I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 52 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

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Chapter 52 – Pressed Against The Wall (1)

Lu Zhen stared at the candy, dumbstruck. His hand floated mid-air, forgetting to move.

He mumbled in disbelief. “For…me?”

He had just suffered a period of torment, so his voice was low and hoarse at this time. It sounded so sickly.

Chu Yin was embarrassed as the candy was just a cheap mint. The pampered young master wouldn’t have had this kind of candy in his entire life.

Chu Yin raised her hand again, intending to take the candy back: “Forget it.”

Lu Zhen finally reacted. Before she could snatch it back, he immediately folded his palms and held the mint candy.

“Since you gave it to me, it’s mine now.”

Chu Yin stared at him with her black and bright peach blossom eyes, thinking that Lu Zhen was like a capricious and naive child.

The dog man in this life was still young. He was not as mature and knowledgeable as he was in his previous life.

She was more concerned about what Lu Zhen was about to say.

“So? What were you going to say?” Chu Yin raised her eyes, to look  at the person in front of her, and asked, “What is it?” 

Chu Yin knew him so well. She realized that what Lu Zhen had been about to say wasn’t normal.

There were no expectations or anything in his eyes that belonged to a young man, but…this aura, made her feel familiar.

Lu Zhen in her last life looked at her like this, many times.

He wanted to talk but at the same time, he wouldn’t. Chu Yin hadn’t understood Lu Zhen’s sad expression back in her previous life. She didn’t even care about him at all.

But now, 17-year-old Lu Zhen also showed such a look.

The desire to want to talk showed in his face again.

So? what was it that you wanted to say?

Lu Zhen’s jaw tightened for a moment before his thick black eyelashes lowered: “Sorry.”

Chu Yin was a little disappointed. She snorted coldly, “Do you know that  you’ll be beaten to death if you leave someone hanging?”

She cursed directly at his face. 

It must have been in Lu Zhen’s genes to take pleasure in abuse since his lips curled after listening to it, “Then beat me to death.”

Chu Yin indifferently said: “I want to go to college. I don’t want to go to jail yet.”

Lu Zhen smiled.

Seeing that she didn’t plan to take the candy back, Lu Zhen carefully put the mint candy into the pocket of his pants.

 It was like putting his panicked heart away.

Although everything was uncertain in this life, he believed that there was a possibility to change the ending of this life.

Plus…she gave him candy. He suddenly gained more courage.

“Then study hard,” Lu Zhen’s eyes lowered. He softly asked after a moment, “Chu Yin, do you plan to take the Q test?”

Because he casually asked her, Chu Yin didn’t realize the bigger meaning in his words. She subconsciously replied, “Q is a big university. Why do I want to attend a college for science and engineering?”

She didn’t care about Wei Heming.

Lu Zhen’s heart warmed. As if nothing had happened, he continued to ask, “What about going abroad? Do you plan on it?”

Chu Yin looked at him in surprise and wondered why Lu Zhen still cared about her studies: “For the time being, no.”

Lu Zhen’s eyelashes lightly moved. There was a fine joy in his heart.

Chu Yin raised her eyes. After hesitating for a few seconds, she said, “Lu Zhen, go and have a snack too.”

Although she didn’t have the time to think deeply about many things, Lu Zhen’s pervert uncle was surely not good. 

Lu Zhen was a dog, but she also didn’t want to see a disgusting person like Lu Linyuan freely walking around.

Lu Zhen was slightly startled, then his lips widened with a smile. “Okay.”

My heart will always beat for you.

Gu Qiuze didn’t need to take too much effort to look for Chu Shi because he was standing in the noisiest part of the crowd. He could see him at a glance.

It was originally broken time. There were not as many people as there were just now, but there were still a lot of people gathered in the central square surrounded by the small stalls, surrounding the two women in the middle.

One was Chu Qiuqiu with messy clothes, and the other was a fierce but luxurious wife.

Chu Shi rushed and pulled Chu Qiuqiu behind him and stood in front of the luxurious wife.

This failed to calm the anger of the other party. She pointed at Chu Shi and cursed: “You, Chu family,  are such shameless animals?! Just because you went bankrupt, you  seduce someone else’s husband. To think you’re still underage? Ah!”

Her words were clear. The crowd watching this scene was in an uproar.

Damn it! A third party??

Chu Qiuqiu?!! Wasn’t this exciting!

Chu Shi’s face was ugly. He was treated as a young master since he was a child. This was the first time he’s gotten scolded by someone like this.

 However, Chu Qiuqiu was still his sister. He couldn’t leave her alone.

Chu Qiuqiu was already panicking, feeling the eyes of the students.

She thought bitterly—how could this old woman come to the school directly, just to harm her intentionally! 


She only came to school with her newly acquired necklace and bag.  She’d wanted to show it off, but because of this vicious old woman, she was humiliated! If those boys hadn’t ignored her, would she even have time to hang out with a middle-aged uncle?!

She and Mr. Li didn’t do anything. They only ate a few meals and strolled in the street a few times! She didn’t take the initiative! Just because this old woman couldn’t get her husband’s time,  she’d go and blame her?!

Chu Qiuqiu wanted to scold Mrs. Li to death, but she showed a soft and weak face. She hid behind Chu Shi: “Auntie, did you find the wrong person?”

Her attitude and language completely angered the opposite person. 

What women hated most was the ‘weak’ white lotus. Plus, her word “auntie” directly fueled Mrs. Li’s anger.



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