I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 52 part 3

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Chapter 52 – Pressed Against The Wall (3)

June had come quietly. Although they were still a distance away from the college entrance examination, Huiwen’s tutoring class had a special task –  to use the college entrance examination paper as a mock exam.

Chu Yin felt very excited. Although she passed the college entrance examination in her previous life, she was not the same as she was before. 

The money earned from the summer festival would be used to buy new workbooks. This week, she bought a lot of exercises and simulation papers. 

Wei Heming had signed a contract so he didn’t need to take the college entrance examination. 

After hearing that they were going to simulate the college entrance examination, he enthusiastically offered to help Chu Yin in math.

Although it was touching, Chu Yin still refused.

On a very hot afternoon, just after the school bell rang, the students left in twos and threes.

Chu Yin didn’t move and continued to sit in the classroom to study.

Song Zhaolin pulled up his bag and asked her, “Sister Yin, do you want to eat together?”

Chu Yin: “No.”

Song Zhaolin didn’t bother her any longer and flung the bag on his back and bounced away.

Brother Zhen recently finished a big project. His brother Zhen was so awesome that he directly came to school without any rest! Song Zhaolin guessed that he must have missed his friends. 

It was difficult to meet him, so he’d have a meal together with him this time! 

“Then I’ll go now!”


Chu Yan didn’t hear the events that were happening outside the window and answered the questions quietly. But not long after, someone rushed in to break the peace.

“Chu Yin!” the classmate said breathlessly, “There’s someone looking for you at the school gate!”

Chu Yin raised her eyebrows.

Looking for me? Who?

It didn’t seem to be good since the classmate was hesitant to speak.

At the school gate.

The two middle-aged adults dressed as migrant workers stood outside the gate, a man and a woman, each with a louder voice.

“I’m looking for Chu Yin! Chu Yin! Isn’t she in this school?!” 

The guard went up to them and informed them: “Please lower your voice.”

“Why do we have to lower our voice? Us? Should we find our daughter secretly?!”

Chu Qiuqiu hid from the crowd, triumphantly looking at the two people at the gate.

What a good idea she thought! The parents of Chu Yin from the countryside were invited to show the noble students of Huiwen the appearance of the poor people.

Let’s see how poor your goddess is!

Chu Qiuqiu lost her face in front of the whole school. Don’t think Chu Yin could get away with not being shamed either!

“Fuck, these are Chu Yin’s parents?”

“No, isn’t her family a wealthy family? Although they went bankrupt, it shouldn’t be like this…”

“I remember, Chu Yin’s family is from the countryside! Yes, then this is hers…”

When Chu Yin walked to the school gate, the old couple had already started acting.

“We are heartbroken! After being adopted by a wealthy family,  she’s ignored her parents who raised her for more than ten years?”

“Classmates, if it weren’t for us, she might have starved to death in the fields long ago!”

“And because of her beauty, she’s been playing  with many men! We can’t hold our heads up.”

Chu Yin closed her eyes.

She hadn’t seen them since she entered her second life. These two old people should have taken a lot of money from the Chu family and spend all of it on their stupid son. Chu Yin didn’t need to know who called them here. Sometimes, she had to admire Chu Qiuqiu’s imagination.

She tapped on the system: “Unlock the script.”

Xueji had been quiet for a while recently. She didn’t know what was wrong.

The script opened up automatically opened in front of her.

【Although their first time coming to the big city was rushed, the two members of the Wang family spared no effort to spread rumors to get  money. The more unbearable Chu Yin would feel, the more satisfied Chu Qiuqiu was.】

“Ah! Chu Yin! Is that you? Did everyone see how she ignored us? Do you think you’re losing face when you’re with us?” They shouted.

Students immediately looked over.

Chu Qiuqiu smiled happily — experience the feeling of being stared at by people!

Chu Yin saw that many people were looking forward to her explanation since these two people have been shouting and describing Chu Yin very unbearably. 

For these kinds of people, Chu Yin didn’t want to say one word at all.

She grabbed the light pen and changed “rumors” to “self-destruction.”

If she was the same person as in her last life, she would’ve been ashamed to stand in front of everyone because of her inferiority.

However, This rubbish method couldn’t destroy her now.

Seeing her indifferent expression, the mother simply sat on the ground and cried: “Oh my God! We came all the way to your school to…”


Chu Yin waited for her to finish her words when suddenly a wind swept over her side.

Then someone pressed a baseball cap on her head, blocking all vision and gaze.

Lu Zhen pressed down the brim of his hat, shook his right hand,  and walked towards the two people.

Even if he came too late and only heard the last few words, he planned to throw them straight into the trash can.

At this moment, the woman from the village said as she sat on the ground, “——It’s just for the money!”

Lu Zhen paused.

The people around were also stunned.

The mother’s face was a bit weird, but she couldn’t control her mouth from spilling the truth. “Who would even remember this pathetic girl! If it wasn’t for the money, why would  we come all  this way to do this ? For free ?” 

The father beside her also echoed: “If it wasn’t for Miss Chu Qiuqiu, providing for the ticket reimbursement and rewards, we  wouldn’t have come!” 

The crowd was suddenly in an uproar–Chu Qiuqiu?! She asked people to specifically smear Chu Yin?!

Lu Zhen frowned and looked at their expressions carefully, but a strange light gradually appeared in his black eyes.

It’s not under their control…?

Then… Who controls them?

The mother couldn’t stop at all: “She was found by the Chu family back then. Alas, we were so happy that this pathetic girl finally had left. The Chu family can still continue to give us money!”

“We need money this time for my son’s wedding room!!”

“Yes! Yes!”

The students of Huiwen were very simple. It was the first time that they had seen such harsh people. 

Thinking of their treatment of Chu Yin, the students got angry.

Song Zhaolin rushed to the front: “You fools! Do you not know you’re being disgusting?!”

Mother: “What’s wrong with it?!”

The scene escalated directly into a scolding battle, with dozens of mouths cursing two people at the same time. 

Chu Yin glanced at Lu Zhen’s back, then pressed down the brim of his hat.

She slipped into the crowd, left the noisy school gate, and walked quietly to the classroom next to the wall.

Not long after, footsteps sounded behind her.

Chu Yin knew who it was. She turned around while taking off his hat, “Thank you–“

Before she could finish her sentence, a warm breath touched her face. Lu Zhen grabbed her wrist and gently pressed it against the wall.

Chu Yin was forced to lean against the wall.

“What are you doing?!”

Lu Zhen’s breathing was a little disordered.

As he was thinking of a theory, his brain became confused.

He originally thought that Chu Yin might have some power to influence things around her, such as the basketball and glass doors.

But today, he puzzled out all the pieces.

A long time ago, he was forced to say the word ‘roll’ on the rooftop.

Chen Xuanyuan’s uncontrollable loud voice at the banquet.

Gu Qiuze’s sudden change of attitude in the Winter Camp.

Human speech and behavior…

She could control it.

Lu Zhen’s heartbeat was rapid. His blood was boiling.

Do you have control of this world?

A hidden dark line tightened. He had a feeling.

Only after  living for two lifetimes was he  able to understand ‘destiny’

Lu Zhen gasped while looking down at  Chu Yin’s face.

If the dark logic coincides with you and me,

If this was a cause and effect,

Being imprisoned under the boundless world’s rules,

You are the only way…

For me to breathe.



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