I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 51 part 2

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 51 – Eat a candy (2)

The English translation work was already submitted. Since the client was truly satisfied, the final payment was immediately wired to her. Chu Yin’s bank account increased by tens of thousand and she felt more at ease.

Achievements and money were things that reassure people. Chu Yin would do her best. In the past few days, she had been playing the guitar and learning scores of popular songs.

Huiwen had never been stingy in activities. Each class was assigned model materials for “building a stall”. 

The students started decorating their stalls.

However, the boys in Class 5 were very attentive on the small stage. The music stand was organized – after all, this was likely to become the highlight of the festival!

On the day of the summer festival, the entire Huiwen Middle School was very excited.

Han Chuying carried her DSLR and cell phone as she went into the stall of Class 5.

Chu Yin tightened the guitar string and looked at Han Chuying: “It doesn’t need to be so grand, right?”

Han Chuying: “Whichever you prefer”

Even if Chu Yin didn’t sing, there would still be people paying.

Chu Yin sat on the high chair and held the guitar in her arms.

Han Chuying had begun to make pink bubbles.

It was hot today. Chu Yin wore an ordinary loose white shirt and a pair of washed ripped blue jeans – her style was completely different from when she wore school uniforms!

Chu Yin looked handsome and beautiful in her outfit. Her head was lowered as she held the guitar, her eyelashes looked focused and affectionate.

Han Chuying: I did it again!!!

The summer festival would only take part in the first grade and second grade, with more than twenty booths. 

When the festival started, the classes were excited and began to shout to attract guests.

Some classes took the lead in attracting the first wave of visitors. For example, Hao Diao’s class made boys wear revealing clothes that show their breasts. 

Chu Yin was not in a hurry as she held the guitar to play.

Someone posted in the online forum:

[Damn, Sister Yin so beautiful]

[Miss Sister is so handsome!!]

[Want to listen to her singing!]

Song Zhaolin went out for a long walk before returning to his class. He went to Chu Yin and told her the school’s summer festival layout.

“Sister Yin, I saw your sister just now.”

Chu Yin raised an eyebrow: “What?”

“She seems to be doing well? Wearing gold and silver,” Song Zhaolin said, “She was upset thinking that you were singing here for money.”

Chu Yin said, “…”

“And I also saw your brother and Gu Qiuze. They came to join in the fun but Chu Qiuqiu didn’t speak to them. Your family relationship is so complicated.”

Chu Qiuqiu’s gold and silver must not have been given by the Chu family. No matter what means she used, it had nothing to do with Chu Yin anyway. But if her brother would come over later, she would pour them a drink

Song Zhaolin soon forgot about Chu Qiuqiu, because many people noticed Chu Yin with guitar in her arms.

“Scan the code to order a song?”

“Ah, can I listen to xxx!”

The small bar in Class 5 suddenly became lively.

When Chu Yin received the first order, she was excited.

She cleared her throat, swept a chord, and started to sing gently with her guitar.

The more she sang, the more people came to the entrance.

When Chu Yin’s song ended, the crowd cheered frantically.

“Her singing skill is so nice?!”

“It feels so good to the ears~”

[Are there any more songs!! ]

[Ahhhhh, I still want to hear it!!!]

Jiang Yan was in charge of collecting money, and her mobile phone began to ring the sound of “XXX yuan arrived”, and the drinks were selling fast.

Song Zhaolin took out his mobile phone and recorded a video and sent it to his friends happily.

[Business is booming, many people came to support!😁😁] 

When Lu Zhen received it, he was sitting in the office with documents in his hand.

He clicked on it at random and saw Chu Yin sitting there holding the guitar in the middle of the crowd.

The video was very noisy. He couldn’t hear what she said, but she smiled beautifully.

Lu Zhen stared at the phone for a while, watched the short video several times, and then turned off the phone.

Looking down at the file on the desktop again, he suddenly couldn’t focus.

Lu Zhen forced himself to finish reading the documents in his hand, and then suddenly put down his pen.

He opened the door of the office and walked out.

“Young Master?” The assistant stood up in surprise.


