nose. His eyebrows nervously picked up.

Lu Zhen turned his head to look at him with a calm expression. “I’ve already talked to the dean of the nursing home. He knows I’ll be the one coming here in the future.”

Lu Zhen would slowly remove Lu Linyuan’s people in the nursing home. Although he knew that it was already too late, at least, he wouldn’t allow Lu Linyuan to continue his evil ways.

Lu Linyuan narrowed his eyes and smiled: “Of course,  child, this is what you should do.”

Lu Zhen nodded, “Uncle has worked hard.”

Lu Linyuan finally left and the corridor became empty again.

Lu Zhen first went into the ward to check Su Yumin before turning around.

Chu Yin’s eyes rolled.

Since the day of the blackout, Lu Zhen never appeared in Chu Yin’s sight again except for today, when she had stepped into matters that were related to her previous life, and discovered many things she didn’t know.

Looking at him now, the mood felt a bit…subtle.

Lu Zhen silently  inhaled a deep breath and kept his voice calm as he  asked, “Why are you here?”

Chu Yin felt guilty.

Lu Zhen shouldn’t know that she secretly came to see Su Yumin since she didn’t even know her in this life!

Chu Yin raised her hand and touched the tip of her nose: “…Came to see someone.”

Lu Zhen controlled his raging emotions and then slowly gazed at her face. His dark pupils showed indifference, but his heart was beating hard.

It was you and me back then and now, it’s you and me today.

They both remember.

Their intense love and hatred spanned across the river of time. 

Lu Zhen had a lot that he wanted to say. Although the world was silencing him, the pain he felt was still fresh within his memory.

Although he had planned everything to lead her here, he still didn’t know how much Chu Yin remembered and how much he could continue to explore.

Lu Zhen felt lucky. He didn’t have to worry about her at all.

They faced each other, standing on opposite sides.

“Are you done?” Lu Zhen asked softly.

Chu Yin hesitated: “Ah.”

It was the sense of justice in her heart that was at work.

Chu Yin was wondering…Whether she should tell Lu Zhen or not?

But how would she say it? Tell him that his uncle was evil? And that he was mentally abusing his mother? Tell him that he shouldn’t get close to him?

—But how would she explain how she knew that?

That she happened to visit the nursing home? Happened to come to this ward on this specific floor? Happened to see his mother being hugged by his uncle? And supernaturally heard his uncle whisper in his mother’s ears?

No one would believe that. 

She didn’t want to help Lu Zhen at all – the dog man didn’t need her help. However, Chu Yin was still upset from the situation she saw a while ago. Even if she smashed Lu Linyuan’s face with the lamp just now, she would still feel sick from the fact that the pervert had been doing this for many years.

Chu Yin’s emotions were tangled.

She didn’t know that every inch of her expression fell into Lu Zhen’s eyes.

This gave Lu Zhen a little hope.

Did you find out? How much can you guess?

Since the light lamp was broken, the corridor was a little dim. Lu Zhen slightly lowered his eyes.

Chu Yin decided not to tell him. She would rather focus the attention on herself than let Lu Zhen know anything.

She put her hands behind her back, and said, “Not yet, I’m going to see the person now.”

The light in Lu Zhen’s eyes dimmed a bit, but still, he smiled. “Okay.”

Chu Yin turned to leave, but when Lu Zhen looked at her, he couldn’t hold back his urge to ask, “Chu Yin, your boyfriend…why didn’t he accompany you today?”

Chu Yin stopped, half turned  her head, and said, “Next time.”

Lu Zhen bitterly smiled.

He was  cheap. He had no defensive mechanism against Chu Yin, and even a few words could make his heart hurt.

Chu Yin didn’t say anything more as she turned and left.  Her soft brown hair flickered in front of his eyes, and Lu Zhen’s heart jumped for a moment.

He suddenly wanted to prove that there was no one like them in this world.

Wei Heming couldn’t, and neither could Gu Quize.

Even if this problem would kill my heart.

Then, go on, kill.

Chu Yin calmly walked deeper into the corridor. At that moment, Lu Zhen’s voice suddenly sounded behind her.

“You’re just leaving,” Lu Zhen’s voice trembled slightly, “Then what should I do with the light lamp?”

“Didn’t you… make it fall?”



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