I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 52 part 2

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Chapter 52 – Pressed Against The Wall (2)

She took a step forward and aggressively grabbed the silver chain around Chu Qiuqiu’s neck: “This is the style that was chosen by my husband! xxx brand! The price is fifty thousand seven!”

Chu Shi pressed her arm: “Please calm down first.”

Mrs. Li pushed him away: “Can I still calm down after knowing this?!”

She then pulled the leather bag on Chu Qiuqiu’s elbow: “G’s snakeskin bag! You thought he bought it for you? That was stolen from my cabinet! — I know it  because there’s a scratch on the strap. Even if I don’t need it, I can’t allow little animals to take advantage of it!”

The words were sharp knives.

Chu Shi’s expression was so ugly that he couldn’t describe it. He didn’t expect that Chu Qiuqiu would be so eager to go down the quick success of instant benefits.

Chu Qiuqiu shook her head crazily. Mrs. Li simply began to tear her clothes: “He bought this shirt too? Okay! I’ll make you run naked today!”

Chu Qiuqiu was completely frightened: “Brother! Brother, save me! Brother!”

Chu Shi closed his eyes, then pulled the crazy Mrs. Li away. He coldly said to Chu Qiuqiu, “Return those things.”

Chu Qiuqiu still wanted to quibble: “I…I didn’t!”

Chu Shi whispered: “Shut up!”

Chu Qiuqiu was startled. She reluctantly handed over the necklace and bag.

Chu Shi turned to Mrs. Li: “She will return the rest later. The Chu family has no intention of covering up. If she can’t return it to you, she will be at your disposal.”

Chu Qiuqiu couldn’t believe it: “Brother?!”

Mrs. Li’s anger finally calmed down. She looked at Chu Shi with more appreciation. After thinking about it for two seconds, she didn’t feel like offending the young man, so she turned and walked away.

The people who were eating melon seeds quickly dispersed and went to spread the event in the forum.

Chu Qiuqiu abruptly hugged Chu Shi’s arm: “Brother, don’t you care about me? Me and Mr. Li are really nothing!”

Chu Shi glanced at her coldly, then took her hand off: “You don’t value the Chu Family anymore. Today, I protected you from being humiliated in the public. This is the last time I will take care of you since you will have to take care of yourself in the future. “

“After all, you aren’t my biological sister either.”

Chu Qiuqiu felt like she was struck by lightning.

After Chu Shi finished speaking, he walked to Gu Qiuze who was waiting in the distance. The two were left side by side.

Chu Qiuqiu stood alone, listening to the faint laughter of the people around her.

“Let’s go to Class 5! Chu Yin will be there!”

“Then let’s run over! Let’s see if we can pick a song!”

“Yes, I’m rushing!”

“Ah, wait for me!!”

Chu Qiuqiu’s mentality collapsed—why? 

Why did her brother only recognize Chu Yin as his younger sister? And why was Chu Yin the one sought after by everyone? 

Why should she (CQ) be despised by others just because she wanted a bag?!

Why did her life become a mess after her family went bankrupt? But Chu Yin wasn’t affected at all?!

The Chu Yin you are all worshipping is the real country bumpkin! Has everyone forgotten?!

Chu Qiuqiu squeezed her loose clothes tightly, her face gradually distorted and became hideous – if they had forgotten, then she would make them remember!

As Chu Qiuqiu fixed her clothes, she walked to the corner with no one around. 

There was a call that she hadn’t made for a long time. It came in handy this time.

After the call was connected, the familiar and flattering voice of Chu Qiuqiu could be heard: “Oh. This is Miss Chu.”

The news of the Chu family’s bankruptcy hadn’t reached the countryside yet. In front of this poor man, Chu Qiuqiu hid it well. “I will reimburse the round-trip ticket! I will reward you again after the incident!”

The other party was immediately happy. “No problem, Miss!”

Chu Yin didn’t know about the drama that took place at noon. She went straight back to the booth in the afternoon and continued to work at her post.

After a whole morning of people talking, the whole school now knew that they could pick songs in the small bar of Class 5. Plus, the campus goddess would be singing for them while holding the guitar! 

