I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 53 part 2

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Chapter 53 – Fight the Villain (2)

When Chu Yin learned about Chu Qiuqiu through Han Chuying, she (CQ) had completely disappeared from Huiwen.

Han Chuying was indignant. “Is there a hole in the Chu family’s brain? Even the adopted daughter was treated like a biological one? Then the real daughter was thought to be the adopted daughter. I’m speechless! Yin yin, you’ve been mistreated.”

Chu Yin: “It’s okay.”

It was fun to play fake sisters in this life. It’s just a pity that she won’t be able to see her snake dances in the future.

As for the identity of this true daughter, she never cared about it from the beginning.

After all, she knew that the decline of the Chu family was a matter of time.

Han Chuying realized that she didn’t care, so she no longer dwelled on the issue and changed the subject.

“By the way, Yin Yin, the rest of the money for the live performance has been received. I will transfer it to you.”

Chu Yin: “You earned it in your account.”

Han Chuying: “But the amount of performances and rewards are all because of you — people are still asking for your performance every day. Seriously, you can earn more money with it.”

Chu Yin thought about it.

“I’ll think about it.” Chu Yin said. “The most important thing now is the mock exam and the final exam. “

Han Chuying: “I know.”

During the hottest month of summer, the college entrance examination arrived. Three days later, the top two senior classes held a mock exam, which lasted for two days.

Although the answer could be found online now, most of the students wanted to test their abilities. 

There were few students in the top class. They got the points quickly. Although no one scored above 700 points, Chu Yin was in first place with a total score of 683.

There are few students in the top class, and they get points quickly. In this grade, there were no more than 700 points like our school’s examination, but Chu Yin still sat in the first place, with a total score of 683, dropping second place with 33 points.

 “Fuck, the liberal arts scoref the highest with 683?!”

She was only a sophomore in high school! Her score was only 10 points lower than the provincial champion! What kind of level was this!

Chu Yin was also a little surprised before happiness siped in her heart.

If she could get the champion, how high would the rewards be from the system? She was excited from thinking about it.

The school leaders and teachers of Huiwen were also collectively excited – the future champion! 

They must pour their hearts out!

Jiang Yan and the others all came to worship Chu Yin’s scores, as they asked expectantly: “Yin Yin, what major do you want to study once you get admitted to a university? “

After all, judging by Chu Yin’s points, even if she didn’t get her top major pick, the nation’s prestigious universities would have signed her in.

Chu Yin pondered for a few seconds and said, “Finance.”

She wanted to make a lot of money more than doing scientific research. In her last life, she studied business. 

She was influenced by Lu Zhen and learned a lot. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the chance to show her strength.

If things go well, she could also become a president and set up her business empire.

Maybe one day she could step on Lu’s head.

When that time comes, Lu Zhen, that dog man, has to offer her tea!

Lu Linyuan just came out of the hospital and got into the car that waiting at the door.

Although the gauze on his wounded face was taken off, it still wasn’t comfortable.

Lu Linyuan had always been elegant in front of the public. He also attached great importance to his image. Since the time he was injured, he couldn’t appear in public for some time

The special assistant was reporting to him every day. Everything was stable in the Lu’s Group. 

It’s probably because of the successor, Young Master Lu, who did everything well. 

Young, calm, bold, and born with a good sense of business. He shocked the board of directors and everyone in the business world by doing two major projects in succession.

To be able to do these achievements at this age, it was no exaggeration that he was called a genius.

The families of various groups would visit their residence, accompanied by their daughters.

The Liang family would invite the Lu family to tea while expressing their hints of marriage.

All the people were desiring for the Lu family. 

These things naturally reached Lu Linyuan’s ears through the people he planted in the group.

He leaned against the back seat, slightly closing his eyes.

If the child is precocious, it won’t be lovely.

What are you so anxious about, immediately showing off your feathers? Do you not want to be sheltered by your uncle?

He didn’t speak so the driver of the car was also afraid to speak out.

After a long time, Lu Linyuan lightly muttered. “Go to the other hall. Relax.”

He would relieve the pressure put on his little nephew.

The driver’s expression was slightly stunned: “Yes.”

The hidden factory on the outskirts of the city.

This was the place Lu Linyuan casually manages. The police would never come. It was still night, and the people walking around was relatively small.


Lu Linyuan casually walked, smiling as he asked, “Are there any fun activities today?”

A man walked forward respectfully, frowning, and keeping his eyes lowered – not showing the discoloration of injury on his face.

“Mr. Lu, yes. There is a child who is very tender. He’s been looking for you.”

Lu Linyuan showed a slight smile, patted him affectionately on the cheek, and then walked towards the soundproof room deep in the corridor.

After a few steps, he suddenly stopped, turned half side, and smiled gracefully. “What about the whip?”

The man said immediately: “Yes, sir. I’ll send it to your room immediately.”

The smile on Lu Linyuan’s face showed satisfaction. He turned around, his eyes becoming a little excited. 

The wound on his face looked really uncomfortable, so he had to make other people suffer as well.

Can you get a good shape of the whip? 

He wanted to try it on them now.

Song Yanchuan leaned on the door, watching Lu Linyuan walking out of the broken factory.

There was still a little excitement on his face, which was contrary to his refined temperament.

Damn. Fucking old pervert.

Lu Linyuan came over and saw him: “Oh, Xiao Song, do you want to go and play?”

Song Yanchuan waved his hand: “Next time.” 

The two talked about the company outside the car, and then Lu Linyuan asked nonchalantly, “Is my nephew doing very well in the group recently?”

Song Yanchuan’s expression remained unchanged: “Yes, just fine.”

Lu Linyuan blinked. “What do you think of his future?”

Song Yanchuan sneered: “Let’s talk about it in ten years when he grows more hair.”

Lu Linyuan laughed. 

After the exchange of conversations between the two, Song Yanchuan didn’t stay long and drove away soon.

Lu Linyuan got into his car and spoke to the driver. “You know, Xiao Song obviously thinks that my nephew is meticulously good. He just said that for my benefit.”

“But Mr. Song must understand that Young Master Lu is not comparable with you now,” Lu Linyuan said

Lu Linyuan shrugged: “But I’m really old, the young people nowadays are too good.” 

My dear nephew, if you don’t control yourself, I might step your head–

People like Lu Zhen had been favored by the world since they were born, just like the center of the world.

If they were divided into roles like in a movie, then his elder brother who died young, and his talented nephew, would probably the protagonist of the world, and he may be a twisted villain.

“But, God is fair. Although the protagonist is dazzling, they all have fatal weaknesses. The villain does not. “

The driver did not understand, but still put on a suitable expression and asked: “What is the weakness?”

“Do you know the characteristics of the Lu family men?”

“Do you know the characteristics of Lu family men?” Lu Linyuan was going to talk about something interesting but burst out laughing, “Don’t look at me. I’m not one of them. I’m talking about the full-blood Lu family men.”

“They are are all stupid dogs emotionally.”

“They can be led by the nose by those women. They can’t let go of this or that. They can only be coaxed by women. They will even give up everything for women. They are so mentally retarded that they are no inferior than the dogs.”

The driver didn’t say a word.

“So, do you know how to defeat this kind of person?” Lu Linyuan asked with a smile. 

The driver replied tremblingly: “Please tell me, Mr. Lu.”

“Of course, with their weaknesses~”



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