I am not fit to be the Stubborn Male Lead’s First Love – Chapter 54 part 1

Translated by: Tinker

Chapter 54 – The Hammer of Fate (1)

The final exam results were announced on the day of return to school.

Now that the senior students had graduated, the school felt empty. On the day before the college entrance exam, Wei Heiming told her he would wait for her in City B.

Song Zhaolin was moved by him as he watched, but Chu Yin was still polite and distant.

Although many people thought they were a couple, Wei Heiming and Chu Yin could hardly be seen in the same frame for so long. Chu Yin hadn’t shown any state of being in love so the rumors gradually disappeared.

Their Sister Yin might not like anyone! She hadn’t had any feelings about anyone else before!

In the final examination, the contest for second place was still in progress.

After a year, the first place had become a ‘fixed spot’, so whoever could take the second place was considered impressive.

Chu Yin was still ranked first. Jiang Yan improved her mathematics score at the end of the semester and moved up in the rankings.

Song Zhaolin: “I have also moved forward~”

Chu Yin: “?”

Song Zhaolin: “Because of the departure of Wang Xiaoyan, I finally made progress.”

Chu Yin: “…”

Chu Qiuqiu was already notorious in Huiwen, especially after knowing the things she did to Chu Yin.

Song Zhaolin was annoyed her.

After the results were announced, Han Chuying also ran over.

“Ahh, my mathematics score is in second!” Han Chuying excitedly said, “I and Yin Yin are next to each other! Thank you, Lu Zhen!”

According to rankings, the top two spots for Mathematics were Chu Yin and Lu Zhen. Since Young Master Lu did not take the exam, Han Chuying and got the spot next to Chu Yin.

Lu Zhen was busy. Chu Yin remembered that Lu Zhen in his previous life did not take over the Lu family’s business so early. He stayed in school throughout high school.

Could it be that since the timeline had advanced, Lu Zhen’s career had also advanced? Chu Yin thought for a while. She also felt that Lu Zhen’s change was different from his perverted uncle.

From the current point of view, Lu Zhen showed no signs of blackening. 

If Lu Zhen was a good dog in this life, then she hoped he could protect his family’s property and not be taken by Lu Linyuan, the old pervert.

Han Chuying stayed in Class 5 for a while. Before leaving, she suddenly remembered something. She turned around and asked Chu Yin, “By the way, Yin Yin, are you going to that summer camp?”

There were summer camps prepared for the upcoming third-year students. This was different from the Winter Camp they had participated in before since this wasn’t a competition. The purpose of these summer camps was to develop the learning habits of the students so they could be fully prepared for the third-year high school experience.

The summer camp would last for the entire summer. A camp with close-learning experience, equipped with experienced teachers, productive study schedules, and the chance to learn from renowned people. Everything was good…except with one thing:

Too expensive!

Because of the duration of the camp, plus good accommodation and excellent learning environment, the cost was high. Although Chu Yin hoped to participate in this kind of amazing environment during the holidays, she couldn’t afford it at the moment.

She didn’t intend to let her brother know about this. It was difficult enough for Chu Shi to support the entire Chu family.

She had no choice but to give up. But it’s okay. Anyway, she had asked in advance if she could stay in Huiwen’s dormitory during the vacation. The cleaning lady would absent so all the sanitation work should be done by herself. The cafeteria wasn’t open, she needed to do the food herself too

It was fine.

Han Chuying felt pity. If she could go to summer camp with Chu Yin, they could live in the dormitory again! And this time, it would be more than 40 days! Their relationship would totally develop!

Han Chuying left regretfully, but after a while, she ran in again excitedly.

“The news that just arrived! Students in second place and above can be given the spots! Yin Yin, you can go to the camp for free!”

Chu Yin was a little surprised: “Really?”

“Young Master, I have already told you.”

Lu Zhen looked at the list of students joining the camp, and his eyes fell on the word Chu Yin. His eyes stayed there for a few seconds before nodding: “Yes, I see.”

Assistant Zhou had been following the Young Master for several months already. He was now one of Lu Zhen’s confidants. He was prejudiced before when Grandfather Lu assigned him to Lu Zhen because of his age. But now, who would even dare underestimate this Young Master?

Assistant  Zhou felt that he was holding the golden thigh of the future.

The Young Master invested in the summer camp. He was told to deal with it in secret since some of the funds came from Lu Zhen’s private account. Assistant Zhou had full trust in him so he handled it very secretly and securely.

Lu Zhen sponsored several slots for the camp. One of the campers was his classmate. 

