I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 53 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 53 – Fight the Villain (1)

Chu Yin leaned against the wall. 

As her wrist was held by Lu Zhen, she had to look up at him.

Lu Zhen’s fingers were pressed on her pulse. He could feel the beating of her heart. 

Because he was in a hurry, Lu Zhen’s black hair was slightly disordered. His pupils were shimmering in his expressionless face of his.

Chu Yin saw herself from his eyes.

Her heart began to beat faster…

She had a vague feeling that Lu Zhen finally found out!

He had already hinted last time when she made the light lamp fall. And now he happened to see it again. Everything happened too ‘coincidentally’. He would surely guess that a mastermind was behind all of this.

Chu Yin bit the tip of her tongue. She decided, with no hesitation, that no matter what Lu Zhen had found out, she wouldn’t answer him!

Especially the things she did to him before!!

Lu Zhen gasped, his breath gently brushing her cheek. The girl’s face was porcelain-white and her eyelashes were distinct. He could guess what she was thinking by look at her.

He lowered his voice as he softly asked, secretly hoping, “Chu Yin, is it you?”

Chu Yin subconsciously wanted to say ‘No”, but then realized that this question was concealing the meaning.

The correct answer should be: “What do you mean by me?” 

After she asked, the corners of Lu Zhen’s lips curled up. His head lowered as he whispered to her, “Do you have? Super powers?” 

Chu Yin’s head buzzed – the dog man had guessed it!

Chu Yin’s heart began to beat again. Since Lu Zhen already found out, she couldn’t use the script at this moment. It was useless. She couldn’t change his mind.

Chu Yin didn’t know how many incidents that Lu Zhen found out that she messed with.

The situation was a bit awkward. What if you realized that a stranger had been messing with you since the first meeting? He would obviously want to know why. Were there any grudges between strangers?

Lu Zhen wouldn’t know the reasons why.

Chu Yin, the old script artist, had been changing it for almost a year now. At this instant, she was feeling a guilty conscience in front of the biggest victim.

She shrank her shoulders back, her black eyes didn’t evade him: “Super powers? I have them. Is being good at learning one of them?”

Lu Zhen smiled lightly.

He subconsciously rubbed Chu Yin’s wrist bones. For a moment, he wanted to kiss those eyes gently as he did in his previous life.

But he knew it was not possible. The longing suppressed for too long made his spine slightly numb.

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes, let go of the hand that held her, and stepped back.

He didn’t need to ask anymore. He already had the answer.

Although Lu Zhen didn’t know how she did it. He knew she could control people’s behavior in some way.


But Lu Zhen knew what kind of world this world was, so it was not difficult to understand.

He realized that his life was in her hands.

He believed that the connection between him and Chu Yin was not over yet.

Lu Zhen felt a sense of peace from her. He knew that someone in this world could save him. Even if that person wanted to kill him, he could safely die in her hands.

Chu Yin suspiciously looked at him.

Lu Zhen took the baseball cap in her hand and placed it on her head again. He gently pulled the messy hairs behind her ears.

Chu Yin was numbed.

Lu Zhen had politely retracted his hand back, the warm touch between them still lingered in his heart. “I’m giving it to you.”

Chu Yin raised the brim of his hat, looked at him, and said, “why?”

Lu Zhen: “For the mint candy.”

Although he wasn’t willing to eat it yet.

Chu Yin was a bit surprised that Lu Zhen didn’t dwell on the issue of ‘superpowers’. Was it because he hadn’t realized yet that she ruined him a lot of times with it?

If he didn’t delve into it, then neither would she.

Lu Zhen glanced at her one last time, touched the top of Chu Yin’s hat, and said, “Go and use your learning superpower.”


This conversation sounded normal, but it seemed…everything was different again.

Lu Zhen watched Chu Yin walk away calmly.

Chu Yin didn’t want to expose herself. Similarly, Lu Zhen didn’t tell her that he remembered everything.

He would reveal everything at the right time when she would no longer be in danger.