So at the beginning of the afternoon session, the small bar of Class 5 was full of people.

Most of the waiters were busy. Empty soda bottles were all over the floor.

Han Chuying occupied the closest seat to Chu Yin’s high chair. 

She said to Zhang Luo: “Multiple people can order the same song! Songs with the largest order will be sung first!”

Chu Yin was shocked: Isn’t she cheating money by making them order songs so many times?!

Han Chuying shook her head, winking eyebrows. She leaned in to whisper: “The live performance is like this. Don’t think it is inappropriate. Look, the audience is happy!”

Sure enough, the students outside were very excited as they talked about it. Which song would they raise their funds for?

Han Chuying was very happy to see the result. Jiang Yan couldn’t even record the money transactions for this live performance.

A few minutes later, the most ordered song came out. Chu Yin took a look at it.

Joyce Chu – “Miss You”.

Chu Yin: “…”

Are you sure you want to hear this..!!!

“I paid for this song three times!”


“I want to listen to this too, ah!”

The song style was simple. Although people could learn this easily, the singing style of the song was not consistent with Chu Yin’s voice.

In the morning, Chu Yin sang two Chinese slow songs and two English songs.

 She didn’t know how to sing this kind of style.

Han Chuying suddenly regretted her actions. She quietly asked Chu Yin: “Why don’t we change the song, the second one is rock and roll…”

Chu Yin waved her hand.

“I miss you so much” has a super high number of points. 

Since they collected money from these students, they couldn’t trick them.

Chu Yin cleared her throat, swiped her fingers, and swept a chord. She also made psychological preparations before starting  her performance.

The audience calmed down immediately, and stared  at Chu Yin with piercing eyes.

Chu Yin licked her lips, enduring the trace of  embarrassment. She slightly squeezed her throat and sang, “I want to—” 

The finger swept down, and the guitar’s bright rhythm sounded.

The girl’s sweet voice then matched: “——Send a text message to you, I miss you so much. I want to call you immediately, I miss you so much…” 

When she sang a normal lyrical song, her voice was very textured, light, and charming. But when she sang this sweet song, the natural rhythm in her voice was brought out, and it revealed her tenderness.

Chu Yin’s white and slender fingers flicked on the strings as her head swayed slightly. The more she sang, the easier it was. Her sweet voice scratched people’s ears.

Han Chuying covered her mouth and held Song Zhaolin’s mobile phone, her hand shaking slightly.

 “Help ahhhhhh! Too cute and too sweet!!!!!!!”

If she could turn into an emoticon, her face would be blurred from all the shaking.

Not only her, but the students at the scene were also about to pass out.

When Chu Yin sang the last note, the crowd suddenly burst into strong cheers.

“Sister Yin! You are our idol in this world.”

“Quickly! what is the next song?”

“?” Chu Yin raised her hand, “Wait—” 

A few minutes later, Han Chuying smiled and held up the list.

  1. Sweet
  2. I’m Super Sweet
  3. Learn to Meow
  4. Heartbeat

Chu Yin: “…”

The summer festival was over. The bills of each class were submitted. Class 2 and Class 5 were honorably elected as the highest turnover class for the summer festival.

There were two highlights of this festival. All of these centered around the Chu sisters. First was Chu Yin’s live performance. The second was Chu Qiuqiu’s public incident.

Chu Yin only knew of this after Song Zhaolin talked about it. She now understood why her brother had left the festival early.

“…” Chu Yin thought silently, “Chu Qiuqiu didn’t succeed. The lock with Chen Xuanyuan didn’t work.”

It was a pleasant failure.

In the end, the summer festival turnover was owned by the class. Class 5 discussed the division of the money because the live performance segment was completely done by Chu Yin. 

It would be super tiring to sing dozens of songs a day, so the income from the song was given to Chu Yin.

No one objected.

Chu Yin’s rebuttal was ignored, so she decided to take out a portion of the money and invite the whole class to milk tea.

Song Zhaolin drank two cups alone, which made him happy.

There were still thousands of dollars left so Chu Yin deposited all of them in a card. The small increase in deposits made her feel at ease.



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