I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 51 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 51 – Eat a candy (1)

The young man said vaguely.

He knew about her past. He knew everything about her that no one would understand.

Their love and hate were strong. No one would be as deeply connected as them.

So can you not…look at anyone?

Chu Yin’s footsteps stopped in an instant.

Lu Zhen took a deep breath again.

Jealousy could blind a person. He didn’t want to ask her this so early.

It was just his vague speculation. He could guess from the sudden falling of the light lamp, the knives that fell from the sky, the basketball that weirdly exploded, the broken glass door, and the car accident. There were similarities between all of those.

But Lu Zhen didn’t know the extent of her power or in what form she could influence the things around her.

So his question was very vague. There were different ways of answering it.

 At this point, Chu Yin’s thinking was surprisingly the same as him.

—What did the dog man find?? Okay, the light lamp falling out of the blue was indeed…familiar.

But it stood to reason that a character who hadn’t awakened his self-awareness couldn’t think of a possible outcome like this. Even if Lu Zhen was a male lead, he shouldn’t know that this world was a book, let alone had the possibility of changing the plot.

Chu Yin quickly pondered this sentence and found that the meaning was very vague, almost like he was waiting for her answer.

If she subconsciously refuted, Lu Zhen might be able to guess more things.

Dog man! Sinister and cunning!!

In half a second, many thoughts flashed in Chu Yin’s head. She slightly turned sideways, her expression was a little surprised: “Do you want me to pay for it?”

She shouldn’t let her character break even if her ‘good-student character got ruined before. She must act well. Although she had bad interactions with Lu Zhen so many times along the way, she still felt guilty. 

He must have not guessed anything now. She needed to be more cautious.

Lu Zhen could guess what she was thinking, so he pushed down his restless heart.

He knew that he couldn’t force her. There were still things to do right now. It would take some time to test Chu Yin’s “superpowers”.

Lu Zhen began to feel that there must be some cause and effect. He didn’t know what happened to the world after he passed away in his last life.

Now that they returned to this year, perhaps the world gave Chu Yin the preferential treatment following a certain logic.

He looked forward to all the possibilities related to her.

Lu Zhen bent down and picked up the half-broken disc from the ground. He lowered his head and smiled: “No, I’ll pay.”

Chu Yin kindly nodded her head, “I’m really poor.”

After thinking about it, she felt something was wrong: ” —But we don’t need to compensate the hospital for this…”

She almost bit her tongue after speaking.

She fell into the dog man’s logical trap. It was correct logic assuming that the light falling was related to them. After she reacted, she controlled herself and said, “Yeah, if there’s nothing, I’ll leave first. I have something to do.”

Lu Zhen nodded, “Okay”

This time, she left with no hesitation, walking fast with her head down, as if she wanted to escape the scene quickly.

Lu Zhen watched her disappear at the entrance of the corridor, and then looked away.

Chu Yin probably didn’t know this, but thanks to her, it would take Lu Linyuan a while to recover from his injury.

Lu Zhen would not waste these golden hours.

He had to finish this faster so he could stand before her cleanly.

Chu Yin secretly went to the nursing home twice. She was relieved when Lu Linyuan, the old pervert, didn’t come back.

She didn’t know if Lu Zhen would be wary around Lu Linyuan. But since he arranged someone new to take care of Su Yumin, the situation had gotten better.

It would have been nice if the light lamp was bigger that time! It should’ve smashed Lu Linyuan’s head completely!

However, when Chu Yin returned to school and saw Song Zhaolin, her mood became slightly complicated.

Song Zhaolin didn’t know about his brother’s cooperation with the old pervert. If Lu Linyuan was plotting against the Lu family’s properties in the future, Song Zhaolin’s brother must stand on Lu Linyuan’s side to fight against Lu Zhen. Song Zhaolin would be in deep trouble when that time comes.

He certainly considered Lu Zhen as his brother. He certainly didn’t want to choose between his two brothers.

Song Zhaolin was such an innocent little fool. Chu Yin didn’t want to see him sad.

“What are you thinking, Sister Yin?” Song Zhaolin asked, licking a lollipop.

Chu Yin didn’t look at him and just patted Song Zhaolin’s head. “Don’t ask questions to an adult, kid.”

Song Zhaolin became angry, his pufferfish face shouted: “We are the same size!!”

“That is temporary,” Chu Yin calmly said, “I’ll be older than you in a few months.”

With that, she was distracted for a second. 

She would be an adult for another year.

When she was eighteen in her last life, a lot of things happened that made her remember deeply.

Song Zhaolin hummed.

The older Lu Zhen got, the less frequent he could be seen. They could only hear about him in the socialite’s circle. They were no news about Lu Zhen in the school, but outside, Lu Zhen’s daily activities were being broadcasted almost daily.