Lu Zhen held out his hand. “I’ll go out.”

With that, he strode away faster.

He wanted to see the summer festival.

When Lu Zhen arrived at school, the busiest time in the morning had passed.

Chu Yin was not at the booth of Class 5. Lu Zhen walked around and finally found her

She stood in the grass area, raising her head as she talked to Gu Qiuze.

Lu Zhen watched them in silence for a while, waiting for his heartbeat to slow down a little bit.

Chu Yin sang five or six songs in the morning. The sales of drinks in the stall were good. Han Chuying said the profit from the live performance was also very impressive.

She was happy she made money. So when Chu Shi and Gu Qiuze came over, Chu Yin invited them to drink.

While her brother went to buy food, she and Gu Qiuze chatted for a while

The University Gu Qiuze applied for had been finalized, which was not far away from the school Chu Yin stayed in last life. Gu Qiuze was a well-planned person. Although he did not take part in the college entrance examination, he could also make some suggestions on Chu Yin’s studies.

After talking for a while, a loud noise came from the direction Chu Shi had left.

It seemed to be a girl crying and was vaguely mixed with a middle-aged woman’s sharp voice. Gu Qiuze looked over and frowned, “I’ll go and have a look. You can wait for your brother to come back.”

Chu Yin sipped her lemonade as she nodded: “Okay.”

She stood under the shade of the tree, moistened her throat with lemonade, and closed her eyes as she leaned against the tree for a while.

Within a few seconds, a shadow cast before her eyes.

Chu Yin opened her eyes and was faced with Lu Zhen’s eyes. He seemed to have something to say.


Lu Zhen was very anxious after seeing Gu Qiuze.

Even if he was trying to shorten the process, could he wait?

He wanted to try and explain. Just… try again.

“Chu Yin, actually I…”

But when Lu Zhen tried to say a word, the familiar harsh sound suddenly sounded in his mind. The terrifying headache hit immediately. It was tearing his nerves and making his eyes chaotic.

HIs throat tasted fishy and sweet. He was silenced, unable to speak a word.

Those words were taboo. Because he was unable to speak, he could only do his best not to get out of control.

Sure enough, he couldn’t escape the rules of the world.

No one could change his fate.

Lu Zhen’s figure shook slightly, his face pale as he stood in front of the tree trunk.

Chu Yin was taken aback.

Lu Zhen closed his eyes while standing at a safe distance from Chu Yin.

Chu Yin pressed her back against the tree trunk and saw Lu Zhen’s dead-like face.

After a long time, Chu Yin kicked him: “Hey…are you okay?”

Lu Zhen’s tight lips turned blue.

At this moment, Chu Yin thought: He’s not doing well either.

Whether it was in the previous life or in this life, even if he had everything, a happy look seemed to seldom appear on his face.

At this time, it was almost lifeless.

Chu Yin raised the little worry in her heart and kicked him again: “…Lu Zhen?”

After a long time, Lu Zhen slowly opened his eyes. His pupils were slightly moist.

He slowly let go of his hand and stretched a little further.

Chu Yin breathed a sigh of relief, with a bad tone: “I thought you were dead.”

She was fierce. 

Lu Zhen’s eyelashes flicked, not knowing why, but a trace of long-lost joy appeared in his heart.

Maybe he was becoming crazy? Even if she would just tell not to die, Lu Zhen would still taste a touch of sweetness from the endless bitterness and despair he was in.

Chu Yin frowned, watching Lu Zhen’s pale face and sweat on his forehead.

Is he having a heatstroke?

Well, looking at the miserable look of the dog man, she would show mercy once.

“Stretch out your hand.” Her voice was clear.

Lu Zhen was startled.

After a few seconds, he slowly stretched out his hand, his fingertips trembling slightly.

The pain was fading as peace and tranquility slowly overtook him.

The misery of the past faded away at this moment, turning into a warm wind, bypassing Lu Zhen’s fingertips.

Chu Yin touched the pocket of her trousers, took out a blue candy paper mint, and gently placed it in his palm.

“Eat this.”



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