Asking her…”Do you want me in this life?” I’m forever yours.

Lu Zhen looked at Chu Yin’s back and suddenly felt happy.

How lucky is he in this life?

There’s still a chance…

Due to the crazy self-destructive incident of the two members of the Wang family, it completely turned into a farce.


The students of Huiwen were filled with righteous indignation. They all felt distressed for Chu Yin – it was enough to be separated and fell into this kind of family. Now, this pair of adoptive parents had the nerve to come and slander her for money. Disgusting!

Hao Diao was at the school gate at that time. He never feared anyone so he led a group of students and scolded them.

The scene became more chaotic as the incident escalated. The parents were directly sent to the police station.

The initiator of the event was, of course, not forgotten.

The process of how Chu Qiuqiu ordered them was reported. She was caught escaping in the parking lot.

“It’s not me! This has nothing to do with me! If I ordered them, how could they rat me out?!” Chu Qiuqiu yelled, not caring of her image, “I am framed!”

Hao Diao scolded her back. “Do you think we’ll believe that they burst here on their own? Don’t wash your hands clean. It’s nauseous!”

He pinched his nose, showing a vomiting motion.

Chu Qiuqiu almost fainted in anger.

Everyone in the police station knew her well. “Little girl, have you had a very rich life?”

Chu Qiuqiu ignored them with a cold face.

Because there was no physical fight involved, the police couldn’t charge them.

Not long after, The Chu family came to pick up Chu Qiuqiu. Hao Diao and the rest of the students left as well.

After they all left, the police station suddenly received a call from the city bureau. The director personally answered the call and respectfully responded.

“Well, policemen comrades, since the issue is resolve…” The Wang parents said.

“Don’t go!” The director walked over with a serious face and stood in front of the two of them. “We received news that you two are suspected of human trafficking. You are to stay here to continue the investigation! “

Their faces were completely white.

Chu Qiuqiu returned to the Chu family and saw her parents, she wanted to complain.

“Mom and Dad, I—” 

Before she could finish her words, she was slapped.

“Shut up! “

Chu Qiuqiu was beaten hard that she almost flew out. She clutched her red and swollen face in disbelief.

Father Chu: “Don’t you think you embarrassed me enough?! You also ordered those farmers to come to school to make trouble. Do you want others to know of Chu Yin’s background? She is my biological daughter! What about you? Have you forgotten where you came from?”

Chu Qiuqiu was directly hit in her most secret sore spot and cried out, “I am also the daughter of the Chu family…”

Father Chu said, “What the hell are you saying? Even marriage can’t keep a man’s heart, Chen Xuanyuan has no interest in you! Since you went out and hook up with Mr. Li, you deliberately want to destroy the Chu family!”

“No, no!”

“You can’t attend this school anymore. The procedures for Huiwen have already been completed. You will be transferred to an ordinary middle school tomorrow!” 

Chu Qiuqiu’s eyes went big, “Dad!”

“Don’t call me that!” Father Chu slammed the formalities directly on her face, “This family won’t pay you this tuition. Go to the ordinary school by yourself!” 

Chu Qiuqiu collapsed completely.

Later, some rumors spread that Chu Qiuqiu’s real name was Wang Xiaoyan.

She and Chu Yin were not real sisters. She was only adopted by the Chu Family!

“Damn. I had this hunch before!”

“An adopted daughter pretending to be the real daughter?”

“So why is she making trouble for Chu Yin? Wang Xiaoyan hahaha!”

“Xiaoyan has transferred to another school. Please don’t talk about it any more!”


This incident deeply pleased Liang Yueqi and Fu Mingxuan. The two of them made complaints in the forum together, laughing at Wang Xiaoyan. After all, she was one of their rivals.

Neither Liang Yueqi nor Liang Yueqi wanted to give up Lu Zhen.

Their competitiveness was still the same. They originally suspected that Lu Zhen liked someone, but since Lu Zhen hadn’t come to school for a long time nor take the initiative to find Chu Yin…

They knew they had a chance!



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