In Song Zhaolin’s impression, Lu Zhen could be regarded as a living Buddha. Since he (LZ) was born, he had everything. Now, he grew up so fast and became independent overnight.

“Oh. Why don’t you relax? You’ve been studying every day.” Song Zhaolin looked at the exercise book in her hand. “The city’s joint exam is already done. You can relax now.” 


Chu Yin looked up and saw all the students in Class 5 were seated on their seats, studying. “Isn’t this good?”

Song Zhaolin cried: “I think I’m beginning to feel out of place! Why is everyone working hard! “

Was he the only one looking forward to the summer festival??

This was one of the last activities before school would end!!

Song Zhaolin yelled at Zhao Yuxiong, “Sports Committee Leader, don’t you think our summer festival will be too uninteresting?”

Zhao Yuxiong raised his head, quickly glanced at Chu Yin next to him, and said solemnly: “Classmate Chu Yin is right. We should focus on studies now.”

Song Zhaolin: Why you pretending??

He couldn’t accept this so he called out Jiang Yan. “Xiao Yan, shouldn’t the public committee organize this festival?”

Jiang Yan waved her hand: “Busy.”

Song Zhaolin suddenly felt lonely.

He turned his head hopelessly, and looked at the initiator of all this: “Sister Yin, don’t you want to play? The summer festival is interesting. Each class builds a small stall for themselves to sell things.”

Chu Yin replied: “Oh.”

“…The income is owned by the class. Everyone can share it evenly. Last year, a class made a lot of money from it!”

Chu Yin Suddenly raised her head: “I’ll participate.”

Song Zhaolin: “???”

She forgot about this at first. The summer festival was indeed profitable!

Soon, the news that Chu Yin would participate in the summer festival spread. The atmosphere of the class suddenly changed. Everyone threw their workbook away and started discussing what their class would do in the summer festival.

“I heard from the people in the international class that they want to sell coffee. Someone would bring their coffee machine!”

“Nice. They thought it well.”

But Chu Yin thought differently. Even if people would want to drink iced coffee in the summer, might as well buy a beer or a watermelon.

Song Zhaolin had the same plan: “–or let’s sell watermelons!”

Everyone in the class immediately scolded him:

“Insane! Are you gonna carry all those watermelons?”

“Watermelon can’t make much money at all!”

Song Zhaolin miserably closed his mouth.

Han Chuying came to visit Chu Yin after class. She was excited when she heard that Chu Yin was going to participate.

She and Zhao Qingyao had a lot of good ideas. If Chu Yin would be participating at the booth – there would be so many things they could do, okay!

They could make a fortune by taking photos with people! Or…turn the whole stall into a small bar! They could see all kinds of fresh and cool summer drinks, secretly mixing little alcohol! Chu Yin could sing in that bar! What a good idea!!

With her goddess’ face, the rewards must be smashing.  Chu Yin could make more money!

“I think it’s okay?”

 “Hahaha, Han Chuying, are you an undercover for Class 5?”

All the students in Class 5 agreed with the plan except for Fu Mingxuan, who thought the idea was too focused on Chu Yin. Everyone was supportive so Fu Mingxuan’s protest wasn’t heard.

Han Chuying was excited before she suddenly realized a problem. She turned her head and asked Chu Yin: “Yin Yin, can you sing?”

Chu Yin had always been famous for her crushing achievements and beautiful face. Including the last art festival, she didn’t show any talents.

This… In case she didn’t know how to sing, it was fine Chu Yin could attract visitors by just sitting in the booth.

Chu Yin thought for a while and then asked tentatively, “Then…can I play the guitar?”

Han Chuying blinked.

Everyone looked at her.

Chu Yin immediately said, “I don’t know if it fits the atmosphere, but playing this accompaniment is more comfortable…”

“Yes, it can. This is also a good idea!”

Han Chuying almost yelled out – “So surprsign! Chu Yin can even play the guitar!!”

She immediately decided that she must prepare a high chair for Class 5! When the summer festival comes, Chu Yin would sit on top of the high chair with her two long legs and with guitar in her hand!

The people in Class 5 didn’t know that Chu Yin could play the guitar. After they discovered this new revelation, they became more enthusiastic about the planning of the summer festival.

They could feel that their class could win the championship!

in the end, Class 5 decided to make a bar counter, selling sparkling water, lemonade, carbonated drinks, and other beverages suitable for summer. They placed a small stage with a high chair positioned in the center.

This stall was divided into two parts, one part was for selling drinks, the other was for ordering songs – they were simply genius hahaha!

Chu Yin was very interested in this profitable activity.



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