Assistant Zhou, an experienced businessman, could see the meaning.

He tentatively said. “Young Master, this summer camp is for the whole summer, plus there’s closed management. This…sending people in is not…”

Lu Zhen suddenly raised his eyes slightly.

His black pupils stared at him, looking like a nocturnal creature. Assistant Zhou fell silent for an instant, cold sweat coming out from his back.

He instinctively realized that some people, even if they were young, were naturally superior. They could give others the benefit of their trust, but they won’t allow you to go beyond the rules.

Assistant Zhou took a step back quickly and bowed: “Sorry, Young Master, I talked too much.”

Lu Zhen retracted his gaze, his aura recovered.

Lu Zhen put away the admission list, locked it in the drawer, and said lightly: “Closed management for long period is good.”

Assistant Zhou didn’t expect that he would xplain, and asked in fear, “Huh?”

Lu Zhen lowered his eyes as he lightly turned the pen.

“For safety.”

At the same moment.

In Lu Linyuan’s deputy general manager’s office, the assistant reported his schedule. “There will be a meeting at one o’clock, and both Old Master Lu and Young Master will attend. There will be a dinner with Mr. Gu at five o’clock in the afternoon.”


Lu Linyuan listened to it one by one, nodded, and asked: “Ah Zhen is in the company every day, and doesn’t go to school much?”

The Assistant answered: “Yes, Young Master didn’t take the final exam.”

Lu Linyuan laughed. “What about the girl? Is she still living in the school dormitory?” It’s time to see her too.

The Assistant’s expression was a little embarrassed: “Yes, but Miss Chu is about to leave for the summer camp that will have closed-management until the opening of the school.”

Lu Linyuan raised his eyebrows: “That’s it.”

Then he would see her at the beginning of school. They could always meet~

“Let’s go to the meeting room.”

“Look at the surprise my dear nephew prepared for me today.”

The day before she left for camp, Chu Yin realized what she had missed.

Her task rewards for getting first place in the mock exam and first place in the final exam had not been issued yet!!

Chu Yin hurriedly poked the system: “Xueji, get out!”

Xueji: “Ding.”

Chu Yin: “You’ve been really lazy ately.”

Xueji: “Due to the recent drastic fluctuations in the world’s energy, the system needs to update data parameters regularly and re calculate and evaluate. This system did not intend to slack off~ Don’t worry, Xueji must accompany the host to the end~”

Chu Yin completely ignored the system’s confession, and focused on the middle few words: “Drastic fluctuations? When?”

Xueji: “It’s been a while.”

Chu Yin: “And you didn’t tell me?!”

Xueji: “The host didn’t ask.”

She suspected that this system was deliberately hiding something.

She didn’t hear the system prompting the first time a fluctuation occurred. Chu Yin had reasons to suspect that there were other hints she missed.

What’s the exception for the world’s energy fluctuating?

What happened that resulted in the world’s energy fluctuating drastically?

If the development was stable according to the original plot, what major turning point had occurred?

Chu Yin sat cross-legged on the head of the bed, thinking for a long time.

What could make the plot change greatly? Certainly, supporting characters didn’t have the ability for it. 

Both the protagonist and the villain could affect the core plot. The protagonist…she didn’t do anything unusual…then Lu Zhen?

Was Lu Zhen finding her golden finger counts as a major turning point?

After the dog man realized it, he didn’t even dwell on it. It didn’t seem to be a factor that could fluctuate the plot?

Was it the villain?

Chu Yin thought of Lu Linyuan and felt it was likely.

After all, the old pervert was the most abnormal character she had ever seen. He looked gentle in the sugar but had a dirty soul inside. She had no idea of Lu Linyuan’s character in the previous life. She couldn’t predict if there were more abnormal things in the future.

Xueji took a long time before loading her task rewards:

“Ding- successfully completed-[First place in Mock Test], [First place in Final Exam]. Host has obtained the permission of [Change a Single Sentence], and an activation card.”

Chu Yin: “You gave only a single permission for the successful two missions? What is an activation card?”

Xue Ji: “Because the host’s level continues to improve, the final exam task rewards are incorporated into the mock exam task rewards. Activation Card means that the host can activate the expired cards~”

Chu Yin: “…”

“Then what invalid item cards do I have?”

“There is only one phrase card~”

Chu Yin: “…” Okay, she even had no options to choose from.

“Then activate this card.”

Chu Yin hugged her arm and sighed, waiting for the system to unlock the script.



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